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  1. The issue isn't a few buttons and you're done. The issue is the RNG factor and how shitty it is to farm for weeks just to +10 one item or to fail it and get no where. People who are playing atm will just farm to +10 a weapon, Maybe +6 their set but if they aren't paying they for sure won't waste their time trying to get +8 on their gear if they had a bad experience with their weapon. They will then hoard and save for next patch or only play for 30 minutes a day for pvp. Sublimes are ridiculously rare cause it only comes in once a month for the top 5 of each race. The prices of them are constantly going up and will continue to cause of natural economy things. No one is asking you to flood the market or make the game easier we just want to be able to see progress rather than it just be wasted when RNG is bad for us. There have been many suggestions including my own which I'll repeat which is just make them arcaneable in some way to produce halycons then at least if someone farms the gold they don't have to feel like quitting when it all fails cause they will have the option to do this. As for farming DD for hours its different because you can run people there for extra gold similiar to Century and there is no cap. Also players can lvl their classes there. Also comparing Awk to classic You can farm on awk and actually progress without feeling like you're gonna be fucked by RNG cause of shit stones.
  2. These prices are high cause Pay4Convience players don't have any value on gold since its just a swipe away for them. Prices in this game are determined by them and will always be cause no f2p player who rolls these things by chance on altar are going to say "Well I guess I'll just sell this for 500g when some rich Pay4Convience player will pay 1k" Also all of these items are only obtainable by paying to play anyway (Unless you count warstone ec, please don't) Obviously new cap came out and all Pay4Convience players were throwing money at gear to become the best for as long as it takes for others to catch up. The prices won't come down because people saw others buying for those prices so they are assuming/Going to stay firm on them. EE has been a casino since its release and will probably always be like that I guess. Who ever is lucky/can throw the most $ at it will eventually come out ahead. The suggestion about the % being rolled over has been talked about I believe and he said after you close the window the system forgets about it entirely. (Unless you mean making the % Increase higher, which would work still I'd hope.) My suggestion instead would be just make ULSS/CLSS Arcaneable. 10stones=1halcyon. Maybe less, Maybe more. I personally failed ~80 stones on my staff to get it to +10. 60 of those stones were from 6 to 8. Edit: I do appreciate the minor but good changes as far as altar goes. The Viridian and stardust(lvl 50) being on lower tier is good and with stardust at least has brought many on market and for much lower prices. VSS however somehow have risen in price cause of insane community. Though its probably more because of ec rising in price. My suggestion for it is just make it x2 VSS so that in turn its more worth to land and take these. If this doesn't work then yea players just insanely greedy for w/e reason.
  3. I like this idea if chisels happen didn't know it was easy. If this is the case I would definitely like to see this option even if its released with awaken weapons. The club will be better than the awaken whether its 100% or 120% if someone plans to do club+w/e weapon. This more affects classes/players that would like to play dps bard as there is no dps guitar or dps cleric with mace or templar since again, no dps mace. Yes 110 is still sufficient technically but then any 1 trick players don't really get content if they main these certain classes.
  4. This topic for me is hit or miss. Obviously 120% is more mattk/attk than awaken and would be a viable option to ignore the content. But the awaken weapons (Such as bow and rapier off the top of my head) are still better in other aspects. Obviously the best option would be to allow for some type of reroll to get 110% if that is what someone desires since then the Awaken weapons are better (attk wise) than a 110%. If its not possible as you say then idk balance wise its hard to say. If it is not possible however, I would like to know if there was ever a decision on your idea (I think it was you) @Jordan on possible refunding in some way stones for those who do +10 a weapon before awakens.
