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  1. Zan come back.

  2. better we we have linger R2 jewel then we get R3 so i think better work on ling jewel R2
  3. yeah we need gift hope we get some gift 900k gold each ☺️
  4. You dont use uniqe jewels well norun told me u r full uniqe r2 >.> yes materials r problem they should be lower i hoe u guys do it
  5. yeah nemesis is the best pvp map i hope and wish that we can do pvp there
  6. i want to make request since pu have so many mouse skills so request to change them that we dont have to use mouse it miss-click many many time not taking about mech skills taking about pu skill tree which need mouse plz look at this matter also
  7. i am not a fan of pu mech and mouse skill because most of time the miss click and not a fan of pvp since its only for elites not for common's like me yeah pu lose so much damge for example i kill a simple mob in 3 hit before patch not it take me more then 5-7 hit ti kill a simple mob gear is same like before patch pu fast framing class that is was after de i lvl it up so i can clear dung quickly but now i think pu have same damge like de so kind a useless but i still hope u can atleast give pu her old damge back because without it pu is more useless in pve also dont know about pvp sorry hope u guys do something about good luck For de i think reflect should be change to some small atk buff for example 60% atk and 40% ch-atk without any debuff with small small duration like 10-15sec can nerf frezy to 200% atk with same debuff or if not atk buff change it to op def buff like 70%void 50% crit-void and 400-700 def with 0 move speed and also remove purge skill give same effect to de healing chark with small duration 20sec de mech need one or 2 more aoe been thinking more if i get more idea i will tell u hope u dont mind what i say later
  8. I think its a nice idea but i think only elite pvper can do good here and class difference is very much undergeared ppl can do well but i still say yes but i think my vote dont matter but nice event idea good luck
  9. Yes reflect is useless it world be better if u guys give a semi atk buff like pu have 2 atk buff u guys can give it a small buff with out any debuff with low time like 10-15sec i am happy de got another stun world be more happy if we get one or 2 more aoe on mech or change reflect to aoe atk because like other class de have 3 aoe if u compare to other tank class wh all aoe cb 4 aoe but other then reflect i am happy i tested hp passive i got massive hp booster but anyways ty u guy did a good job even though we need some more changes if u guys need i am always available thanks guys
  10. FC is useless fk will come and win for like 2-3 weeks and again same like we have now so fc useless see it in past fk win for like 1 month and by time fk leave and real fk stay and like now fk dead so game in 60+ dead and plz no hard feeling no tras talk so serah its useless i hope u understand gl to all ppl here rip
  11. Yeah that is even more better idea since everyone has them so why not exchange them for exp booster
  12. Well I kind like this idea since lvling is super hard I also agree with bikini dung should be the to give massive exp hard to found exp pt I hope they make solo exp more effective
  13. Nice idea will like one btw in few weeks big match coming "undertaker vs Goldberg" hope you don't miss it
  14. Well yes like filo tell getting DC x5 times more and getting DC since maintenance before it was OK not DC much but after a lot I hope management look in to it thank have a nice day
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