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  1. Foxfire cruiser and Elderwood weapon skins plz Thx Cro
  2. also all versions of the bunny waitress pet skin plz thx u cro
  3. uni level 47 lingerie weapon skins specifically the M8A1 RIFLE GIRL SKIN PLZ thx Cro
  4. perfect naraks pet expansion slot perma warehouse and backpacks how bout the different colored rapids you promised a very long time ago how bout a lucky box that is exactly what it is a lucky box pay your ap and get a chance at a possiblility of 1 of the items listed above or pet , bike , outfit , uni ling, 30% kilo, vehicle upgrade key, ancient spanner, reg spanner, pet skin, and so on and of course the loser items mms pet exp hacks and so on
  5. Stop making items,gears or whatever nt. Everything in this game should be trade able nothing should be nt. That is how the farming died. The reason for farming is to sell your loot to make gold to make your gear or wallet better, however that particular person wishes to play there toon. Remove the nt from all the items and watch the world come to life again You cant have end game predators when there is nothing left for them to feed on. Cro
  6. hehehehe or he can just ask me i have all the vile gear u all no that im suprised u didnt point him in my direction but anyway i sent him info on how to contact me
  7. how bout just a straight mystery box anything could be in there from a backpack to a bike to even a uni costume a pet even and ancient spanner gold medallions gear uni maybe already 12 the anything goes lucky box and the usual common prizes for 250 ap a pop sounds exciting
  8. eheheh ya it is 1st page of the shop tab totally forgot to look there sorry daddy
  9. I think the box was up a few weeks ago but im getting alot of missed interests shall we say in wanting cruiser 1 bike so if u could put back up thx Cro
  10. pet slot expansion pack or some buffs other than kiss of fire added to game just a gold purchase so all can have added to item girl or crafting girl like golden chrono pvp skilllstorm the watchers potion i think maybe kiss of fire al shin maybe hehe been awhile so we can tune our attks cause now u have everybody all the same the only variance to the different gear is ur random stats but thats mostly the same to now since ch is king all gear is mainly ch type with ch randoms with ch jewels for red and green is now all void jewels and randoms im sure so lets have some spice in our life and be able to choose what op hehehehe ap bufffs we wish to have thx Cro
  11. Its been my pleasure to have known you Nova, i will miss you. I wish you nothing but good times on you newest and latest adventure farewell my friend
  12. sorry for last minute but have several requests for the weapon skins all versions 1 thru 3 plz thx you Cro
  13. Can we get the Premium Medallion added to the crafting girl Julia in Bitterstone Base, As you can plainly see with the exception of the slight 500 hp increase this is a PvE item that works well getting you to the end of that long and oooooo so exhausting road to level 65 and hopefully beyond. Not to mention that the Legendary Passcards are getting so hard to come by now days we need to be able to maximize or drops from all bosses. There are several options here for example 1) put it in the misc tier of the crafting girl Julia with all the other items like cp sp hp pots, all the dirfferent transmitters, megaphones, bike boosters and passcards. I find this option to be the best cause we can go purchase another when we need it or have some stockpiled. 2) Make it a weekly reoccurring quest with idel like the way how she is always handing all the extra exp pots from 500 to 1k exp boosters. 3) Put in a lucky box with a chance to win a 3 day, 15 day, 30 day or permanent medallion along with the other common lucky box items Thx Cro
  14. how bout trade able locked pet slot spanners to unlock our last pet slot Plz and thx u Vivi
  15. ehehehheh i think i got some good ones here lets c 1. Ya keep tell n yourself your a god 2. You want me to pick that up?? 3.Stop your cry n and pick that up yourself
  16. Cro666

    Pet Chat!

    1 Help your fellow Arkana in a time of need 2 Show respect and kindness to all we encounter 3 If those ideas are unrealistic KILL THEM ALL
  17. Cro666

    new pet skin

    hey im not bashful vivi is hot
  18. Cro666

    new pet skin

    this is the new pet skin im asking for plz Ayallal
  19. o ya ps silver weapon skins please thx again cro
  20. kk sorry then i have many requests for my bunny girl bar maid pet skin can we get that added to the mystery boxes next week plz and since im asking can we get the serving tray removed if possible or how bout the bartender also thx again and i will go to ur new thread for new ideas
  21. heheeh looks like im gonna have to dust off my vile gear
  22. can we get a pet skin made from the dragon valley boss Ayallal
  23. silver weapon skins would be nice vivi thx cro
  24. wow holy cow people like my idea and i have another the way how bgs are canceled due to failure to sign up or afk or sitt n on the shitter when the window to enter bgs pops up is beside the point i think people wounldnt care if its 12 vs 2 both sides want to loot the items in bgs and after a long spell of 9 out of 10 failures i think people would be more mature and just be there for the chance at a great item like we do in my beloved 39 vile it may be 4 on 4 but 9 times out of 10 we show respect to one another and if u wanna battle its always 1vs1 showdown and yes i have been bitched at before for choosing pvp instead of looting crates so even a hard headed fool like me can learn to get along so if u want bgs and a chance for loot be polite and friendly cause even that will get u pvp in bgs Thx all Cro
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