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  1. https://prnt.sc/tjz7w3 Only me and my pet. Quarentlne moment lGN: Makur
  2. Hi! this is a guide for those who do not have a way to donate, a long time, or if you do not know much about the game You only need to assemble a Gun, and a trophy that heals (Robot of shale cavern or Neondo dng Century) The gun must be purple (Need 5 blue weapons and red stones -breaking weapon) 157, to change the percentage you must use War Stone and yellow stone (it will give you when breaking too) or you can get a golden gun from trial 60 (coming soon 65) and occupy the next build, or you can modify it, but you must take into account the mov-spd The next thing would be to upload an ALTpj this will help you get Clergy Buffs (Grace of Wisdowm, Hard Truth, Light Blessing) Bard (Poem of wind) Shaman (Marks of Wind, Earth Energy) this will help you run and hit better. My Set-up: https://prnt.sc/t55mn9 he dgns you should do are Venninfang Dng0 / 2-0 / 10-T. Crimson 0 / 2-0 / 10. Century 0 / 2-0 / 10 (T if you have a good weapon) Manor 0/2-Basel0 / 2-0 / 10. Colossal0 / 2.Strumfau0 / 2.Windsnap0 / 2.Skleros0 / 2.0 / 10 When you get gold you must buy stones and do not spend until you release the awakend version of weapons, with a weapon +3 you will be fine, focus on getting your gold set 65 +3 and toga + 6 (upload everything, after your weapon)
  3. professional, a GM commanding silence The same thing when Jordan called me an idiot for mentioning it Low rate in obtaining alpaca* capsules safety stone due to the bot (not for stones but for world calls-AwakServer)
  4. this "Are you asking for double medals for classes that only cost 8 honor stars" I ask for double medals, since they cost half in store, what I am going to do is if you buy 18, in sands you get 3 and it is fair but when you play sand you only get 3 out of 8, you should get 6 because it costs more to remove them from sand and easier is to buy them
  5. double the number of class medals he receives from sand over those that cost only 8 hs
  6. good to finish, now that people know that the next patch is coming in 2 weeks or 1 month, what's the point of making the current cap feel like it? In my case I prefer to keep all the stones that I collect (tranquility I already have my weapon + 10 in case you ruin T_T sand) I think the idea of bash about using your + 10 preawaken in the awaken weapon and the stone return system is good Since you spend 1 month raising a weapon and set + 6 doing 1k per day, that is, you prepare 1 month where people who pay enjoy all that month, isn't that p2w? and then you have to work another month for the next chapter, so what sense does it make to have spent 1 whole month for something that will not last long sugesstions: 1.- add 20% system to the altar or lowering the range of the stones on the altar 3-4 row or the amount of stones 2.- changed the game mode where you can get more accessible stones in quantity not much, but that you can upload two teams to +10 in a month, and also add legendary content in altar, ap store or in boxes, this would help the economy real of the game and increase the number of players 3.-create custom content, where you can do daily missions or 010 dungeons with a better reward, it can be a quantity of ccm, honor star, ep 4.- Adept arena rewards, I think it's just unfair that you play an entire month for an arena for just a couple of crowns honor stars and some ep, I would have to discuss this, one of my ideas would be to add a bag of medals that you can choose and a considerable amount, 50 medals or 100 for those that cost 8 and add honor store stars that you can exchange for ecs, suits, mounts, pets, others (This would go in another section but if it directly affects that the current content no longer do trials 60-55-50 because 65 is coming and you must do something as soon as you wait)
  7. Making resets cheaper or adding a way to farm specific resets.Updating 10% stones to 20% stones. sounds really good this but its not calssic, only when it combinees if you spend your time and $ (see 120%)
  8. All the reason, what good is it to upload something +10 if in the end it will go to the trash, it takes you 1 month if you have little time. Let's be realistic, doing trial is a total disgust, no drop, just bps to make a team-weapon, and it is lousy and boring, chapter 60 is really boring, wars only last 30 minutes and the rest is simple, a game that you have to collect and save for a weapon that will go to waste with the next update, it's not even worth playing
  9. Players who are hoarding stones and other equipment enhancing items for the next content without gearing for the current content. XDD rlly? the server dies due to your decisions p2w
  10. Let's do the example, you say you take 1k per day is 7k a week, good to do 100% in terms of occupational stones 10 lucky stones, they would be 10 corals, 10 ultramarines, they would be in low terms 6k + 7k medium term 6.5k- 7k per lvl(multiply x2) I mean you occupy 4 weeks without counting that you occupy achievements and raise your team even at +6 and procs-failed stones u used
