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  1. Inserting Jewels into your Equipment How to insert the Jewel Right-click the Jewel in your inventory and then click on the selected piece of equipment to insert the Jewel into it. (Rare/Unique gear needs to be certified for the slots to appear) Click on "Yes" to insert the jewel into the selected piece of equipment. There is 100% success rate when you try to insert the jewel. You'll receive a conformation system message saying the jewel was successfully inserted. Extracting Jewels are reusable and can be used multiple times. This is done through the help of Haley, the Jewelry Extraction Tech. She can be found in Mereholt and Nemesis. Place in the gear you want to extract the jewel from Choose the jewel you want to remove Pay the fee and the jewel will be returned to your inventory and be ready to use on your next piece of gear!
  2. Jewels and Gemstones What are Jewels/Gemstones? Ever wanted just a bit more HP or attack damage? Well these gemstones are extra enhancements for gear that can help you get there! Where are they found? Jewels can be obtained from Jewel Replicubes that drop in Neutral zones, dungeons and battlefields. They can also be bought in the Webmall with VGN/Vote points. These replicubes contain: Red Jewels (rare or unique) that can be placed into Weapons, Gloves and Bangles. Green Jewels (rare or unique) that can be placed into Knee Guards, Shoes and Helmets. Each jewel can have one of the following stats: Red: Ch-Attack Ch-Attack (%) Physical Accuracy Ch-Accuracy Critical Rate Critical Attack Green: Critical Evasion Critcal VOID Evasion Ch-Evasion Max HP Max SP Replicubes Red Jewel Replicubes can have either of the following: Green Jewel Replicube can have either of the following: Red Jewel Stat Enhancements: Green Jewels Enhancement:
  3. Cruiser Mounts: Lancer Mounts: Sleipnir Mounts: Nighthawk Mounts: LB Mounts: Valkyrie Mounts: Rapidfire Mounts: Rapidfire(red) Rapidfire (orange) Rapidfire(black) Metallic Phoenix Metallic Phoenix v2 Royal Carrier Royal Carrier v2 Crested Eagle Crested Eagle v2 Space Ship Space Ship v2 Magnum Magnum v2 Magnum v3 Dark Recon Red Glory
  4. Violet Temptation (Level 47, Unique): Devil's Kiss (Level 47, Unique): Neon Art Underwear (Level 47, Unique): Brave Armor Underwear (Level 47, Unique):
  5. Angel's Kiss (Level 37, Rare): Dark Mistress (Level 37, Rare): Demon's Kiss (Level 37, Rare): Fleur de Lace (Level 37, Rare): Midnight Demure (Level 37, Rare): Peacock (Level 37, Rare): Rose Petals (level 37, Uniq): Spider Tears Lingerie (Level 37, Uniq): Tears of the Spider Queen (Level 37, Rare): Midnight Lady (Level 37, Unique): Henna Art Underwear (Level 37, Rare): Secret Underwear (Level 37, Rare): Aligned Underwear (Level 37, Rare and Unique): Carnival Underwear (Level 37, Rare and Unique):
  6. Black Magic (Level 27, Rare): Cabaret Carnival (Level 27, Rare): Cabaret Maid (Level 27, Rare): Pheonix Corset (Level 27, Rare): Playful Heart Lingerie (Level 27, Rare): Full Body Tights (Level 27, Rare): Inner Armor Underwear (Level 27, Rare):
  7. Cybertronic (Level 17, Rare): Heart of Gold (Level 17, Rare): Pink Peekaboo (Level 17, Rare): Platemail (Level 17, Rare): Ribbons Dancer (Level 17, Rare): Seastar (Level 17, Rare): Countdown Underwear (Level 17, Rare):
  8. Defender Murasame: Murasame: Murasame: Captain's Blade: Captain's Blade v2: Narak Invader Guillotine*:
  9. Sentinel: Ingram MAC !! 400: Ingram MAC !! 400: Ingram MAC !! 400: Flintlock Pistol: Flintlock Pistol v2: Narak Invader Stiletto*:
  10. Shadow Walker: Bear Claws: Bear Claws: Bear Claws: Tri-Hooks: Tri-Hooks v2: Narak Invader Phantom Talons*:
  11. Whipper: Chain Rapier: Chain Rapier: Chain Rapier: Anchor Chain: Anchor Chain v2: Narak Invader Scourge*:
  12. Punisher: M8A1-mk2: M8A1-mk2: M8A1-mk2: Heavy Musket: Heavy Mustket v2: Narak Invader Ballista*:
  13. This will be updated as more weapon skins are added. Medic: Artillery Syringe: Artillery Syringe: Artillery Syringe: Tiny Cannon: Tiny Cannon v2: Narak Invader Aegis Cannon*:
  14. All the the above come with matching pet skins that can be purchased separately. Below are extra skins and pets that have been added. Hatchling: Bengal (RG): Bengal (FK): Siberia (RG): Siberia (FK): Panda (RG): Panda (FK): The Great Pumpkin: Jack Skellington: Seona's Spawn Crimson Seona's Spawn Zombie Mage Skeleton Warrior Nightmare Doll Titan v1 Titan v2 Titan v3 Titan v4 Omega Speciman Catherine Ayallal Ankelos Molten Leatherback
