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  1. I was hoping that official release could give us something new or atleast a smooth gameplay for a few months but they couldn't even keep it for a few hours. IMO, in the next days official server will show to the community that a "official" server is not that different than an unprofessional private server, in fact they are worse, they are greedy and their product is worse. The only good thing that this relaunch did give to us is the notion that our community can be way bigger than it is now for classic content. I can't speak for the others or make promises that if VGN relaunch classic the whole community will come up and never quit. The risk of relaunching it will always be there (probably less risky now), but we got at the point that the only trustable management is from VGN. Option 1 PLEASE
  2. Option 1. I dont think that X-Legend can bring any good classic version of EE being so apart of the community wishes, so -again- vgn is our best hope.
  3. With stones % fixed, in my pov, wouldn't actually matter if you can buy stones or not, would be only convenience. I wonder if they are happy sitting in Aven all day looking at each other with not a single sould passing by them. Me and my friends did spent money and time on it too but we have to face that our past in classic is something that we cant get attachted to if we still want to actually play the game in the best possible scenario. Playing all day was only a thing because all our resources was spent buying lucky stones that it was basically throws away our gold.
  4. Do you even realize that 10% more or less weapon matk won't make that much difference? The only class I can see "oneshotting" (using 1 dmg skill) is Ranger bombard and patk boost skill (forgot the name). Any illusionist will drop kd in your head and with more one or two deadly icicle you will die. Only shield swap can save you if you are lucky... The point on having more attack is not only to deal more damage by itself... the point is to give to players more options to build they classes. We don't really need more attack, we need that non-awakenable weapons still be a good option when you think about what build you should go for... And "make everything more fun" in my pov, with the things you are suggesting, is utopic. That's why I suggested implement a harder driver system, to be as hard as Awaken Weapon quests or even harder.
  5. This is even worse. Players who wants to play with non-awakened weapons already will have what they need for the rest of the cap? But if he implements driver system for lv65 weapons and bring them down to 100% (max 110 or 115% with upgrade), so maybe this can work... idk, maybe too much work for not much
  6. If you read it right, you will realize that I'm not talking about making things easier... I'm talking about to not lost an everyday work of progression. I want my good stats? YES. Am I working for it? YES. But where's my progress when all stones I worked hard to get has been throwed away cause fortification i based on using 10% sucess rate stones and i failed 95% of it. I mentioned maxing stats because that's what you do when you take PvP seriously and want to be as prepared as possible individually to be among the best players of you guild/battlefield. I will ignore this childish answer. I know you are better than this and can interpret texts better. Sublimes... you must be kidding me, this can't be serious. Can we sell runs in Highlands? The only place that was worth farming in higher caps was Saad room before this got nerfed or to sell DD runs (again we need good gears here) and there's no much ppl buying runs anyway... What I'm saying is: There are other ways to make things work where we don't count only on luck. I agree with you, we need to work on it, this need to be hard, but doesnt need to be FRUSTRATING
  7. I know that we dont need +10 to be good at pvp, @Yukani is a proof of this... but maxing your stats/dmg is part of PvP players mindset. You saying that +6 is enough just looks like you are pushing us to accept it cause nothing is gonna change and we have to be happy feeling like we are not as strong as we could be. Its not our fault, cause ppl are working hard to gear up, and at the end of the day when our chances are not 100% with us, all of our work is gone for nothing. Most of your opnions and constatations based in your tests doesnt look like the same server we are playing... I talk to many ppl about this and they feel the same. I dont want to be unfair here, you are right about many things (100%-120% dmg thing, etc), but trying to force us to have the same way of think as you do, to play as you play, is not right. It was 140 CLSS for 2 pieces. I have the worst luck on the planet yes. My staff took almost 40 CLSS... and thank god i have avarage forts bonus in this, if not i would have to spent 700-1kg for EACH try to reset its forts. I'm not even close to be a f2p player but most of my friends are, so PLEASE TELL ME how can i keep asking them to not to quit the game yet, if the game ITSELF is showing them everyday that if they want to be strong they will have to put alot of money on it or work their asses 24/7 farming highlands(?) for some amount of gold for, with a incredibly luck, fort their items sucessfully. 10% is not a good idea for Coral stones. Having CLSS and not having a good fortification progression system is not good either.
  8. I just said I used 140 stones for 2 +10 pieces. Can't you imagine why people is still complaining about it? We not being dishonest here, lol. I gave you reasonable motives to change the way it is. Btw, EE has a good class system, you can play whatever you want, except for the fact that you will be stuck at the same class cause you know that building a secondary is gonna cost you TOO MUCH and this will be stressful at the end. So idk, should I just let my main class gears +6 and play vs +10 people till i get tired of it and quit?
  9. Question: Why do people hoard stones? - Low success rate %. - High cost and prices are still rising up, so if i dont need it now i cant risk selling it to make gold cause i will need it later and they can cost 150% of what im paying for this now. - At +8~+10, if fortification fails, the % amount that increases in your success rate barely makes difference and its not permanent. Jordan, there's no way to implement a permanent progression system for fortification? Let's say that I'm a F2P and I farmed the whole day and bought 5 ULSS. My weapon is +6 and i failed all stones. So all my work were throwed away cause the RNG god didnt look after me. Basically the same logic were used to explain why driver system is needed, I guess? Idk if its possible but would let people use them knowing that even if this fails, this wouldnt be thrown away. Two of the reasons why people hoard them would be fixed and you don't need to change stones %. BTW, last week I tried to +10 my Ishtar set and failed 140 Coral Luck Safety Stones and got 2 pieces +10 only. 140 stones x2 +10 pieces I can't say I'm a f2p player and I may not to be the luckiest player but this shouldn't happen at all.
  10. Its not about skipping content... the staffs, for example, has different purposes, fits different builds... and they are equally strong except for the fact that double hit staff has lower MATK. The driver system allow us to go for different build, which is not that easy cause you have to work on it too. I know that if you are going for Awaken Weapon, you may feel that is not fair if ppl doesnt need to do all the work to get good weapons. So I suggest Jordan to change the driver system to make it a bit hard, in a way that not envolves only buying weapons to feed your main weapon (not talking about rng here !!!)
  11. I agree with this. And having this system would slightly increase the possibilities of builds. Awaken Procs vs more base damage.
  12. What a professional approach. But you are right when you say that "numbers do not lie". All numbers I care right now is the amount of friends f2p or not that are waiting for some good change to keep playing this server. Even with new content and shit this server isn't fun. You should think about this, because that's not what we asked for and you know it. And after this kind of treatment to other players makes me think twice on coming here to ask for changes on something that's CLEARLY wrong. I already shared ideas here and i have more for the current state of the server but I just don't think its worth my time now lol
  13. The idea is great and Skyrith pointed important things. In my view, this new pvp does not necessarily have to be massive. - For example, we can have a map x times larger than the 10vs10 arena and each guild can only enter with a group of 5 players (the best ones). Something like a big arena for champions. Would help guilds that can't win cause they have only a few geared players and can't attend to so many pvp massively.
  14. I can't count in my fingers how many TWs I lost because the smaller enemy guilds was backing up the stronger one. I agree that they deserve a chance to win. Couldn't a formula that calculate a "minimum effort needed" to get a chance to win fix that? Or maybe only guilds on top 3 of the winning side has a chance to win... I agree. That way the players will never give up on trying to get stronger and create new strategies to get the 100%.
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