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  1. alot this days u just not seen any coz now event and ppls switch to pve lol
  2. more than 18 , like 20 k eva and about PU have op Debuffs + acc buff + more better slows even what look weird .
  3. Smh joel is topic not about this, but u know i told u Emily not medic , Emily is DE 😐
  4. there is no RGs who interested SB
  5. who need SB when game 1 sided and bored
  6. Game just to old , this badly work on new PC coz of useless optimization game client , blame AG and Liveplex
  7. SE more fun play than PU
  8. coz exp issue, exp limit max now , this why max 65 , ofc Vivi maybe can back us to 59 and lowered exp for 60-65 lvl what we have 69 patch
  9. Yeah Beau is fair what meds not have high DPS on support build
  10. how many time must farmin support medic , and why this slow ? how u think ? first support med cant have high DPS , 2 i play DPS med since long time and can say she do well on DPS build if some1 want damage then switch on full ghost and lower your heal and buffs coz other way not work, and this normal
  11. i understand but u to much want and this what u ask not realy
  12. no way, no damage for meds, r give me cleanc and heal so all will be fair
  13. since months same , also if this Annie nvm just