  15. This will be updated as new pets are released. All pets are shown at their level 1 apperance and may change as they level up! Madfly: Coit: Fleck: Derpy: Leca: Rapture: Greyhaze: Gruel: Norb: Kelbie: Efil: Hatchling:
  16. This post will be updated as new fashion is released. 50 Shades: ------------------------------------------------------------- Schoolgirls: ------------------------------------------------------------- Commandos: ------------------------------------------------------------- Bloomers: ------------------------------------------------------------- Kama Sutra Cooldown: ------------------------------------------------------------- Bathing Suits: ------------------------------------------------------------- Call of the Wilds: ------------------------------------------------------------- Camos: ------------------------------------------------------------- Pantaloons: ------------------------------------------------------------- Bunny Tuxes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Sea Captains: ------------------------------------------------------------- First Place Jumpsuits: ------------------------------------------------------------- Leopard Maiden: ------------------------------------------------------------- Lingeries: ------------------------------------------------------------- Qipaos: ------------------------------------------------------------- Christmas Outfits: ------------------------------------------------------------- Candy Strippers: ------------------------------------------------------------- Love Teddys: ------------------------------------------------------------- NPC Costumes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Diner Derby Dress: ------------------------------------------------------------- Faction Based Costumes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Kimonos: ------------------------------------------------------------- Corsets: ------------------------------------------------------------- Lingerie Based Costumes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Suer Huntress ------------------------------------------------------------- Candy Witch: ------------------------------------------------------------- Valentine Costumes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Halloween Costumes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Sun Tribe: ------------------------------------------------------------- Andriod: ------------------------------------------------------------- Virgin Killers: ------------------------------------------------------------- Fairy Costumes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Bunny Costumes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Rainbow Tux: ------------------------------------------------------------- Jolly Pantaloons: ------------------------------------------------------------- Little Maid: ------------------------------------------------------------- Chromia Sports: ------------------------------------------------------------- Male Costumes:
  17. When creating your account here at VGN, you are guaranteed a free starter pack! Claiming it is simple and easy to do! Simply log into the Scarlet Blade website Click over to the "Events" tab. From there select the box you can claim! If you do not see any promotions listed there, then you have already claimed it or are not eligible to claim it! If you have just made your account, please allow 15 minutes for the website to properly update with your character. Once you send your starter pack, the items will appear in your "AP Buy" Inventory. You may have to relog or refresh the inventory in order for it to update.
  18. When creating your account here at VGN, you are guaranteed a free starter pack! Claiming it is simple and easy to do! Simply log into the Eden Eternal website Click over to the "Events" tab. From there select the box you can claim! If you do not see any promotions listed there, then you have already claimed it or are not eligible to claim it! If you have just made your account, please allow 15 minutes for the website to properly update with your character. Once you send your starter pack, the items will appear in your Item Mall Inventory. You may have to relog in order for it to update.
