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If you ask me about skills

ME's - needs to have their AOE buffs reduced by 50%. IDC if they increase their personal buffs from that, but the ME shouldn't make any player too OP. That's how Tanks get too tanky and their damage too high. You can't say that the ME's on the opposite side can help balance that out. Wrong, DPS class doesn't get the def buffs to over power the ME's Offensive buffs.

Example, ME's Weil of Accuracy = 15% ch-acc - ME's Shadow projection = 13% ch-eva that's 2% greater ch-acc,

But that's not all

Veil of Offense = +40 phy/ch atk, 25% phy, 15% ch atk and Shadow projection def is only +350, +9% void, and ch-resist of 15%(except particle only is +7) do the math

but that's only if the ME is on the other side let alone has that skill. But the ME shouldn't be an OP balance breaker.

DE's - Can be tanky AF that 4 people can spend all their skills and not make a dent on the character with all their debuffs. I can't express how broken that is especially when they get really high damage and have ch-acc/acc buff.

WH's - The all around power house against any class with slight tweeks they can pretty much kill anybody they get their whip on if nobody stops them, but how can somebody stop a WH that's tanky and DPS AF when supported by a ME.

PU's - Granted that their def is a lack of luster, but their DPS is so high they can 2 shot a fully buffed player if they can get the first stun without being attacked by somebody else. Especially again when supported by the ME with offense buffs.

SE's - Hell, all that player has to do is drop a trap and run away and watch people die with no other skills needed. It also gets two skills of mixed speed and detect instead of 1. They get increased atk, ch-atk, crit rate, crit atk, acc, and ch-acc all in one skill. The SW at one time had crit atk, crit rate, atk, and ch-atk in one skill and people flipped their shit over it that the crit rate and crit-atk got reduced and the atk/ch-atk got removed but here you have the SE with all 6 in one. Talk about unfair advantage.

CB's - A different story about what to do with them because the one person I faced off against the most who was a CB was also cheating with hacks and got perm banned. When a player brags about how "good" they are with hacking it makes me laugh at how terrible they actually are.

SW's (yes my character) - The fact that it's best to drop most of their atk skills to increase passive damage to me isn't fun because why have all the other skills if you are better off without them? As far as def buff are concerned every character's main buff(s) last over 20 seconds while the SW get's 10 seconds. Sure Miss Misery has a 25sec buff, but 10% increase in eva only is shit and you all know it, especially when EVERY character gets personal acc/ch-acc buffs and the added OP ME PT buffs. There's not a character in game that can't take down a fully buff SW, but you go ahead and name a properly built character that while fully buffed that a SW can kill outside their own class and PUs because ya their def is shit even though they can easily kill a fully buffed SW.

So, you want to talk about skills, ya they need work. But it makes me wonder how well those skills will work if level cap is increased and players can start using a lota or eta bangle and helmet along with increased stats from level 66 necklaces and 68 rings. Or what would happen if Vivi released a Legendary version of unique gear?

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In short, SB's just really broken to begin with :)

It's seriously just a game made for instant cash grab and game's not even officially done yet from the studio / company (whatever its properly called) that made them (and i forgot the name).

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