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  1. Hello, As far as i have noticed the workings of stats in this game. def is related to base atk and void is related atk % eva = acc, its either u get hit or "miss" by physical atk as well as pull since pulling is a "physical" action cheva= ch-acc, its for the chdmg hit or "resist(same as miss)", stun and disable as well as debuffs of all form ch resist= ch dmg and can only reduce the ch dmg u recieve but not the duration of the debuffs or stuns, only time stuns, disable and debuffs are reduces is cuz of the level difference and i think thats abt 1level to 0.5-1 sec difference.
  2. epsilon weapon have less crit atk compared to theta version. For build that is focused on ch-atk, epsilon is better but for crit-atk build, theta wep is better. Epsilon glove have chatk and some other stats but less physical and less void pierce, but is a good combination with crit atk build or u can choose theta glove for pure physical atk build. Eva type build uses epsilon kg and shoes, theta suit have more eva and physical defence but epsilon have more resist. only difference to pvp gears is the stats of pvp def, pvp atk on iota and eta, while its not present on epsilon and theta version. and the pve medal drops from some bosses but farming from dgn like DTO and DS is faster.
  3. this is the chain quest for the skill point in nemesis. the location name is Lava Monument. there r two 3 paths toward it. the center path, royal guard side and free knight side. As an free knight, u will have to take the lower path to that location where u will see skull eclipse (name of a tentacle mob i think) mob and then move upward there. u will see supply chest on one side of the road. the quest location is on the other side of it, so you will need to move around it for awhile to get the question completed. for royal guard its the path from the royal guard side. https://imguploader.net/images/oiOM7MsF9qTB i have marked the path on the image above for the free knight side, while for royal guard it will be on the path above that one. another question in that chain, probably named supply route is on the same path in that place. if this does not help i can help u in game with finding the location.
  4. for a PU and a focus on full farm including bosses and mobs, u have to choose skills with more "AoE target" like Plasma bullet(3m) Plasma bomb(6m) and Ultra plasma bomb(6m) they have lesser dmg compared to atomic tree but have the DoT which is quite effective only issue is the Plasma bullet skill which have only 3 target no matter if u add 3 points to get open the next to skills or 12 point to maximize its DoT dmg. A-bomb(6m), Atomic blast (5m) in the atomic tree are the only skills with AoE target, first skill in this tree is a single target skill, they have higher dmg compared to the plasma tree and only debuff is movement speed reduction. which is only good against mobs that r far from you, they help to gain more time to use your skills before they can reach and hit you. Other two skills beside these is Enfeeble(6m) which have a high offensive stat debuff if used on targets and can help you survive longer by using it and Overkill(3m) even tho it hits only 3 targets, its a stun skill that help stopping the mobs from hitting you for awhile. Swinger(1m) is a good skill with 3 sec stun but kinda useless in PVE since its only one target to better add bare minimum points. while Penetration(1m) is best at maximum points because its really helpful in increasing your dmg against target. among the first line of skill i will advice only using the very last skill named Mighty impact(1M). Even tho its just single target hit, its really effective against boss especially with "additional crit" that maximize your dmg even more, so best if its at max level. for buffs, maximize defence cocoon for more evasion and void, offence cocoon for more atk% ch-atk% and crit rate, firing squad for atk% ch-atk% crit rate and crit atk as well as small amount of eva and void but using firing squad will make you immovable for 30 seconds until you undo the skill from buff icons by right clicking it, while only adding one point in "in plain sight" that skill is useful for reseting mobs after they hit you atleast one time each. for passive atk passive is best if u max it out, while for hp passive you can choose that if you think your base HP is too low to tank anything.