  19. Cyberskins are battle armors that can only be used in Neutral Areas and Battlefields. They require a low amount of CP to equip (1-5 Consumption based on level). They can obtained from the level 21 quest, Wanna Cyber?. Both FK/RG Cyberskins have the same stats, just different colors. And all classes with the level 20 magic grade cyberskins have the same stats. Mech's can be obtained by starting the level 16 main quest line "Erin's Data" (Found after Meet the Batrachians). Mark quest's name is "Busting Out the Big Guns". All mech's have their own name, design, and unique skills which can be leveled up by obtaining a higher level mech. Mech's use a much larger amount of CP, but give the following stat bonuses: Increased Min/Max attack Increased Max HP Increased Max SP Increased PvP damage Increased PvP Protection Increased Movement speed Leveling Your Mech/Cyberskin These pieces of armor can be leveled by either getting a Rare Tempering Replicube (dropped in PvP zones) and using it at a Synthesis Tech for a 30% chance at an upgrade. They also drop from bosses in Viledon, Barbrion, Mereholt and Nemesis. Note: Drops are random and may be any faction or any class drops. It's not always guaranteed to be your class.
  20. Chakras are the element-based attributes of Scarlet Blade. There is a total of 5 Chakras and they are color-based. Chakras give extra damage and also some effects: Gravity: Causes knock-Out state. Plasma: Plasma attacks deals DoT (Damage over Time). Electric: This Chakra disables enemies, rendering them unable to use skills. Atomic: Atomic Chakra skills reduce enemy movement speed and can also immobilize and Paralysis. Particle: Deal very high Ch-ATK damage, higher than any other Chakra. Chakra Resistances Each Chakra resistances reduces the Chakra damage taken from attacks and skills. Character Stats These stats can be found on the gear of your characters. Hit Points (HP) Any incoming damage that is not nullified by your character's damage reduction is applied to your HP. Hp can be regenerated by: Sitting to rest. Pets Chips/Pet Levels Can be recovered quickly in combat by using items and/or some classes skills. Skill Points (SP) All player skills, except your basic auto-attack, require SP to perform. Additionally, some ongoing effects consume SP while they are active. SP can be regenerated by: Regenerates quickly while resting. Pets can increase your SP regeneration both in and out of combat. Can be recovered in combat by using items. The Punisher's skill Body-to-Mind converts HP to SP. Not to be confused with Skill Points required to upgrade or get new skills Cyber Power (CP) CP is a special resource allowing you to transform into a mech from level 17 onwards and use Cyberskins on the battlefield. CP can be regenerated by: Regenerates very slowly both in and out of combat. Can be recovered quickly in combat by using items. Is filled completely when re-spawning in PvP battlegrounds. Is consumed when using a Powered Suit at the rate of 1cp while in combat, 4cp while standing. Movement Speed (MOVE SPD) Defines your character's running speed within the game world. All classes except Whipper and Punisher can gain abilities which increase their speed. Offensive Stats: Attack (ATK) Increases the physical damage done by regular attacks and skills. Accuracy (ACC) Increases your chance to hit. Chakra Attack (Ch-ATK) A damage type that ignores Defense and Avoidance and is instead reduced by Chakra Resistance. Critical Chance (CRIT Rate) 100 CRIT RATE = +1% CRIT RATE Increases the base chance that a skill or attack will do bonus damage. Critical Damage (CRIT ATK) 100 CRIT ATK = +1% CRIT ATK Increases critical attack damage Defensive Stats Evasion (EVA) 100 EVA = +1% EVA Adds to the base chance that you will avoid the Physical Damage component of any attack used on you. Defense (DEF) 100 DEF = 100 Reduced Base DMG Reduces damage directly. Every point of defense removes one point of physical damage from any attack that successfully hits you. Avoidance (VOID) 100 VOID = 1% Reducded DMG Reduces damage by a percentage. After an attack's damage is reduced by defense, the remaining physical damage is reduced by VOID. Chakra Evasion (Ch-EVA) 100 CH-EVA = +1% CH-EVA Adds to the base chance that you will completely avoid the Chakra Damage and de-buff components of any attack used on you.
