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Stacks of items


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10% and 30% uni enhancements - make stack-able to 255

There are some narak or blessed narak that are not stack able still - make stack-able to 255 (believe they are the trade-able blessed Narak type)

Purchase jewel replicubes from Banana Crafter in stacks of 10, 100, and 255 (same for ancient jewel replicubes too)

Skill stones each kind to be stack-able? I know we can only use 1 at a time, but due to the low demand people tend to just gather them and can't sell them.

If anybody else has any idea what other items need to be stack-able mention here.

There are SP & HP Cyrsis Hypovials L60 NT that will not stack together so I end up with 2 different stacks of the same item of different quantities. Could these be made to all stack together? As far as I can tell, they do the exact same thing and cannot be used together at the same time during cool down period.

Keep to the topic on stacks of items please.


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On 9/5/2020 at 2:08 AM, Tropical said:

Sit and permanent xp booster skill items. Those that fill your bags when questing or grinding.

I really hate how the xp boosters get removed with every skill reset they do. I had to put all 6 back into active and now I can't even find a lvl 6 exp booster, so maybe when they do a skill reset next time they just send us all those exp booster hyper chips.

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