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  1. Stackable Gathering tools would be nice too lol
  2. This is my first time with this anniversary event but I do agree. The tons of quests a day is kind of intimidating, Especially how spread out they are. And I do have friends that just did 1 quest and stopped lol. I don't really mind but I've only gotten 2 coins from around 35ish Naga boxes. Drop rate is lower than I thought it would be that's for sure. Either way though I am having fun and I'm not going to stop but last years event does sound fun! Thank you VGN and Judge for looking out for the community
  3. Oh man, I haven't heard of this mmo before now but it looks nice. Sad to know it will be going down.
  4. Welcome to VGN Flixor. The forums aren't that active but if you ask around in game you will for sure get taken into a guild! my ign is Trypolize if you ever need any help and im online 🎉
  5. No problem Misty!! It is always nice to see people post their artwork on the forums haha
  6. Oh my gosh! this is so adorable. I love the hair colour choice its so pretty. Man does that hair reference picture throws me back tho XD. its from a old game i used to play called " tinierme" and "cocoppa play"
  7. Alpha/ White item to Legendary requests First love Strawberry Donut (EE) the chocolate version is available in prime under a different name but its not dyable its the chocolate version not strawberry pink so i cant get the pink version since nobody has alpha items anymore so i would really like to see it made legendary or prime because its my favourite item. There is another legendary strawberry donut but it is different and not the same item. I will include a screenshot of both so you dont get confused.
  8. This EE private server has been around for a few years actually, Before AG/Gamingo killed it off. idk if they are making any other private servers but that would be interesting ig
  9. Here is a idea I have that would improve quality of life by alot. When in Multiplayer dungeons make it a option so you can " Auto Pass" On pop up items. Need and Greed also. And make it so the Esc key closes the item drops. It can get really annoying trying to run stuff to get items popping up on the screen every couple seconds. Thank you!!
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