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Rank 3 jewels


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15 hours ago, BumpetyBoo said:

so anyone can make now easy rank2 unique  with jewel sg....

so when cames  rank3 jewels? and ancient rank2? and pet chips rank3?  



I don't think we are there yet. I would say at the release of an above 70+ level cap with the introduction to legendary gear. Now I know Vivi said that she can't implement legendary gear as stand alone gear, but could release modified Unique gear with stats that legendary gear would have. We do have players like BlueberryO/Q who it would cripple their play ability to release these and rank 2 uni's still are not very common and still very expensive. Also, if they released rank 3 jewels or rank 2 ancient jewels, they would have to make those jewels be compatible solely to only players in the upper levels as they would just crush the lower levels to pieces. So, Vivi would have to go through all lower level gears and clock back the allowed jewel rank that could be inserted so that players can't insert rank 3 jewels or rank 2 ancient jewels into them. Which would take her some time so I don't see this as an option currently.

As much as I right now oppose these being introduced, I am not against the release of them. However, she could introduce lvl 3 pet data chips and have that be a thing by making the NPC conversion tech in Dragon Valley because you have to be lvl 60+ to enter DV. By putting the conversion tech in DV you would actually keep anybody lower than lvl 60 from making them unless you make all crafting material NT, which I can tell you that won't go well with the community. You can't put the NPC in Amara due to the number of players allowed there that are under lvl 60, so DV is the best place for that NPC.

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