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  1. Yeah, people still find away to dual log and break the rules if they really want too and from my understanding that people are still getting banned for doing it a year later. I would like it back, but it is what it is right now.
  2. I liked dual logging, but didn't like dual logging inside a bg. Too many people would dual log and take up both slots in a bg registration, those individuals who tried to join weren't allowed in because 1 player was selfish and took up the first slot on both sides. While I liked being able to quickly change from one faction to another without having to close the game down and open it back up, I understand that there are some people who think the rules don't apply to them. When they specifically make it a rule I do follow it to keep from getting banned, others will ignore the rule and the longer they go without getting caught or reported the more they do it. Kinda interesting though that many people who pushed for the rule don't play that I can see.
  3. Ever since the last update I am periodically getting an error code with xigncode upon logging in and preventing the game from loading. This happens at random from my first initial login to being dc and trying to log back in. I put the xm, SBlauncher, and SB applications in the windows 10 defender firewall exception list as it won't just let me add the entire folder and still get the error code at random. Now, I haven't had that issue previous to the update, but since that update and change to the new server it's happening pretty frequently. Just to be aware, I am not running a VPN or extra virus software besides what is provided with windows 10.
  4. Well, there is away to increase screen size resolution in game, but things become very small. The way to fix that would be to change the scale and layout in your display settings. It's possible to also have this scale and layout change only when in the game, but it will make the screen background change when you enter the game and change back when exiting the game. Not sure why you would want to increase the game's resolution really high unless you have a really big screen since the resolution doesn't really improve the quality of the visuals that much in the game when you go higher.
  5. You can also just save them and convert them to gold for items in the gold vending machine. You can also convert the gold to team and team to valor(Or was it vice versa).
  6. When it comes to faction balance, yes and no that one side out weighs the other. Basically here are current issues with the game when it come to faction balance. 1) One faction isn't constantly out numbered all the time during the day. Meaning if you popped in during one time of day then one faction might have more people, though if you showed up at another time the other faction would have more people. Mostly because players like playing with people who are on for this scenario. 2) Major BGs like AK and NB are another factor in faction balance and there are 2 reasons for the imbalance. First, is that the time that they occur isn't suited for everybody in every time zone, so some players can't join to help maintain balance or high population. Second, is that some players have characters in both factions and will sometimes switch to the zerg side for loot, because what's the point of pvp if you constantly have 2 people for every 1 player if you can't do anything? Now there are occasions where there is balance, but the second some players catch that they are losing will switch to the winning side or if they are easily winning will switch to the loosing side with too many people and the winning faction begins losing too easily. So, balance here is a bit of a touchy subject as some players get upset if you normally play one faction and they find you on the other faction where they outnumber you and win. Character wise, if you are starting from ground zero I would create a character for farming and a Medic. Though you can also create a Defender too and switch between what is needed and what you want to play. A lot of times a Medic is needed, but many times there are more medics than we need. So, I would plan on first creating a farming toon to boost it ot the level you want to play at, specifcally for 65 players. Then go back create the toon you want to play that might be more difficult to farm with and then have your farming toon feed gears and enhancing stuff to the toon you want to play till that toon is set to play on it's own.
  7. Yep, it's the phoenix lingerie. I have a lvl 65 one for SW, but I wish it was uni with stats I want.
  8. @Vivi@Daddy Can these DJ outfits be turned into a CB costume? with Head gear and glasses? And does this Lingerie exist?
  9. They usually do give something small that can help people level or obtain gear. Even event patches they give something to help people through the event, because often the event requires something unique like a pass to a dungeon or items used to obtain event stuff. Though they also sometimes have quick quests to complete to help as well. It would be nice to see an event patch this Halloween like they do every year.
