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  1. Also the LA healer set for HS is a bit strong no? -23% dmg reduction + 15% dmg reduction from aura. This healer will need nerfs too at this rate.
  2. Classes changes suggestion Green: Reaver: Nightshade Scythe: dmg reduction to 40% instead of 60%. Annihilator: Shooter Mode: stays for +15 or +10 seconds than the actual one, Howitzer Loaded +5 meters (The actual 15 meters isnt working and its actually 10). Trainner: Feral Fury gives -70% dmg received for the pets. Heal Pet: 10 seconds cd instead of 20 and heals 10% of the pet's max hp for 5 seconds. Devil Hunter: "Viper sting +80% dmg dealt for 10 secs 10 sec cd" "Shooters mark +10% dmg taken+ "aimed shot' -5 pierce per stack stacking 5 times keep mp % second 5 % Rifleeter: Sanctioned Annihilation: ''Annihilation state'' stays for 10 seconds instead of 7. Zephyr's Tooth: also after stacking 3 times it becomes a 15 meters aoe for the next 20 seconds. Mecha Ares: Invincible Iron Bulwark: Gives +8% dmg dealt and stack 5 times (Instead of 10%). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blue Classes: Adjudicator: Evangelical Theology KP: 2% g heal per point instead of 1. Purification removes 2 debuffs instead of 1. Holy Fire: heals on 15 meters from the target and gives -5% dmg received for 10 seconds, 15 seconds cd. Equilibrian: Shadow Light: Gives +30% m atk. Darkness Strike: decrease -5% dark ressist stack up to 5 times and deals double dmg and for 15 meters of the target. Heavenly Light: Gives +30% p heal and move speed and -10% dmg taken. Holy Blessing: decrease -5% holy ressist stack up to 5 times, also decrease the target's dmg dealt by 2% each stack up to 5 times and 15 meters of the target. Battlefield Poet: Wave of Thunder: Same range as other bp dmg skills, the caster-target range is a bit smaller. Totem Master: Grace Totem: +50% max hp and be able to get healed. Tranquility Totem: 20 seconds cd instead of 15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yellow Classes: Berserker: Ram: Reduces - 20% move speed and stack up to 3 times (No Cooldown). Rebuke: Reduces -15% physical ressistences from 10 meters of the target (10 seconds cooldown and +5 meters with KP). Head attack: 15 meters aoe instead of 10 (From Frenezied Titan). Blood Knight: Draningword's Mark/Demonsword's Mark and Bloodsword's Mark: not been able to remove or instantly actving the drainsword,demonsword and blodosword buff for the next hits able to work even if the target removes the debuff. Paladin: Seal of Punishment: increase also increase +15% m atk, move speed and physical ressistences also turns Hammer of Thunder into a double hit skill. Seal of defense : also increase + 15% max hp, -15% dmg taken and + 15% p heal while its active. Seal of of light: also increase +15% g heal, cast speed and m crit rate also reduces Light-Blessing aura cast time by 0,5seconds. Dragon Emperor: Flame Lance: on dark dragon mode also reduces the target's fire ressist by 10% and a 10 meters area from target. Dragon emperor Slash: on fire dragon mode becomes a double hit skill and a 10 meters range from the target. Glacier Knight: Leader of Ice: party members within 30 meters grants a buff of -5% dmg dealt (Instead of 20%) 15% all stats (Instead of 10%) and 5% p heal (Instead of 10%). Frozen Knights Blessing: +10% p heal instead of 20% and when landing Frost Storm you receive +20% cast instead of 30 (All the other buffs can stay the same). Purifying Ice: 25 seconds cd instead of only 10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orange Classes: Asura: Power Burst: Gives +15 meters range for Hammer of Fist for 30 seconds while using asura's rage form (40 seconds cd and keeping the actual bonus). Power Trance: Reduces the target's cast speed and m crit by 5% up to 5 stacks for all skills for 30 seconds while its active and using asura's domain form, also +15 meters range for Infiltration Punch(40 seconds cd and keeping the actual bonus). Rakshasa: Mark of rakshasa maximum stacks lowered to 50 still giving bonus effects in intervals of 10/25/50. Skills used on players now give 5 stacks per player hit with abilities. Vajra's outburst can be cast 10 times after using Vajra's rage at 50 stacks. Skill Firefall now grants Tectonic shift 30% damage dealt for 10 seconds. Mark of rakshasa can not be removed. Kage: Fire Kage: Erupting Volcano: Becomes triple hit. Fireball: Is a double hit . Scorched state is applied by all skills -5% fire stacking 5 times Lightning Kage: Lightning rod: No longer decreases dmg dealt by 15%. Curse mark release: gives all skills 20% chance to triple hit and attackspeed +10% dmg dealt for 20 seconds. Thunder Punch: Is now a 15 meter cone aoe. Water Kage:. Water realm: Is now an aura similiar to AoJ. Frozen bullets: Now becomes a triple hit as well as +15% damage dealt at 5 stacks with 15 meter total aoe range. Pool noodle disarm: Now also reduces pheal -40%". Wind Kage: None contact punch Striaght line aoe removing nature res 15% and def -15 % stacking one time. Dazzling winds: Is now double hit. Stormbringer: Is now a triple hit. Mark of storms: Affects anyone within 15 meters of target. Style in wind: Caster gains an invis similiar to reaver where buffs stay on after leaving stealth for 10 seconds. Storm surge: Removes caster from combat giving a 20% hp regen until put back into combat. Elegance Dancer: Samba: Samba if used while in Battle hymn state you will be granted ultimate dance currently only gives ultimate dance if given battle hymn after --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Purple Classes: Conjurer: Curse: Make it unable to be removed (20 seconds cd). Darkness Blade: Chaos Assault: (Passive) -5% dmg received while keeping the actual passive. Demon Magic Cut: after getting the 10 stacks of Charging Magic, the 20% m atk boost stay for 20 seconds instead of 10. Demon Tamer: Helish Foray: Also gives -30% dmg received. Descadent Death: Reduces - 15% of the target's hp instead of 10 in the end of the countdown. Infernal and Oblivion Pact: +100% max hp and -15% dmg received for both summons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Super scary fight with DE new dragon mount Ign: Hilarious