  21. Now that the basics are out of the way, what quests are required? To unlock maps throughout Scarlet Blade, certain quests must be done. Starting from Arkana base: Mother's Edict- Exp Call to Arms- Exp + Level 1 weapon Basic Training- Exp + Level 1 gloves Punching Your Ticket- Exp Topside- Enocia Map Unlocked- Exp + Silver Start of the Main Quests This guide will follow the main ones to unlock the maps, but others can be done to gain additional skill points/gold. Some quests that are not required may also appear here. I'm just going through the main quest lines that pop up as you go through. Don't be discouraged by the amount of quests! Most quests can be done simultaneously to those around them or are simple one step, talk to complete quests! These are the base quests that will level you to unlock Mereholt's Map. *Note: Mereholt is probably the longest questline you'll have to complete. Disconnected -Exp + Silver More Than They Can Chew- Exp + Silver Offline- Exp + Silver + Level 3 Shoes Strange Encounter-- Exp + Silver The Enemy's Trap- Exp + Silver A Defender's Duty (Class specific quest, all characters will get this under a different name, asks to check our your skill tree) - Exp + Silver Pirated Frequency 1- Exp + Silver Traces of Treachery- Exp + Silver Pirated Frequency 2- Exp + Silver Idel's First Test- Exp + Silver Pick-Me-Up- Exp + Silver + Visage Vine Sap Potion x5 Idel's Second Test- Exp + Silver Sketchy Shrooms- Exp + Silver The Saboteur- Exp + Silver + Level 5 Suit The Enocia Hills- Exp + Silver In Need of Specimens- Exp + Silver Blitz-- Exp + Silver A Question of Ethics- Exp + Silver Meeting Idel- Exp + Silver + Enocia Transmitter RG/FK Guard Captain Carl- Exp + Silver Communication Issues- Exp + Silver Unwanted Guests- Exp + Silver Boosting the Signal- Exp + Silver Saving the Day- Exp + Silver Redistribution- Exp + Silver + Level 7 Bangle Queen of the Hill 1- Exp + Silver Queen of the Hill 2- Exp + Silver Carl's Advice- Exp Long Distance Calls- Exp + Silver Druba's Debt*- Exp + Silver Tower-Top Tussle*- Exp + Silver Shortcut Home- Exp + Silver Union Buster- Exp + Silver Ghost in the Machine- Exp + Silver A Thief for a Thief-- Exp + Silver The Buzzards are Circling- Exp + Silver Critical Path- Exp + Silver Robot 2.0- Exp + Silver + Level 10 Bonus Pack Paradise Lost- Exp + Silver A Few Good Men..... Oh for a Few Good Men- Exp + Silver + Level 10 Knee Guards Bleak Visions- Exp + Silver The Buzzards are Circling 2*- Exp + Silver + Level 10 Weapon A Taste of Star Dust*- Exp + Silver + Stardust Vapor x3 The Free Knights Strategy (FK)/Signs of Infiltration (RG)- Exp + Silver + Enocia Warp Chip Skill + 7 Passcards Caution! For these next quests, do not go killing mobs willy-nilly. You will need them for subsequent quests. All mobs can be obtained in 1 dungeon run. This dungeon is soloable. Tunnel Tactics 1 (First dungeon exploration)- Exp + Silver Hyena Hijinks- Exp + Silver Tunnel Tactics 2- Exp + Silver Unsettling Discovery- Exp + Silver Narrow Escape- Exp + Silver Dungeon Finish Road Hog- Exp + LB Stormchaser Bike + Madfly Pet Puzzling*- Exp Deep in Enemy Territory (RG/FK)- Exp + Silver + 5 Enocia Transmitters (FK/RG) Deeper in Enemy Territory (RG/FK)-- Exp + Silver + 5 Base Pet Energy Drinks The Merchant's Request 1- Exp + Silver Inventory Audit- Exp + Silver Whack a Wormole- Exp + Silver Lost Road- Exp + Silver Crystal Harvests- Exp + Silver Dueling Ghouls- Exp + Silver + Level 11 gloves Stag Party- Exp + Silver The Power of Stardust- Exp + Silver + Level 11 Trinket Lawn