  10. Amara RP Mobs and 60+ BGs - CP pots, change all CP pots to 800 from their lower values, though FK and RG side are different depending on the BG. Might discuss what changes to standard loot and what can rely on the RNG later. 60+ BGs - Would like to see an increase in uni costumes and caps of the newer type. Remember the more these items drop the easier it is for people to craft rare costumes onto them, that require a uni grafting tool(AP item) and a rare costume(often AP item). As purchased AP items are good for the server. TP 60+ guards - Mid guards on box for FK side, the one RG attack, has two shooter guards, instead of 1 melee guard and 1 shooter guard like all other boxes have. RP mobs - RG side do hit harder, as I've noticed with 1 SW on both sides with similar everything except 1 rank difference with mixed uni and rare void pierce jewels over a full set of rare void pierce jewel. I can submit video to show damage differences if you wish to evaluate them. I am not here to say RG have it worse and FK have it better. These differences are slight at best, but significant enough that I notice a difference. I'm not doing this to bring up an argument, just pointing it out to maybe look at it.
  11. @Vivi@Bash@Daddy Since maintenance we are getting a version check error and unable to login. I think the client login needs a new address association. Please advise us on how to solve this.
  12. Wow, so only those with high ch-eva/eva can avoid the status of the effect. Ch-eva for stuns and disables and eva for pulls.
  13. I am talking about pulls. Those require the WH to have high enough Acc to pull somebody that can counter their eva. I wasn't sure if pulls can be avoided by high enough void or def to where if the attacks don't land does the pull still happen? You can still have a possibility of landing a stun/disable on a player with Ch-acc, but I'm not sure you can avoid a stun/disable even with high enough ch-resist to resist the attack.
  14. Just know when it comes to the Chakra resistance that each chakra atk type will need it's own resistance value. These types of attacks can also cause the player to be hit with certain side effects depending on the skills used. If a player resist the entire ch-atk I believe that these side effects may or may not work as well. Not really sure because I'm SW's are more for Ch-eva than Ch-resist, where if a ch-atk is evaded with ch-eva the stuns, disables, and reduced move speed also don't effect the player. Gravity - stuns players so they can't move and sometimes unable to use skills. Voltage - can disable a player from using skills Particle - usually a high damage atk Atomic - can reduce movement speed Though some skills were altered with a chakra atk type different to normal side effects. Like the SW Epona comes with a gravity atk that will reduce a player's move speed instead of it being an atomic atk. Also, if you watch the damage list and find that one atk had a side effect different than normal it could be that the player is using a skill stone that causes different side effects as well. Lastly, pulls from the WH and CB are all physical attacks and can be avoided with eva, though I doubt a player can naturally have high enough void/def to keep from getting pulled by others just because those are skills that are not normally enhanced through jewels or randoms.
  15. aside from what Jade said, allowing players to change specific stats on gear would most likely end up breaking characters and their gear as they increase the stats that are more in favor of their character while reducing stats that are less in favor of their character. Like increasing a character's void stats on gear while reducing the character's HP, the void is a much more favorable stat because it reduces damage and if you reduce one character's ability to prevent from being killed then that player can then alter their skill tree to be more in favor of killing over any def skills or make the ME so OP that you can never kill them and they are an unkillable walking hospital alone.
  16. As long as you completed all the main and side quest in viledon you should be safe to leave without worrying on completing any quest. Any quest designated as a repeat or daily can be placed on hold and then in the hold tab you can make it to complete it again, which would make them disappear and you would have to find the NPC to accept them again. If you left Viledon then you actually can't accept the daily and repeat quest in that map because you don't need it and you can't enter viledon again to do it. That is until you make it to Amara, though it is limited what you can and cannot complete.
  17. The only difference in outfits or costumes for FK and RG are the cybersuits. There are some costumes made with RG players in mind or FK players in mind, but they aren't restricted to the faction. They have a place where you can look at several costumes on the forum that was already shared, but like I said that they are not all there and would have to reach out via shout to find out if a player has one and what it looks like if you want a visual of it.
  18. For your twitch streaming friend, I recommend not to accept all the quest or complete all the quest while live on twitch. Especially the one in Enocia at the portal where the male NPC is due to his nude harem as well as the several rescue the arkana strapped to a cross. As a matter of fact, what I would do is have one player accept the quest first to make sure it's clean to do and then have them complete the quest to make sure it's clean to finish. If you are worried about a player popping out naked, for the most part players keep their gear on so that doesn't happen, though stay out of the DL/VIP or at least have one player enter it to give you the clear to do what you want to do and then leave before somebody that may spawn in naked because all they have to do is remove their lingerie and they are naked in the DL/VIP since gear skins are removed. What is safe is farming DGs, BGs, pvp map battles, and just going around killing mobs. You can even enter Argoge or any pve map and have a same faction mock battle with another player that would be safe to do and stream online. Other than that I wouldn't do quest live, though you could record those parts for editing and uploading later for people to watch if that's a thing.