  5. I've never met a more clueless person before now. Congratulations you have allowed me to find the person single handedly lowering the IQ of the EE community. You start to insult rather than have an intelligent conversation. I guess its out of your criteria. And you disappearing because you were going to die, sure its a good excuse. If I were going to die if I went to work I would leave too but i definitely wouldn't just disappear as if they don't matter. Good GM btw. Probably should read your posts before you post them so you don't have to delete them later to not look so silly 😃
  6. Take 5 minutes to read the difference in your posts. Yes I personally don't agree with everything you do Jordan and yes I saw in game basically same 5 people spamming 65 cap. It has already come can't change it. Same problems exist still and will continue to exist. I see your side of the argument but I'm sure you can see mine. There needs to be more things in game to enable players to keep up with work and have it not be relying fully on RNG. I've said many times you can fail these stones many times and that is the main issue. Essences and stardusts are both expensive too because of altar placement. Yes it has gotten better in last altars with 55 being lower tier at least but I'm sure you understand this point as well. All I ask is take the suggestions into consideration instead of write almost all of them off as "Its just whining and want things for free" Bash, you are a joke of a GM and I wish you would keep your low intelligence comments out of the forums. If you have to go to Jordan for info you clearly are not in the loop enough to comment. Leave it to Jordan. Go to a people speaking school maybe too because for some reason you feel like its going to fix the server if you try to belittle me.
  7. This post is kind of more funny than useful. I have looked through the forums again and news post again just to be sure somehow I didn't miss something. There was no "Schedule" for the future caps other than 65 (which was posted like 2 weeks ago). If I'm wrong then sure my bad. This doesn't change the obvious problem of if you don't play the game as a job or use your job money in the game you will not be able to compete. I don't personally know who would want 65 cap so fast other than the 5% of players who rushed through the content to gear. Up until the last week I've seen many players STILL trying to finish a lvl 60 weapon for one class but ok everyone wanted 65 cap. I won't deny 65 cap has more content in it and definitely easier to plan around. But your claim everyone wanted it is kind of silly as its just obviously not true. Who is your top casual player that is higher than the others? You base this on hours played or the amount of $ spent? For me a casual is 4-5 hours a day and even that is high sometimes. There are very few top players atm who are "casual" without spending a lot of money. No one is asking for rates similar to awaken. What we want is the ability to enjoy the game like on awaken. Atm a hardcore player can build 1 weapon and 1 set? and probably won't waste time on another cause who knows when the new cap is cause there was no schedule. If you want to complain about people giving you feedback and giving suggestions you should probably disappear again like you did before. Many if not all posts regarding the game have had feedback and a suggestion, while not always good, its not always bad either. The disregarding of the post is ridiculous and should be looked into rather than insulting a player trying to give you their feedback to help the game they love. Calling someone pathetic because you get upset is laughable and pathetic in itself. The game is in a silly spot and yes its part the players fault but its not all their fault. Take responsibility for some actions rather than just say its for our best interest without any concrete proof its good for us.
  8. I think the issue is more how fast caps are releasing. The only reason eden was ever popular is cause of freedom to play multiple classes. Aeria did a poor job of allowing it without a pricetag. Vendetta did it better on awk server and thats why it has players. Obviously I don't agree with everything but no one will and you can't satisfy everyone. Idc if the game is pay to win cause I can put $ to play if I have to to have fun. Not all can say it/not all will do it. If you are concerned for economy and truly want the game to be successful long-term you need to understand why the current way won't work. If the best SS in game is lucky ss no one can catch up and play one class without lots of work or IRL cash. (Thats fine w/e) But if you want it like this don't sit and tell your players its not a pay2win server. It is no argument. Awk server- Lets stop pretending awk server is somehow inferior to classic. (May not have been said but it is implied) Awk server biggest issue is lag and apparently that is cause everyone has garbage pc's but I digress. Awk system allows players and guilds to experiment with more than one class. It embraces what ee was meant to be. I'm not saying classic should be like awk server. I'm saying this just to defend it a bit. Classic server should be either progress capped to allow players to keep up. Or you should just not release caps in 2-3 months. Caps need to not be 3 months apart. Maybe 55-60-65 was jsut a one time thing and you'll slow down now but either way I'd hope to not see 70 cap for AT LEAST 6 months. If you want the server to thrive for pvp and not for nostalgia (Nostalgia never lasts) then I would suggest making ss more obtainable. Whether its with altar,dgns, or some other system. Maybe allow players to buy Halcyons or something with trial points. (If possible) no matter the price at least they can then farm to gear in a relatively efficient manner. Just my opinion.
