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  1. SP regen... so sad that this isn't trolling but actually a valid point for some builds. Needs fixing. CP regen... maybe 5 years ago. Today with stacks of 1000 CP pots not at all. Also chakra resist. And for dps medics crit rate, crit attack and accuracy.
  2. +1 for being able to complete quests in caergate, viledon and nemesis. That would bring me back to the game, for a while... I was thinking, maybe opening the maps for all toons for special (maybe repeating) events? For those not understanding the issue with nemesis v2: towards the end of some quest lines you've got to kill faction mobs but since some of them give RP they were replaced with empty copies that don't register for the quests. The whole purpose of intruducing V2 in the first place more or less defeated.
  3. Not quite dead apparently. The site is up again.
  4. as Vivi said, if your VPN connects stable to the game but you are lagged then the problem appears to be on your end, sadly. High ping or ping spikes. Are you using wifi? In my experience people struggling with bad connection are using wifi and have it set up badly. In one way or another this has all already been posted, what you can do is: - use a LAN cable to connect your pc - use a VPN in Europe or between Europe and your home (for example not one in US when you are in Asia) - disable wifi on your internet router and connect a seperate box for providing wifi (to prevent lags caused by devices on the edge of reception to stall the whole internet connection, this happens on old/cheap boxes) - check if your wifi is using a channel without much interference from neighbors
  5. The new additional horde times are nicely filling that 6 hour gap, thank you!
  6. Do you realize the event day ends at 18:00 server time. That's the last spawn. So for people living in European time zones and working day time, we see NOTHING AT ALL of this event... except the npc. Event is completely missing out European evening prime time... maybe you should reconsider this.
  7. You have a beach, I have a dungeon with a horde of simps all lined up ign: PennyCeline FK (that was some event dungeon two years ago)
  8. Lota (ME) costume for IGN PennyCeline
  9. Enocia? Barbirion? Mereholt used to be the player hub. Because of the club and all npcs being there. It dissolved a bit because it's missing direct connections to new areas, and important npc are everywhere whereas some of the new npcs are missing in Mereholt. As a hub with all facilities Mereholt is good because getting there gives new players a first great feeling of achievement. There you can check out all the npcs and there is even a quest line to intruduce the new npcs (ik, the latter is true for almost every map but later maps are more or less just repeating it). Just don't throw everything at new players right at the start. Playing through the game you need progress, without it the game is shallow. Same goes for base gear. Instead of giving gear for free by quests I'd rather like to see more ways to get the real gear with reasonable effort (for ungeared players).
  10. Was viledon xp increased together with end game xp adjustments? I don’t remember it giving so much. I also noticed Ellis rp mobs giving more xp
  11. Question is, how often do you fail. You can easily fail 5 times in a row with +7 naraks. Has anyone ever failed 5 times in a row with +10 naraks?
  12. Not finding something in some files does not mean there is nothing. Most people would agree there is a huge difference between using +7 and +9 for naraks.
  13. Has it ever been tried to put these quest npcs (copies of them) to some other place where people can finally deliver their weapon? Guess it was never deemed to be important enough. Also, question is if there are follow up quests which then can't be completed for other reasons.
  14. I just want to say: Event as a whole was really good. I like. Thank you. Yes, something for lower caps in upcoming events would be good. How about making the missing item craftable from other event items?
  15. Are you assuming the shop image is not correct? That's why you need a guide? That pet actually does look like the image. The point is that it doesn't matter. You don't buy an ap pet for its looks but for its stats. As soon as you get an ap pet you can apply any pet skin of your choice. Many skins are common drops during events, cheap to buy in AH and look much better than the original pets.
  16. Don't know about SE but Medic was fixed yesterday. Please don't change it again...
  17. Just to confirm: the medic Tears lingerie which used to have crit attack stats now has the stats of Kiss lingerie.
  18. finally, a dps medic not the fastest run, by over a minute (triggering too many mobs everywhere), but a nice deja vu of old Abyssal Temple runs: the minions debuff helps to melt the first boss from 55% to 0% in 12 seconds. At the second boss I cancel the definsive buff with Veil of Pain (knowing I can't stop the minion with weak arcana attacks I get ready for a buffed kali burst hoping to cancel the buff).
  19. Got me hyped and i don't mind waiting. Just hope there is a fair share of passcards for everyone. Not an exclusive Amara drop or something like that when bosses are owned by one faction and the other gets zero, remember the first weeks of Tartarus cards...
  20. thought I can share my Whipper running TT: Whippers can do it under 20 minutes, too. But I don't really want to call it "speed run" pro side of being unable to skip the mobs: jewels, jewels, jewels The healer at the start... I want the drugs she is on. The true boss in this dungeon. The run from first to second boss always has me guessing where to stop to do mobs, usually the crowd gets too large if you don't stop midway. From there on the dungeon is just cruising boss to boss.
  21. Sit and permanent xp booster skill items. Those that fill your bags when questing or grinding.
  22. In Nemesis the game ends for solo players. The quest line is only good for 10 or 20% XP. The game wants you to do other things: join battle grounds, kill world bosses... but this needs more players. There are also daily quests from the quest terminals, and at your level you can still run the lower dungeon Ignis Vortex. For Abyssal Temple having the unique zeta suit helps a lot. The dungeon is not really too hard, it's just too hard to gear up for it. For geared players it's too easy. If you want to keep questing you should ask players if they can help you level up to 48 (for now). You'll have an easier time there and you can do all the quests in Nemesis before hitting level 50.
  23. You just saved me two skill resets. I was wondering why earlier this year i specced out of the whole first column moving all points into aoe attacks. And was about to try a build with eternal suffering and fatal flail again: Void debuff and strong phys attack. Now i remember, the eternal animation was the reason. Unusable.
  24. I am curious, how are sentinels, cyberblades and defenders doing in solo hard mode? And to what extend, if at all, do they need to adjust their build???
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