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  1. when mechs coming out we cant can tank any class :DD so first stun will win like aria games
  2. selling pu gear make me offer
  3. BumpetyBoo


    still waiting for lv 60 cyberskin and mech...
  4. permanent warehouse / cyberback packs ^^
  5. than best way is farming bc for jewels cubes / and making naraks 7 for 140gold
  6. Spam ds lv 61dg so u can farm 20unis in 1hour salvage it Chance Too get Uni Jewels ans Chance for spanner When u using luck buffs u become more... Lv61 Pu need 6min 65er can do it 3.30min Amara bosses -- per Skins Uni Lingerie - skillstones - cairn uni Kilo - skillstones - behe Skillstones - Helios Ancient Spanner - Spanner - Rings lv 58 uni - skill stones - uni Lingerie from asmo
  7. why starting voting? the most rg players came only for AK or NB ... the most voting for NO cause they love zerging.... and than saying good job after it... rgs playing weekend in zergs ... when drops numbers too 30 more fk will stay and not joiniing rg side for loot or sg ... think 30 is a good idear for fair fights....game is dying without pvp...
  8. BumpetyBoo

    Spy event

    Can we have Spy event in future? So hard found exp PT
  9. BumpetyBoo

    Pet Chat!

    1. Feed me More ! 2. Get These Hands ! 3. I Lie I Steal I Cheat !
  10. thanks for the answer bash ok lets wait another one year... and lets rg zerging...all time in nb ak...^^ i dont join zerg fights... when 20 rgs zerging 2-3 fk ... 20 rgs goging nb / ak but nobody from happy guild joininig normal bgs janus sa tp ....tehese sux
  11. so long time i not asking for fc . i know the answer is wating for bash......but ... more and more fks qutining these game cause Balance is dead after cap we need some changes make these game great again ! the most people going ( AK NB RP the rest time is boring nothing too doo in these game ( NB ) the first bunker few fks going for pvp ( sometimes 6fks ) second NB most time only 1-2 fk vs 15-20rg Same is For AK ( fks dont have numbers for fighting ) Pls dont wait for BASH for these code pls sent few RG too FK SIDE i know some want too help FK and will FC ( let 5 ) swtich next maint maybee old players coming back again when more balance when more going bgs , bring back pvp in bgs boss fights pls comment ---- i know the most players want pvp again.----
  12. last AK these day ( was a popular BG ) in good days fks had 15-20 ) game is going too die without changes without fc !
  13. Cure only Active when Events Active Only 10 Active fks Players ATM the Rest Quit or waiting for balance Patch and Fc
  14. Fks dont have acvtive Guild 😅 Dead fraction