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  1. Yuki

    Recent Altars

    as far as anything is concerned I haven't been toxic or hostile in my post, the posts on it however i can't control how this community feels whether it be frustration or not they're expressive, you can't just remove diamond altar because someone was being "mean" on the forums there are 500 other players waiting and it feels like their value is deprecated. All I have been is expressive I'm narrating the situation from a player's perspective, and I was hoping for a peaceful understanding but all I got was threats and excuses i'm just saying you can't just say you fucked up and then threaten to throw the whole thing away that's just selfish and careless.
  2. Yuki

    Recent Altars

    Hello friends. I just wanted to comment on the recent altars and Diamond altars. Regular Altar Items First I want to mention how items for regular altars are being put on Diamond altars. The purpose of Diamond altar was to put "diamond altar exclusives" on there like you guys have stated before, Ghost Horns, Vengeful Seraphics, etc. (9-20-18) ( Look at the Inari pet, Magic Wings and Mount) (9-23-18) Same pet (9-24-18) Same mount but its prime. Sparklers and Cestus were in boxes a couple of weeks ago. (9-25-18) Same Legendary wings Eden Star Diamonds Now, let's not forget the fact that the Eden Star Diamond amount has been reduced to ONE diamond? Please explain to me why would anybody in their right mind would roll an Eden Crystal that's worth 250 gold and more when they could roll the Gem Altar for 100 gold a roll. It doesn't make sense and it devalues Crystal Altar even more. Crystal altar is supposed to standout more than Gem Altar, and if you think the rates for diamonds on crystal altar are better no sweetie, they are not they are in fact unbelievably hard to obtain. 600 ECs rolled and most people have only gotten ONE diamond? consider them lucky cause I've known people who got not a single diamond off of it. I'm going to say that maybe it wasn't thought through. Maybe they had reasons to lower the amount but you could have at least stuck with the theme of the old Diamond altar. THESE NEW ALTARS have made things MUCH MORE WORSE! Say you rolled 600 ecs for a diamond. Would you want to roll it? Is there anything worth the amount spent? You're supposed to be gambling, but there's nothing remotely worth any of the amount spent to obtain a diamond. It is CRAZY how the higher ups allowed this to happen. It takes logical thinking to know that Legendaries from boxes do not belong on Diamond altar. Diamond altar has a name and it needs to live up to it. Every new player that had hopes and expectations for it were obliterated. Now I'm not even the only one who feels the same way. In fact, almost the entire server has been disappointed by these results of these altars. Most of them even stay up with high expectations to end up with yet, another disappointment. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope word reaches out so we can start having fair Diamond altars that people would want to roll.
  3. Mysterious Resplendent Yukata (Legendary) (I suggested this but sadly the other version (the mysterious summer kimono) got up in boxes instead of it :< & Mysterious Soft Kitty Nightie (Legendary) + Male version (hoodie) & unholy aurora lances too maybe Hello Kitty: Kimono's
  4. Mysterious Lucious Kimono (Legendary + Male ver ofc Mysterious Gentleman Kimono (Legendary)
  5. +1 I agree that It shouldn't be released. As for my suggestion - Not necessarily an item that can be put on altar but suggesting just incase it might get in boxes. -Candy Lady Gown
  6. When are you coming back loser