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  1. FC is useless fk will come and win for like 2-3 weeks and again same like we have now so fc useless see it in past fk win for like 1 month and by time fk leave and real fk stay and like now fk dead so game in 60+ dead and plz no hard feeling no tras talk so serah its useless i hope u understand gl to all ppl here rip
  2. Yeah that is even more better idea since everyone has them so why not exchange them for exp booster
  3. Well I kind like this idea since lvling is super hard I also agree with bikini dung should be the to give massive exp hard to found exp pt I hope they make solo exp more effective
  4. Nice idea will like one btw in few weeks big match coming "undertaker vs Goldberg" hope you don't miss it
  5. kingzan78

    DC and crash

    Well yes like filo tell getting DC x5 times more and getting DC since maintenance before it was OK not DC much but after a lot I hope management look in to it thank have a nice day
  6. Good one ↕️but a good suggestions I hope it happen lol ❗
  7. no filo only your color changes like mech and cs i think nothing else change not even your skill color change look
  8. Its good to be back in SB again a lots of things change its very confusing for me lots of un drops lots of new maps my head is still spaining when I see new maps hope you guys get alon with me rg Zan78