  5. @q2ewq2weinstead of making skill build in limeox for all classes and choosing by that, i believe its better if you try classes and get the feel for them because even if i make good build for farming, it doesn't guarantee that you will have the fastest farming speed. I have seen players who were provided more than enough to be able to farm but they couldn't get the results they were expecting because of not experiencing the class itself. More than the skill builds it depends on the balancing of the stats in both offense and defense for increasing your speed of killing and survival. Explaining in details in forum will take much longer time to get an idea of how to build your character as well as the most suitable rotation and class mechanics. its either we talk about it in discord and i answer any question you have related to class and their farming ability as well as make quicker changes in build as you desire them. Again i would say to either test the classes for few levels in quest, lower level solo mode dungeon for awhile or you can watch the videos made by some players related to farming in tatarus dungeon which is the current endgame dungeon. https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/10371-starting-beat-a-clock-challange-hardmode-tt/& in the above link is a thread that contain videos of pretty much all classes running tatarus dungeon and can provide more insight on how each of these classes farm so i think it can be a lot helpful for you
  6. Hello and welcome to VSB community. About your question on which class is good for farming, in my opinion all of the classes have build and strategies and can help u farm any dungeon or any item you have set your focus on. Some classes are more specialize in area of effect (AoE) skills hitting more target in less time, while others are more focused in killing single targets with higher dmg. Whipper(WH) class specialize in AoE skills the most with a longer damage over time skills more crowd control with stuns and disable and immovable and defensive abilities that wont compromise their offensive ability but compared to the classes that specialize killing faster, whippers are a tad bit slow. but at least you wont be spamming regen potions as much as the dps classes do. Cyberblade (CB) and Defender (DE) have a similar type of focus in build and their main focus is having a buff that drops their offensive abilities but increases their defensive abilities and vice versa but they both overwrite each other wen used. So you will become an easy to kill target when using your offensive skills, that's where you need to use all the crowd control skills and keep the targets from attacking you back. Punisher (PU) is considered a better option in term of damage burst with their buff and AoE skill, giving the advantage over whipper with their higher dmg resulting in quicker wipe outs. Sentinel (SE) don't have as many AoE skill but each of their skill hits hard enough so they are good choice for boss fights with their High Evasion skills and buffs and better single target dmg. Shadow walker(SW) like whippers have more AoE crowd control, higher dmg skills but mainly focused on single target. not to forget the ability to use stealth mode and pass through the mobs undetected. Medic(ME) have least amount of AoE skills but u can use defensive or offensive buffs, heals and some other good skills that r beneficial in team play and solo play at times. but they have the one of the highest DoT skills in this game. This is just the basic of what the classes can do, beside this there are different type of builds for each class you can use in different situation, such as the build you shared related to PU, which is solely focused on single target dps and is good against bosses. but for mob farming it will take you longer to kill them and will have to rely on mech since you wont have as much AoE skills on arkana.
  7. Agreed with the idea presented by @BesTweaveR, since crafting Hexweaves is faster than farming a dungeon for it, but crafting one by one with that processing bar even tho its a 100% success anyways. So pack of atleast 10 hexweaves would be really nice even if possible to add to crafting system.
  8. Hello, Total chips a max lvl40 pet can have is 11. 12th slot needs an item called pet slot expansion tool from item mall. Attack %, Chakra-attack %, Crit rate, Crit power, Acc, Ch-acc are the main offensive stats chips. Evasion, Critical Evasion, Resist, Def, PVP def, Max HP are the defensive stat chips. You can also use Move Speed, HP regen, CP regen. (Red Fonts being the main chips a Sentinel will need in my opinion). For PVE, You can Gold booster, Drop rate booster and fetch. Fetch is just to let your pet loot items for you. it can pick up grounds loots in PVE and PVP.
  9. you should try using a different email for registration
  10. Hello ❤️ If you ever need help on FK side, just PM me Grαce. Me and my guild will help you out whenever we can. We might not be really that active like others guild mentioned here. But If you interest on joining us, we will always welcome you ❤️ . Enjoy your time in game and have a nice day!
  11. Hello and welcome @BabiYaiyaand @Flamara If any of you need help on FK side, you can find me there. My IGN is Grαce, I'm one of captain in Joker guild on FK side. We always welcome a new player or returnee to join our group/guild. We might not be the biggest guild on FK side but we will do what we can to help our members ❤️ . Hope to see you two in game. Have fun and enjoy your time! ❤️
  12. Welcome back to Scarlet Blade! If you going to play on FK, you can DM me in game my ign is Grαce. I'm one of the captain in Joker guild. We aren't really a big guild as others but we will always welcome and accept new player in our guild. You also welcome to join our discord group. I'll DM you my ID so you can msg me there whenever you feels like joining us. Have a nice day! ^-^ And hopefully you will enjoy your time in game. Cya around ❤️
  13. Hello @Akarui Welcome back to the Scarlet Blade. Hope you will have a fun time in game and will become a part of community in short time. My IGN is Grαce, I am captain of Joker guild in Free knight. Me and members in Joker as well as free knight players will be glad to help you out with any sort of query of in game help you ever need. You can contact me via Discord, I'll invite you to my group where you can meet other members of our guild and Fk players. I will send you my discord username here in private message. Just ping me on discord when you like to join us. See you in game! Have a nice day ^-^
  14. i agree with @Uzora better keep it positive so this thread dont get close since we all waiting for FC to open again.
  15. I agree with @BesTweaveR for the fact that FC'ing just any char mentioned in a ticket preemptively to avoid situations as: an alt that takes up the spot of FC for an active player transferred to the other side. And if FC is going to be opened it has to at least balance out for both sides because class balance matters a lot. It is very critical that both side have enough active players and class balance to seek the nearest 50-50, however if this is all about numbers instead of class balance this is going to be a massive problem, as in current situation too many tanks on one side is a massive imbalance. One side losing while other only helps wont help anyone. Alot of people here asking for FC dont really care what it will do for the balance, they just wanna be with with their own people. I remember the Last FC was for Sabin DE and after that only made him stop using it for most of the time after that.. even tho he was using it much more before that, and started working on his other chars back in FK again. Seeing as how in past few months Vivi have not allowed any FC just shows that she considers the current state as balanced, Prolly that's how its's reported to her unless it was personally checked by herself by actively being online in game during active PvP times for about an hour every couple of days till her decision on FC. listening to ur fav side of the story and assuming and believing ur own assumption = low IQ
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