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  1. i would say in the next few weeks. the server got boring because there isn't anymore content in cap 65.
  2. for 3vs3 I suggest in limiting class changing to only class change in preparation zone and not when round starts then not allow players to use skills/racials that would make them to leave combat like it has been done with the draw-in skill in pvp areas.
  3. 2vs2 monster arena would be great so we can finish the quest. most of the time people never queues or sometimes when i enter to monster arena it turns to be a 3vs2 or a 1vs2
  4. i think we need an alternative way to get warstones, some quests like the monster battle arena quest cannot be done in certain days because nobody queues to mba or not enough people queues to arena at the time i am available mostly after weekdays tw and on weekends at night
  5. i believe it's ok as it is atm because we have so many pvp events like 3vs3, 1vs1, mba, tw, gvg and 10vs10. if another pvp mode is added on weekdays, 3vs3 should last less hours to implement the new pvp mode
  6. a drawing of my character in the beach. IGN: Aleisteria
  7. I would like the driver system to be added in cap 65 so everybody don't stick to just awaken their weapon, some of the awaken weapons are bad for certain classes but like sasori suggests, implement a harder driver system so people have to do more stuff than just feeding the weapon with another weapon to increase the % and make it as hard to get as awaken weapons.
  8. It's not a bug because the talent reduces 20% of the total amount of spd that the buff gives to you and not exactly 20%. Here 30 and 10 are considered as the 100% of the skill amount. The 20% of 30 is 6 and the 20% of 10 is 2