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  1. i can help leveling too pm fk YOWIEWOHIE
  2. BumpetyBoo


    i helped yesterday fk pt in suer full pt but the most from pt was rg ... spy event in mereholt would be nice
  3. ok i will try too come next nb ! LET ME IN HIAC
  4. lol never^^ cause bash have no time ^^ for month :d
  5. pvp gone ^^ we had good pvp when fatality was active and ninjas guild and curse when they playing active ^^ but some fks magking new toon for switching rg side^^ maybee fks coming back when balance patch coming / i still waiting for patch...atm boring rgs winning all fights with numbers
  6. Game is dead only rg is active atm without fks ... open perma fc so rg can change for pvp Its full pve game ..without pvp....bgs useless cause the best fks quit game while no patch came out... Only doing same shit on fks side rp farming than the most logg Off Dungeons too easy for farming bring legendary dg with better drops Its boring too farm ot when fimish under 2min .. Team solo takes too long time 40mio bosses toomuch for shity drops
  7. bring back rudeplayer and hellsa ^^ and thee rest from the afk fks^^
  8. Can we have an Spoiler what coming in new Patch thanks
  9. pu can archeron run in 2min only bikini can do it same time^^
  10. Pu is the fastest pve class / sw is good too
  11. i had in asb ch atk % r3 and all balls was oneshoot... or thats was the Ancient Void pierce jewels rank3...idont know.. over 7k void pierce was very nice