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  1. Remembering with revolution 😉 best german guild
  2. hard solo leveling from 64 too 65 5-6% in 1hour with 1400 exp boost make spy event
  3. With title ch acc randoms jewels u become 250-260 but ur dps suxx for goining other Classes cant kill tank class with ch acc set
  4. Rgs have numbers but they dont Show up 😀 only when Boss spawning in janus lol
  5. it is possible make new Mask ? like Mankind or Kane ultimate Warrior the purge scream or other some ideas
  6. possible skelleton face mask ? pls thanks
  7. It is possible bring the others old bg too lv 60 ? Maybee Change Drop Rate From costm in BGS .. actually onlyfew rgs regist bgs
  8. give me aggro chip i will test it
  9. yeah dont cant steal ur aggro <:D maybee with aggro chip but than i need my off set
  10. pu with def set can tank it too