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  1. hope they changes level and makes bosses stronger ^^ or for amrara hardmode... i need suicide second boss
  2. but we need changes the levels from mobs for loot
  3. - becomes lv 60 mechs new skillz?
  4. pu can only kill tanks with one rota when collapse works when not u cant beat tanks like hera oder peppa
  5. Yeah before was much better without dual loggs
  6. Can we have rank 10 jewels for 1ap 😆😅 before delete
  7. can we have update for next patch what is coming all? lv 60 mech / where can drops these or only crafting? can we use kilo? new bg / new map?? whats drops in new dg?
  8. im using eva build maked some duells yesterday vs de winning chance 50% vs hera vs pepper / larissa was 50% ( fk side she winning more cant using def cocoon) in duells so using eva build unbuffed 10181 / with def coco 12681 when im using mob 13781 eva cv build u can reach 15k too so both builds very good for playing pu not always in def coocoon , so when im using mop (mind over body ) for more eva , falling down like a papper cause no resist and void debuff / in 1vs1 now stronger but in mass pvp easy too kill when wh pulls out from coco ( mop stong when fighting in def coco ) In plain sight : its usefull skill now...before was only good in pve or bike trick in ak saitama can ckmy ( eva build ) two or tree hit (cb)
  9. 30 d was dropable when drdieless makes an event i got 9 30days with satan ^^
  10. think many players will not spend monay anymore without paypall or paysafecards rip game soon
  11. yeah bring back nemesis pvp map i need suicide by catherine and stea ^^
  12. pu can kill sw when gu going detection skillbuild with chakra set ! but when u using chakra set u have no chance vs tanks ! only with crit set u can beat the most of tanks classes or medics, cause the most classes have tons of ch eva so when u playing chakra set / crit ste u can switiching for both tank class and se & sw class but u dieing very fast without tank set ! in mass pvp is most time pu now useless ...cocoon area to small for helping teamfights, only good for pve asmo when u use mind over bode, for ch acc buff , ur debuffs to much so u dieing faster... but when u invest points 6-8 points u dont have hp or dps for tanky classes . i can kill cb de wh still when collapse works , when not working im dead se is now more sw counter class... de can kill me with frenze with 3-4 skillz in def set
  13. I played a while pu in asb too pu was good in 59 cap , in 59er cap he can survival an sw with cocoons without defset in hp build now u dying vs sw in few seconds , other classes too . overkill was good in oldtimes with old animation with 2.5 sec ....make cd shorter ( old asb ) with slow build u can survive se ( when u running ) and waiting bubble is over ^^ when not se kill u easy cause u have no acc ^^ crit build now useless without passive atk ( i played like asb thise build now i makes no dmg , u can now play more builds but burst dmg is exit pu is no moire glas cannon...makes no dmg and dying in few second in mass pvp usless whil zerg ervertime focus pu when wh zerg pulling ^^ played mostime Medic ( its good balanced now ) >> Venom << u can hit 20k when se have no bubble when collapse works than u can with lucky hit 20k dmg but not with overkill maybee on blueberry other classes more pushed and pu nerfed too much, thats why most reroll too other classes
  14. Go back too 59 U will quit pu soon too hyper 😅 Time too create a new char or wait for fc so i can play my se