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  1. [Idea] Normal Class PvP Idea

    I think the changes are okay on how it will be done, it's not like every PvP instance is replaced with OG classes. I'm kind of happy our Arena would be staying as its own if these changes happen. The separate queue for a Normals-only Arena sounds pretty good to allow people to split between it. I'd be okay with trying it every now and again since it's not forced on us at all. However, I would be careful if you adjust hp values because of arena enchantments (Gambler, Ivory Blade War, Etc) and racial abilities (Anuran Reflect, Double/Triple hit normal attack modifiers, etc) that could be potentially strong. But that's for the testers to find~
  2. Hello im Pharaoh from the Tombs

    Welcome to Vendetta, Pharaoh!
  3. Chub is Coming <3

    Welcome and it's nice to see you playing still~
  4. HiHi~

    Welcome Imperia!
  5. Hello!

    Welcome Pudge! Enjoy your time here and I hope to see you around in Eden sometime!
  6. Introduction

  7. Help me

    I do not remember the Mimic quest very well but to get the Mimic class, you need to complete the Death and Rebirth Questline you receive at level 60, here is a complete guide to the questline that you may follow: This guide explains everything to get the Mimic class. For the Dragon Knight Class Quest, you go to the Andrew V. Mine in the human/halfkin starter zone, Limestone Mountain. To pass the quest, you need to read the zone chats and use the appropriate skill it hints at. The Dragon Knight quest in the mine requires reading comprehension and is random so I can't tell you to do any combination of skills. When it tells you to "dig harder" in a long paragraph use the first skill When it says to "find, detect, or search" use the second skill When there is a long paragraph that mentions "Blueberries" use the third skill If there is anything else you need help with or if I did not explain well enough please let me know.