Trash- Exp + Silver Ivory Hunters- Exp + Silver The Northern Pass- Exp + Silver The Queen's Blade- Exp + Silver + Level 13 Shoes + 2,3, or 4 Card Bloodcat Canyon- Exp + Silver Supply Route Usurpers- Exp + Silver Calling Home- Exp + Silver + 5 Basic Pet Energy Drink Kodiak Moment- Exp + Silver + Base Emerald Stardust Sliver Kodiak Cubs- Exp + Silver + Buff Hypovial Pack Open Season- Exp + Silver + Base Emerald Stardust Sliver A Bloody Errand- Exp + Silver+ 2,3, or 4 Card A Sickening Task- Exp + Silver Meeting Hamel- Exp + Silver Death to Doomchasers- Exp + Silver Leader of the Pack- Exp + Silver + Level 15 Suit Mechanized Mayhem- Exp + Silver + 2, 3, or 4 Card Drone Destroyer- Exp + Silver+ Level 18 Earrings Running on Fumes- Exp + Silver + 2,3, or 4 Card + Level 10 Weapon Chop Shop- Exp + Silver + Basic Pet Energy Drink Destroyer of Damocles- Exp + Silver + Base Emerald Stardust Sliver A Free Knight (or Royal Guard) Plot- Exp + Silver Sabotage- Exp + Silver The Batrachian Swamp- Exp + Silver + Base Hp/SP Level 15 Potions x5 Meet the Batrachians- Exp + Silver + Mereholt Map Unlocked! Quest till level 27 to reach the next map unlock: Any of these quests can be done, as long as you reach level 27 and you'll automatically gain the next set of quests. This is an example of what I did to get to level 27. Path to Mereholt- Exp + Silver A Problem in its Infancy- Exp + Silver A Face Not Even Mother Could Love- Exp + Silver + Level 21 Gloves Snitches Get Stitches- Exp + Silver + 1+ Skill Point Wanna Cyber?- Exp + Cyberskin The Mad Queens-- Exp + Silver Going Green- Exp + Silver Rooting out Corrupting- Exp + Silver + 3 Passcards Behind the Shadow- Exp + Silver + Level 25 Suit Closing the Loop- Exp + Silver Doctor's Orders- Exp + Silver --Iceborn Secret- Exp + Silver --Frosted Quivers- Exp + Silver + Level 25 Hp/Sp Hypovials x10 --Kissing Cousins- Exp + Silver --Defending the Totem- Exp + Silver --Evolutionary Crossroads- Exp + Silver Help From On High- Exp + Silver Don't Feed the Wildlife 1- Exp + Silver Don't Feed the Wildlife 2- Exp + Silver + Base CP Potion x5 Enemy of my Enemy 1- Exp + Silver Enemy of my Enemy 2- Exp + Silver + 2,3, or 4 Card Core System Security- Exp + Silver Alien Technology- Exp + Silver Should be about level 27. Follow Beatrice's Questline Secret of the Earthborn Totem- Exp + Silver + CP Potion x5 Fragments of the Earthborn Totem- Exp + Silver + 3 Passcards Eliminate the Earthborne Spiritcallers- Exp + Silver+ 3 Passcards Eliminate the Earthborn Chief- Exp + Silver+ 4 Passcards Subduing the Earthborne 2- Exp + Silver+ Level 25 HP/SP potions x10 Subduing the Earthborne 3- Exp + Silver Identify The Poison Gas- Exp + Silver Identify The Poison Gas 2- Exp + Silver + Buff Hypovial Pack Unwelcomed Guests- Exp + Silver+ Level 25 HP/SP potions x10 Eliminate the Immaculate Dybbuks- Exp + Silver Eliminate the Greenback Grizzlies- Exp + Silver + Barbiron Map Unlocked! Level to 30 to unlock this teleport! Level to 40 to Unlock Nemesis Once you unlock Nemesis you can begin to unlock Scylla The main quest can be started at level 36. Just Say No- Exp + Silver Shoulda Used Protection- Exp + Silver Chemical Warfare- Exp + Silver Alternate Energy Sources - Exp + Silver Insects on the Warpath- Exp + Silver Canyon Ant Queen- Exp + Silver + 5 Cybercluster A Demonstration of Power- Exp + Silver A Necklace from the Fallen Foes- Exp + Silver A Hippocratic Oath- Exp + Silver + 5 Bike Boosters Noisy Buzzards- Exp + Silver Echos of the Past - Exp + Silver + Base Crimson Stardust Gem+ Scyllia Map Unlocked!