  19. @KakaoMinze Not all the costumes are there either. Most players have at least one or two of the outfits you want to see the visuals for, just need to shout if they have it and if they could show you them. Last thing you want to do is make an uninformed decision on getting a costume that you don't like.
  20. @DanDaaMan Vivi had attempted to update the buffs this tower gives, but when she did the tower disappeared and nobody could claim or get the buffs from it. I believe she is still working on solutions, but considering no test server, it probably makes it difficult to make those changes.
  21. With a lvl 39 WH, you should be able to complete the following alone, just need a player willing to pt with you even if they afk and not join you in the DG. The team DG quest you have to run it 5 times before you get 1 token and you need 5 or 10 tokens to complete the quest/achievement. Now, something interesting is that you can do them concurrent with your guild quest for guild tokens to be used if your guild needs to rank/level up. - (Lv. 20) Conquer Drasilmarsh (Party): Kill Ogung (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 25) Conquer Bitterstone Core (Party): Kill Bitterstone Mainframe (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 25) Emergency at Bitterstone Core (Team): Kill Thanatos/Azrael/Bitterstone Core (0/1) - (Lv. 30) Conquer Blitz Refinery (Party): Kill Dragon Sentry (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 30) A Vicious Cycle (Team): Kill Mutant Berserker/Altered Goliath/Rabit Dragon Sentry (0/1) These are in Ignis Vortex and if it doesn't say specifically team you can do it solo as the solo DG is doable easy enough with the right gear, but you can also complete the non-team specific ones in a team pt as well. - (Lv. 35) Conquer Ignis Vortex (Party): Kill Vulcan (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 36) Destroying Vulcan (Again): Destroy Vulcan (0/1) - (Lv. 36) Strike the Battalion Command Post: Destroy Inferno Strider (0/1) - (Lv. 36) Order for Ignix Vortex (Team): Kill Incenerator/Inferno Strider/Vulcan (0/1) - (Lv. 36) Eliminate the Cinderfist Drones: Destroy Cinderfist Drones (0/9) And for Viledon I might need help from Free Knights AND Royal Guards alike: - (Lv. 39) Blood in the Sand: Kill 10 Royal Guards Arkana (0/10) Can be done at any level, just need to kill 10 players on the other faction, but being in a PT means that if a player in the PT gets the kill I believe that counts for you. It may not, I don't remember. | - (Lv. 39) Strange Transmitter: Destroy Nexus of Fury/Dominion These are the towers that give buffs to you if you are close enough to them in Viledon. If they are your faction towers, then you have to wait for RG to take them. If not you will either find yourself attacking and respawning several times doing them alone or get others to join in and just be there when the tower flips. Dead or alive you will get the quest so don't spawn if the tower is about to be flipped over as you don't want to be traveling to it when it flips. - (Lv. 30) Intercept the Plans: Kill Royal Guards Communications Tech - (Lv. 30) Assault the Convoy: Destroy Hauler These two quest happen every hour (Comm Tech for sure) possibly every other hour (Hauler). When the quest starts you have 15min to complete the quest by attacking the other factions escort. If you don't have the damage power to do these alone, use your shouts to request help from other players at your level to join in. Basically at 10 or 15min on the hour you will get an announcement in the area to escort your Comm Tech starts North gate at your base, you can get this quest from the NPC to the north side of the base to the left of Idel and Gloria. To complete that quest you have to be present at specific locations as the Comm Tech advances through the map. It's kinda like the escort quest you did when you were doing beginning level quests. The thing is you don't have to be right next to them the hole time. This gives you plenty of time from it's mid stopping point to rush to the other side to kill the RG Comm tech before it finishes it's path. If you are not at your tech at the start with the quest, at the mid point, and end point you will fail the quest and have to wait for it to happen again before completing it. However, you can kill the RG comm tech and ignore your own escort if you wish. The Hauler is basically the same quest but the big tank looking vehicle that starts at 40min on the hour starts at the main center gate at your base. - (Lv. 30) Faction Battle: Kill 10 Royal Guards Arkana (0/10) Can be done at any level, just need to kill 10 players on the other faction, but being in a PT means that if a player in the PT gets the kill I believe that counts for you. It may not, I don't remember. | If you are online when I am, PM me and I can walk you through the process of each one of these if I am free.
