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Magick classes in pve content.


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Hello there.

I think everyone can tell that currently magic classes are the least relevant classes in the end/mid-pve content there are no more than 2 Mclasses that are kinda useful and just in very specific situation.  Trying to find group for content as a Mclass is so hard that it take hours or days (unlees you have people taht you know and they wants to go with you).

This problem makes that people who want to play like Conjurer or something have pick something else becouse the class that they like is not viable at all. i would say that adding at least 1 mechanic heavly related to magic dps will bring some diversity in this department.


am i wrong ?.


(english is not my first language so...)

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Well some classes are hard to push into party, there possibility of mechanics for Conj but this will make ''Exclusive to conj'' and i don't think its healthy force party have 1 class.
About M DPS on PvE, is more particular , i play Battlefield Poet on my own dng and just because i like it, i farm with it, and i do all mdps required dng with Battlefield Poet.

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even tho i said conjurer because was the first that came to my mind, you can boost a little bit his dmg out put in pve and make that 1 cc can affect bosses, so now he can fulfill those mechanics in abys when a cc is need it or even in further content,  machanics where mobs or a single add spam and run thowards the boss, and if people don't use cc and kill them before they reched him, the boss will be healed based in his current % of life can be implemented xD

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  • VGN GM

There is a number of MDPS classes that would be able to compete with the current party setups of today a lot of it is down to people not really trying to do so. Yes one can argue that the vast majority of the MDPS classes just simply aren't worth using in PvE but same can be said about a lot of PDPS classes too.

People have come to the conclusion that PDPS is the way forward and the only way to do it so a lot of people demand that thats the way the party has to be. So unless people who are considered reputable try it and show people that it can work it will forever be this way.

As for Conjurer although I know you've clarified. There will never be a need for this class in PvE as the primiary role for the class is debuffing and with boss fighting being long there is no need for it. However, Demon Taimer on the other hand would pay a crucial role in most MDPS party setups as it works well in both -Fire and -Dark setups which one could argue is the best 2 PvE party setups with Arch/GM.


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