  11. It's more empty because what sense does it make to fight with people who already deposit and have +10 things when maybe you have +10 but your team people only have + 3 + 6. Where if you only have one party what sense does it make to fight the war if you can only fight 1 crystal and lose anyway?¿ And because you have to spend hours just to arm yourself 1 class and they were bored, if you see players who have progressed it is because of the quarantine or because they do not work or study, the rest is for paid players
  12. the decision is from the leaders of the guilds, this would be more control where each person plays since there would be a limit of pvp and it would be difficult to leave some in gvg for a limited amount as tw is more open and not limited, I do not think it is good idea
  13. classic server does not need modifications. vote no
  14. XD kid. I do not compare you, I only show you my progress You say that I must forge I already showed you that I do not cry for crying only aswering, i can gear easyly But I speak for everyone that it is being difficult to achieve things all yourpatchs are p2w man, only see patch5 :3 admits that the weapons drop in trial is a poop 0 dagger, 0 cestus, only see a club, gun and staffx4 in 200+trials XD could you improve this by putting x2?
  15. First off how can you be an ass and then follow up with a suggestion. Like that's anyway to get your point across, if anything it just makes me less likely to bother even thinking about what you suggested as clearly you're not a reasonable person and people who act like that are never happy so why bother trying to make them happy? I saw many of these comments in various guilds, including the one I am in, I suppose that several of us are unhappy "That being said you cannot have classic PvP by just throwing free things at people as then how is the server going to pay for itself. Everything in life costs money, the server costs money. Stop throwing a tantrum because someone who donates 100's on the first week of a patch was able to +10 all there gear. You can easily farm the money to buy stones from others and I even know atleast 2 people who haven't donated anything who have several +10 gears. You need to spend a lot of gold because it's a new server, people who spend money on the game do not get gold from it, they have to farm it or exchange their items with people who have farmed it." but those people spend their dollars to upload their equipment, keep in mind that if someone wanted to upload their items cap 60, they should also spend a lot of time to have them at 65, I am an active player to farm gold, trials (nothing falls, just trophy is decent and some other bp) "Quite honestly the only thing you need is a +10 weapon. Many of the top players in the official server where PvPing on +6 gears and only having a +10 or +14 weapon (depending on the cap). So I'm not really sure why a select few players think they must have perfect gear with perfect forts or their world is going to expload, it's not." Yes u need, if you don't play everything then you build something incomplete Or is it necessary to have only one weapon, being able to have the equipment as well? "As for your "Solutions". If we're going to copy Aeria games like you claim we are then we must increase the price of Eden Crystals by about a 1000%. Since on our server you get around 200 Eden Crystals for $20 (It's a little more than 200, but rounded for arguements sake). Where as on Aeria back in the day you're looking at about 20-30 Eden Crystals for $20. Which is why 75% stones will not work." the biggest problem is the trial drop, it doesn't drop a month, I suppose you could fix this right? "Also nobody has made a proper suggestion on a tier based rewards system, just some of you saying ADD TIER SPENDER and some people saying DONT ADD TIERED SPENDER. So if you actually want to formulate a proper suggestion then please do so thanks." true. I'll see later if I can gather data and do something that helps others "I then checked the logs of all these players and quite simply these players had all donated quite a fair bit each so when explaining this to him (Obviously keeping the numbers private as thats none of his business) he has clearly taken this the wrong way. If people are smart about their money and save it and not waste it on pointless things then they too can have +10 gears. If I have to make a character and do this without donating to prove a point I will. I'm getting really tired of seeing people from your specific group call foul on everything we do." I would like to see it too, what if as a set of 20 classes you could barely upload one to a full 20 to choose "They even accused me of knowing about the dupe that had occured on the awaken server and claimed