  9. You missed the point. At no point did I say someone who farms for 30 mins or whatever should be maxed gear. But if a player does farm and gets a decent chunk of gold their work could just be for nothing since these stones are 700-800g each for ULSS/CLSS and even to +6 can cost someone 3k+ or more with bad luck on stones. So lets say someone farms 10k/week which is manageable with 2-3 hours daily. They spend 3k to get +6. Cool. then spend 7k on ULSS for +8 but fail all. That sucks unlucky. Next week do the same. But they get 13 instead. Then proceed to fail all and pass maybe one and get +7. Nice +7 in 2 weeks not too bad. 3rd week they do the same with 13. Fail all. +7 still. 4th week they finally get +8 with 13 stones. After more grinding lets pretend in 2 weeks they get +10. 1 month and half of Playing as much as they can and they finally have a weapon that is decent. Now they still don't have achieves, primes, gems maybe even skipped on a set (These are like 1k tho so not the biggest problem). The other things are. But we'll ignore them. So 1month/half for +10 weapon and an ok set. Another week they have gems and finally can do something in pvp other than feed. Go have fun in pvp for a week then maintenance. "Patch1.314514356" Who knows what patch. "We are releasing 65 cap without awaken weapons so you will have to fort twice please be ready!" This same player just played for 1 month+ just to catch up then have ALL his work mean nothing. But this could be changed with slight better RNG. Even if Halcyons are 2k each for w/e reason you can basically guarantee an increase in fort with 2-3 of them unless you're REALLY unlucky. This would obviously help players who aren't putting vgn in the game stay in the game and go to pvp to keep the p2w players playing. You honestly think these players are bored of the content? Most pay just cause they don't care to pve and want to pvp only. Pvp atm is suffering cause of the lack of players able to actually go and perform which in turn is causing players who are already maxed for the cap to get bored. 60cap has been out for a month(?) What is the rush.
  10. This is obviously getting off topic. I did not come here to TT you or him but to explain how the game is currently. It is not my fault if you can not comprehend simple english. This guy clearly said he farmed 2 weeks of 0/2 dgns daily and got 3 +10 weapons. You clearly said that I can not read then got upset after you realized it was infact you that can not read.
  11. Clearly someone can't read themselves and are laughing by themselves too. Please don't call someone else out before you learn to read yourself He literally says he farmed 2 weeks lol
  12. This is one players experience. I ran 0/10s on 2 accounts for 2 weeks and could barely afford to +6 a bow because of failing 30+ times. Sure I'm unlucky but I'm not the only one. And no i didn't buy costumes except 1k weapon/mouth/wings for stats that are necessary. You either passed every single stone or got some spawned cause there is no way you could +10 3 weapons with just 800g a day in 2 weeks.
  13. This is so true. People keep lying to themselves and saying this server is perfect and fair but in reality you either put $ in to keep up/progress or play the game like a full time job and you MIGHT catch up. This server is pay to win regardless of how much people want to say its not. If a person puts $50+ they can progress to endgame quickly if they're lucky. Whereas someone who can't do it will catch up in maybe a month if they get lucky with forts. Even the altar is basically designed to take $ with all enhancing items on last rows and the best stones you can get is lucky SS? Even Aeria had halcyons and that was better for economy than this. And while these are just rumors and may not be true. If 65 cap comes out within a month its just gonna set back all the new players even more considering most barely have done achievements much less +10 a weapon. PvP can't survive or even get onto its feet with how p2w this game is atm and with caps coming through every month or 2. Just my opinion though.
  14. First I would like to say most of these changes are really good and nice quality of life. BK and DH changes are so nice and actually give the classes a clear identity in TW. I was hoping you could explain what exactly "Pack master" buff is for tw I have a general idea of what it might be but I honestly keep forgetting to check. Also I may be the only one who thinks this but p-dps could use some love in my eyes. Many things counter pdps in the current meta being with how much -dmg% there currently is not to mention axe moss being a complete counter to any melee dps. Parry is also a feels-bad stat since anyone who caps it almost always will take -50% dmg from a parry. I have not yet tested BA but I suspect it may be the only good melee-pdps atm (but still outshined by mecha) as personally I find MF vs axe moss +any -dmg supps to be impossible to play as a dps and do reliable dmg. My suggestion would be nerf parry to 50% or maybe make parry 25% dmg reduc instead of 50% keeping it 70% proc rate or maybe make tw dmg reduc Mdmg only and see if pdps is too strong without it. Not trying to make little of your patch or changes. I really do think all of these changes are good and overall healthy for the state of pvp at the least. Appreciate the patch!
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