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  1. Welcome to Vendetta and welcome to our version of Eden Eternal! I hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Yes, you have to actually hit first to get the EXP in taunt mode, not sit and afk in a safe spot like you could before while someone else did the work. Blockade Jewels is an option for someone who wants to camp their character at a certain level. I believe the most popular levels are 69 or 79 for doing PvP in arena or to re-live the nostalgia of the old level 60 or 70 cap. So I don't recommend using them if you plan to go for level 100 or further even though they're cheaper than other jewels. ?
  3. To be added is that the monster taunt bug that used to work, where the party leader receives all the EXP when someone else leaves a taunt party when killing monsters, is now removed.
  4. Welcome to VGN and our version of Eden Eternal! I hope you will enjoy it
  5. Welcome to VGN! I hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Like @DrDieLess mentioned you don't have to pay with real money to get good on this server of Eden Eternal, it's nowhere near comparable with Aeria on that front. I know a lot of people that plays the game and doesn't spend cash on it but still gets geared by doing dungeons in-game and selling the monster drops to get gold as profit (Shaxian Fae Fields in Shaxia Basin being the number one option to earn fast and easy gold in-game). However sometimes exclusive costumes, mounts and pets are released in mystery boxes on our website that requires VGN (real money) to be purchased, unless you have a lot of gold to buy it in-game from sellers.
  7. Welcome back! I hope you'll enjoy Eden ~
  8. You're welcome! And yeah as Popz said you could also farm dungeons and buy runs to gain EXP that way but on the whole DoS is where you'll have the quickest road of leveling up.
  9. You'll have to grind EXP from monsters in order to level up from there, best place to do so is in Dimension of Souls through Valley of Kings. I believe after you hit lvl 93 you'll get some new quests in Viroona Vale that'll take you to 95, then you gotta farm your way up to the cap level.
  10. Welcome to Vendetta! I hope you enjoy Eden Eternal
  11. Welcome to Vendetta! Nice to hear you chose our version of the game and that you're liking it so far. Happy gaming!
  12. Welcome back to Eden Eternal! Yes, it's called trials, haha. Prices are more balanced on this server so hopefully you find things you're looking for at a decent price. Good luck!
  13. Welcome to Vendetta and welcome back to Eden Eternal! There's a bunch of different guilds on the server you could look into. For example if you press "G" in game there's a list of open guilds that you can join straight away or look for recruiting guilds in world and so on. I hope you find a place and enjoy your stay here! ~ Moved to Introductions section.
  14. The AP (called VGN points here) is account wide so you have to use it on respective game's home website in the "Web Shop" section found here. You can either buy Mystery Boxes that has different costume or mount rewards each week that gets sent to your item mall in game once you won them, or purchase Alpaca Points that you can use in the item mall in-game to purchase stuff from there.