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  1. ancient rank 3 and jewels rank3
  2. coming new sets out ? remembering 5 sets minerva set was good ^^ but i dont know stats..:D want rank3 jewels rank3 chips ancient jewels... im a dreamer. ..
  3. so what coming next in future? what gs gm planing? disscuss here! what is possible too doo? @Vivi / @Daddy any plans for rank 3 jewels update? rank 3 chips ? pet lv 50? ancient jewels upgrade too lv 2 ? next lv cap lv 69 with new gear ? new archivments for reaching 5000 points ! ( better than infinite ) maybee void pierce bonus ) changing map into nemesis map pvp and new bosses? every week Monsterspawn like DrdieLess ? more pvp events in amara ? Pvp cocktails ? SS HARDMODE hope u can answer what coming next thanks
  4. best place amara for pvp would be nice
  5. we long time no events ? any plans in future for pvp events / or pve monster spawn..
  6. with mm can do pu faster ^^ u only need 2x mm ( third boss u can die) and respawn on boss room
  7. remembering in asb gm service u can wish an item or max lvel bring the loot wheel back from area times that was funny
  8. pu can farm it 13-15min x 10 u geht more than 15 shards in solo mode for farming shards
  9. so anyone can make now easy rank2 unique with jewel sg.... so when cames rank3 jewels? and ancient rank2? and pet chips rank3?
  10. my pet was dead in dg without pet is really hard for pu...
  11. i have a new challange mode for me :DD hard mode without pet
  12. wpw u forgot no fk medic ok now call all rg medics ? u need only checking lv ranklist and see this^^ same with de or wh
  13. when fk had medics ? i want playing most time my medic? i see only dream and somtimes rosa coming for nb the rest medics came only for ak (nami robin) or emily when rg outnumbers.... we have only sabi de tank allert playing only on rg sdie de.... and dark and michele wh
  14. so i running now with medic some TT runs.. better loot and makes for fun than running alone... for all classes they not cant run it fast...try too do in teammode its much easier in team and better loot pvp is now better some rgs coming back ....ak was funny with 28 vs 28 was close maybee fc should be change..... fk need medics tanks and rg need dps more ..
  15. post video from hardmode here the winner beat my clock got a Ancient Spanner from me i will post her soon video my time 14:04
  16. thanks vivi thats why i dont like was going team mode i killid all mobs and all was running for loot^^
  17. its really hard for medic class too become these Mechanical Shard.... impossible too farming dg / only in teammode make its much easier for not dps classes too get material
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