  22. The Beginning You'll begin in your Arkana Base. You can only enter this base after creating a character. But don't worry, once you finish the quests in here, there will never be a reason to come back. When you first enter the game a pop up will appear telling you to click on the blue "!" above your skill hotbar. This "!" is your quest indicator. You usually will never have to go to an NPC to pick up the beginning of quest, only to turn it in (if it's not an automatic turn in). Starting a Quest Press the "!" and open up your communicator. This window will show the rewards for the quest (1), the rewards gained/those you can choose from (2), and any extra items with the quest (3) If you ever lose track of quests or what to start another one, your quest log can help. Once you receive a quest, it will automatically go to your quest tracker (1) if you have 1 of 20 free spots open. If not, you can press "j" to open the quest menu (2) and view all accepted and possible quests with a list of their rewards as well. Clicking on the check marks next to the quest name will activate or deactivate the quests from your quest tracker. Clicking on a monster or NPC name in the quest track or quest log will auto path you to their location if they are on the same map. If the NPC or monster is not on the map you are, you'll get an error message saying on what map the quest can be done. Quest Completion If a reward item is present, click the item you'd like and then finish. The item you picked will either automatically be equipped or added to your inventory. Finding a Quest If an NPC has a question mark over their head, it means they have an available quest. If an NPC has an exclamation point over their head, it means you have a completed quest to turn into them.
  23. Basic Controls (open it in another tab if it's too small) 1. Class icon, level, HP Bar (Also on top of your character's head under the name), CP Bar, and SP Bar (Also on top of your character's head) HP bar shows your remaining health CP is consumed while in a Mech or Cyberskin SP is consumed while using a skill 2. Mini map with location name 3. Quest Tracker 4. Mech (z) and Cyberskin (x) hotkeys 5. Pet call button. Will call your last summoned pet 6. Open the item mall 7. Quick slots for attacks/items 8. Opaque larger scale map (if activated) 9. Chat box The different chats are signified with a "/"and a letter after. Typing this first in the chat will switch to that chat type. This list can be obtained by hitting the arrow next to the word "General" Button Hotkeys A,S,D,W -Movement Enter- Enter chat without clicking it Esc- Stops chat typing/open the game menu B- Card/Gamble Menu C- Open Character menu G- Guild Creation/guild member menu H- Friends/Rival List I- Primary Bag J- Quest List K- Skill Tree L- Puzzles M- Area Map O- Options P- Squad/Team Menu R- Run the direction the camera is in T- Battle Menu U- Mail Menu V- Open Item Mall/Buy List X- Activate applied Cyberskin Y- Pet Menu Z- Activate applied Mech '- Hides all active menus Ctrl+right click- Link an item in chat Let's continue on to the questing.
  24. Welcome Arkana to your new world. It has now become your job to protect it.. but first you must learn the ways of the Arkana Character Creation Here is where it all begins. Choose the side you wish to fight on. Both factions are similar and only have minor differences. After picking your faction, you'll be able to pick 1 of 7 classes. Defender- Sword/Blade based class Female Shadow Walker- Claw based class Female Punisher- Rifle/Gun based class (Ranged)-Female Medic- Cannon based class (Ranged) -Female Sentinel- Dual Gun based class (Ranged)-Female Whipper- Whip based Class (Ranged and Close Combat)-Female Cyberblade- Sword/Blade based Class -Male Each class has their own unique forms of creation (i.e hair, facial expression, etc). Body part sizes/skin colors at this time cannot be changed. The classes listed above are their above gender and cannot be changed.
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