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  1. bye bye, Don't forget to give away all your gears and delete all your characters
  2. lmao, I tried, I really did. I gave comparisons, charts, arguments, solutions down to the finest detail to fix the DE for PVP mass but it was like "lets ignore her and do other stuff instead despite other players support, logic and common sense" In the end DEs get left with accuracy reducing attacks. and even LESS cc ability. I have failed. I've never failed so miserably in my entire life. I apologize to all DEs everwhere that I couldnt get you all the skills you need to be great. Only thing that got good and stayed good was healing chakra and chakra sheild. As of now, old frenzy with the DoT is better than new frenzy without the DoT because the debuff is so harsh that you cant even take two hits. Much thanks to Vendetta and Congratulations as you go into almost 4 years of hosting SBV. Outlasting Aeria. Thats pretty awesome. MMOByte did a new SB video, seems some new players are coming, do take care of them.
  3. Those 5 were put there for dedicated prayers to RNGesus. Don't waste it. There is no way that I know of to skip it, perhaps it can be made faster by a patch, but I think it was put there as a kind of protection from spam.
  4. This post is getting out of hand and as much as I like to watch conflicts escalate to till demons from the pit of hell are being summoned into the fray, enough is enough. Nothing quite irks me on SB more than players who think they know how classes should work and what they should do simply because they made one out of curiosity and probably play it for a week or two. The whipper is supposed to be support and off tank? say what you want But the fact is that the whipper IS the TANK, DE is no tank, no point in being uber tanky if nobody is attacking you, no point in being tanky if anyone can just waltz past you and do whatever the hell they want to your team mates. The Whipper is the Tank, she can actually force people to pay attention to her Via pulls and CC, she can protect her team via pulls and CC. LET HER HAVE HER PULLS and LET HER HAVE HER SHEILDS. let the whipper be. Because we have become so desensitized to being melted, that we expect it. it is not whippers who are spoiled, its DPS classes who are spoiled. Because if you cant melt it, its a problem. WHAT COST do you pay for your DPS? where is SW and SE down time for DPS? Let the whipper sheilds remain because she is the tank now and the tank will TANK at no cost. We have no problem with classes that are able to constantly dish out damage but we have problem with class that can constantly tank?? How long does the whipper take to kill on average, an opponent with equal gear? 30 seocnds? 40 seconds? a minute? compare that to the 15 and 10 second average of the DPS classes. and its not like the whipper can heal itself like some others... Every class has something that they are good at which will compound when there are two or more of them. Team of 5 with three whippers, yeah, a lot of pulling and cc will occur, how about a team of 5 with three sentinels, lots of slowing and photon bombing will happen, yeah just imagine sitting in three photon traps unable to move... dont worry, it will be over in a second. team of 5 with three punishers.. thats a lot of damage. three shadow walkers? your medic is dead, so are you. how about three defenders? yeah laugh it up. The complaint about being chain pulled by multiple whippers in mass pvp is pointless, its only natural that this will happen. apart from the actual range of pulls tho, the developers capped many skills range at 20y. maybe that was done for a reason we cannot see. I dont know. That time when stuns were removed from whippers cost us a lot. We lost some players because of it, the reason was that it was an INJUSTICE. akin to removing heals from medic, and anyone who mained whipper felt it. Whippers did struggle at 54 cap and they were finally okay then that happened so yeah, that was rough. The only thing that I am willing to vote for a change on whipper is the range of the pulls. That is IT!!
  5. The whipper is a beautifully designed class, what chu talkin bout verstect? 23m pull range is kind of insane true. However, the whipper needs everything she has in order to keep up with the rest of the classes in this game. The core of the class is CC, if it cannot CC then it becomes immediately unplayable, because it can do nothing close to the absolute devastation in DPS that can be delivered by the likes of PU, SE, SW, CB, heck, maybe even DE. lol Whippers cannot tank and DPS at the same time, this only can be done by Whipper with two sets, but any class with two sets is terrifying. You talk about a squishy PU. I have seen a PU with 40k HP at lvl 59, had two sets, pretty Overpowered. But yeah, as Monoki says, its a delicate matter to modify the whipper skills, perhaps reduce the range of pulls slightly but other than that. I think the whipper is alright.
  6. yeah... most people don't care about auto atk tho, I almost never include it in a build. On the grand scale of things, auto attack is negligible.
  7. Okay well with much luck, you can getl lvl 48 rings in low level NB i think, its passed just bit more than an hour ago
  8. lvl 48 rings were available in last Christmas event dungeon, Did you miss it?
  9. Just sell them on a different toon
  10. Thats a feat, best of luck with your endeavors!
  11. I wonder why the ppl don't wanna do the hauler? its FUN! I remember people asking for it to be a functional quest, now it is, nobody cares...
  12. Tygress


    Buffs, shorter buffs will always appear the farthest left, if you need to cancel something like frenzy/ironskin then they will be to the leftmost end. maybe take some practice to cancel the right buffs. nobody ever complains about this before. Hexwave packs are better to store than the hexwave1/2/3 they are also cheaper to send by mail. perhaps mail the packs to an alt if you have inventory problems, when you save up like 50 hexwaves or so then send them back to your main toon, open them and use them up. or you can put hexwaves in auctionhouse. Cyberskin backpacks cannot be dropped ingame, the server needs a way to make money and that is one of them. VGN tries to make SB not purely pay to win. but server costs need to be met somehow. Yes we need a bit of advertisement, as it is now, most people who find this game are people who played it in the past. As dated as this game is, I don't think there is a shortage of people who would play a game full of tits and mechs but they just don't know where to go. I don't know what it would take to make bike skins, that is being looked into but the bike speed description thing is pretty minor. maybe it can be fixed easily, not sure. ask @limeox, he knows everything
  13. Last Man Posting third and final round is live. Same rules as before. Post entries Here The Third and final round for Last Man Posting is over. @GoddessSand has disqualified himself by double posting at the end, @Che posted less than 5 words therefore, the winner is @Filomena Thank you all for participating
  14. Last Man Posting round 2 is live. Same rules as before. Post entries Here Last Man Posting round 2 is over The Winner is √Buffy AKA @Bruise Keep your eyes peeled for round 3 Where the grand prize is all of 3 points! Thank you all for participating.
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