  22. @Vivi and @Bash I have a friend telling me about a game called Astellia that is being closed on October 29th because the people running the game treated it much like how Scarlet Blade was treated by Aeria. They were wondering if there's away to keep the game alive through a different company and I thought maybe Vendetta would give it a go. Not sure if this is a project you want to take up, but I said I would ask about it.
  23. 1) depends on your goal. Many players do just boss runs then it's the SW that can get to the boss either with or without mobs attacking you. If you are pve skill tree it can toss up between SW and PU, though the current highest level DG a PU and ME in the challenge mode can do it, not sure on speed to loot, but do able none the less. If you farm the full DG mobs and all, you want a WH. Mind you all mobs and bosses in game stop dropping loot, give exp, and gold when you are at 10 levels greater than what you attack. That mean if you are level 30 the highest mob or boss that will give you anything for killing it would have to be 21. So, so take your level and subtract 9 for what you can attack. There is no upper limit on mobs or bosses that you can attack, but going too high even with gear will result in doing little to no damage and a quick death. However, DGs do have a level you must be to enter them and certain maps also require you to be at a certain level. 2) their pro's range from Tankiness to DPS, the greater their tankiness the lower their DPS. SW, SE, PU, and CB can be pretty quick at DPS but the greater you are at DPS, the worse your ability to survive. The WH, DE, and ME are more tank classes, though the greater you tank(which can be pretty high) the worse your DPS(which is already low). SW's can fade and walk around to sneak attack great for avoiding mobs in DGs so you can go straight to the boss for the best loot. PU's can fade in place but can't walk around though can detect faded characters while in their circle, though they can also when they fade dispel any mobs following them given that the mob has hit them at least once. SE's can run around detecting faded characters does have a trap to kill large quantities of mobs/players while still running around it to attack those inside. WH can gather multiple players or mobs at once for CC and pull players back to them that try to get away. DE is supposed to basically be the one to aggro bosses to keep the boss from attacking other players because it can take the damage. ME is the healer class, you can go full support and do absolutely no DPS making it a terrible class for farming or create a mix or pve class out of it though really it's the worst class for farming alone but is helpful in a PT. 3) I started off as a SW, favorite class personally. But going through the different levels it doesn't matter which class because you basically just grind all day and get use to playing it. If you want to pvp with that class I'd work with players in your faction to dual with and learn how to use your class. 4) FK and RG are going to result in the same if you solo play. In PvP FK players do tend to work better together, though RG can have more players if they all show up. There are some flaming that goes on between certain players and their faction, just grab some popcorn and read the chat it can get hilarious. 5) Medics in pvp become either too many or not enough per faction. If there are way too many players will switch to a different toon that may help do damage instead of just spam heal because all it takes is to stun lock the ME's to kill them all. If there isn't any ME's players will switch from their DPS class to be a ME to heal players because not having one against a faction with multiple sucks. Should you choose this class, I recommend also creating a farming class so that you can feed your ME gears. I must note that not every player has a ME character to switch too, just a select few.
  24. The bikes in Enocia I think weren't meant to go 180 or be upgraded, but were introduced in game so that players could get a bike that goes faster than the free storm chasers. I can only speculate that they aren't upgradeable using Davidson NPC in Mereholt because it would make it difficult to determine if somebody is using the upgraded one or the one from Enocia, though they can name the bike enhanced version you can't tell as another player if that is the enhanced version or if it's the original just by looking. However, they could alter something on it to make it distinctive on the enhanced version that marks it as an enhanced version.
  25. If nobody has the Arkana Racer or the Enhanced Arkana Racer, can we change it to a Lancer design instead? And/or make one with faction colors like yellow and black or red and black, Though I would like a purple and black or blue and black. Just saying the Racer style isn't that appealing to me and I know several others don't really like it.
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