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  1. Hi, if I have a tradable Earrings [unique] level 34 that been loot from the boss and convert it to level 44 using a Earring converting coupon*P* in the vending machine, does it turn my earring into non-tradable Earring [unique] level 44 or not?
  2. When I view some of the items of a random newbies, I noticed that their earring & weapons have an extra stat or something like that and there's also a system chat today where [player name] fail to amplify +10 delta items???
  3. Where to farm this lodestone???? i dunno?
  4. I know that Ch-120% Atk & Ch- Atk +16 Jewel are pretty useless in other class but what about Whipper 's AOE skill, where all of my skill are 3-7 hit per cast?
  5. GamiaQ

    Lvl boost

    Such item is a disaster, I already experience a cash shop item like jump level coupon or even max level for only few hours from the different game private server with a thousand percent exp boost and many more stuff, now to day those servers are like extinct dinosaurs. Did you even wonder why official servers despite of having a very bad Exp/Drop they are still alive today and even more populated compare to a newly beta private server version of them that only last for 2-2.5 years? (i don't have any forte & any talent of giving an idea due to my very bad English grammar but ill try) its because official servers are capable of balancing & manipulating the "want & needs" of a players. Humans are naturally not repulsive to change, so if you slow down, regulate or manipulate this change the can stay much more longer compare to speeding up the change what most typical mistake done by private servers. if these players experience the changes or everything in just a blink of the eye tomorrow they're gone.
  6. Kill la kill costume, their clothes transformation 🤣
  7. I also have another problem why the wind of void is much more harder to kill than all the bosses inside that dungeon? I spend like 20mins on that 1 sub boss, while each boss to me are less than 3mins, especially the final boss. is there any trick for it? because all my attacks are starting to miss if the boss HP is around 40% (even in my mech), then when I get to its 3% HP it rise above again because all my attacks are start to miss again.
  8. Hi I managed to complete that dungeon like 8 times today, but no matter how I explore the map it won't let me pass to the secret boss room. I also search the forum but it didn't find any regrading the quest called zealot's pass.
  9. hi are we allow to stack the same pet chip in a pet? example: full HP chip or full movement spd?
  10. Hi, I just wonder if Im a SW and just pass all the mobs and run straight to the boss, does the all mobs who I left behind won't follow me anymore in the boss room if I activate this fade skill or conceal skill?
  11. Thanks for info guys, I just tried whipper class with 0 budget, when I start to invest in the passive skill defense all the damage to me are only 1 dmg from map level 15 to 40 and my main attack skill focus around violet category skill. its quick to level-up a whipper with or without good gear due to being AOE & defense but the damage is not high or low its around the middle category among class. When I reached level 40 in 3days i managed to buy all good stuff including costumes from head,suit and weapon costume thanks to all daily quest. Now im planing to skill reset because there's a dungeon where I need to master.
  12. 1. if the dungeon boss is level 10, does the drop rate change if a player is level 5,6,7 or same level with the boss or gap 1-2 levels against the boss? 2. is there any level restriction where a player can't get any drop from dungeon boss drop?
  13. What skill tree for level 30 to 40?, because all ive seen in this forum is around level 65+ skill. I failed to kill staider (already 5th attempt still fails) but I killed the other boss the green wheel machine. I think i'm playing this class wrong is there any medic level 30 skill tree guide link in this forum?
  14. Im also a newbie but someone told me that I should stay a little bit around level 49 to farm that stuff, i dunno ? i'cant remember correctly, he told me about that stuff while im only 8hrs old in the game.
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