that because I was friends with the person that means I let it continue. Which is a funny joke really because why the hell would we bother opening a second server for this game if we where actively causing damage to it by letting people ruin the games in game economy which in turns stops income for the server." Well who knows, in power there are people who profit from this, look at the example of the server notaura with the same data as Eden Vendetta Awaken "If you put as much thought in to playing as you do crying unfair and calling foul every moment you can maybe you'd have more progress on your character to not need to make posts such as these. But I guess thats asking too much right?" XD ok iam working this classic progress https://prnt.sc/skapy7 https://prnt.sc/skarqz my awaken progress https://prnt.sc/skatx4 https://prnt.sc/skavhy https://prnt.sc/skavs2 https://prnt.sc/skaw1m https://prnt.sc/skaw92 https://prnt.sc/skawhd https://prnt.sc/skawo7 https://prnt.sc/skawxi https://prnt.sc/skax3l https://prnt.sc/skayis https://prnt.sc/skaypt
  16. add the option u can get medals by CCM buying from NPC in aven :3
  17. Hi all "This is somethign that will not happen. This was something that was originally in Classic Eden" The guy launches a fucking system to increase% of weapons, when there was not even% of weapon in classic eden But you still want to stay on the crutch of "This is not a classic cofcof I don't want to change cofcof" I go get 2k trials medals from trials 60 and i never see, daggers, clubs, cestus drops In a ticket i made for report some ppl for cheats, he say me "How can you expect to be on the same level as someone who donates a lot of $ 100 when the update only came out a week and a half ago?" man, i do farm in Highlands, trials and 3pjs dgns (highland, blackfameP,Delphi) and ucant get the gear +10 bcs u need archievemente, and u need to spent a lot of gold This classic experience where only those who put in money get stronger, let you think if you are an airline server or a private one where it is not paying to win Jordan still doesn't understand that the guys who want the classic, want the classic's pvp. Only then we are having a hard time on pvp because whoever has the money is already full and the price of the stops is starting to shit. If he wants a classic so badly, I make him a 2km list of things he didn't have on the server and he has one. man change your mind, if you put a patch every 2 or 3 months you can't enjoy killing yourself and uploading your team because you don't have enough time if you are a player who doesn't put money in, since the variable price of the dollar also influences Eden eternal is a game where you can change classes as you like, just as the game goes you can hardly equip yourself for only 1 class and if you can and it gives you the time, the drop is bad, the prices are high, this not even to think about people who don't have money so they can even put together a class, and people with money can barely put together 2, and if there are 20 classes that you can put together and you can't If you see someone +10 it is only a weapon and if it is a set it is because they put a large sum of money or used the money from the Eden Eternal Awaken and sold their things buying VGN to use in the classic or else they used the dup of items, as some used players (if you saw the video, and apart from this is the CheatEngine program) my solutions? consider x2 stones fixed on the altar, if you do not want jordan, then place 75% on stones (although this will ruin the ranking) improve drop rate, implement boxes like aeria games does since they are copying their system, they could implement the rewards-reload system. https://prnt.sc/sk1289 https://prnt.sc/sk13c9 https://prnt.sc/sk13mq https://prnt.sc/sk14kr
  18. you can't say something based on assumptions, I think the game does affect when the team sees you, I prefer a hide option if you can
  19. LF auto loot pls -can give random person important item instead of party and? anyways the drop is random (gredd) - buggy and can increase drop rate ohh and icrease in? x2 or what? iam bored pickup ea items z.Z and u cant make rep quest with others members, any drop you need to kill the mob for it z.Z
  20. pls newcontent in the server, custom ideas, new custom dungeon, changing some uselesss passives ratials , can adding up ratials from cap 90-110 to lvl 1-50 (example: monster stone nerf) new symbols, new weapons with quest "s" its not funny playing the same *%%· than oficial tyh
  21. lmao i write in english wtgf
  22. el problema es que el servidor clásico solo tiene 1 variedad de sanador (despierto, puede obtener HS-paladin-GK) and alot of dps , ¿puede usar ideas de este y agregar una nueva clase? pero no roto.- clase similar : 3
  23. welcome p2w server(?
  24. Araragudnai


    ilusionist-> to 450 Mp per second Shaman-> to 450 Hp per second thief-> 10%drop
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