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Mini Forum Event


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I want to see some screenshots!@!@@!@


Post something funny, something cool or even a video from SB. I will Also take an SB Meme!!

I'll give you somethin special. Just tell me your Faction and IGN in your post and I will mail it to you.

This thread closes in a week. I'll give you a prize from this list once its over.


  • Narak Skin (LVL 55 Major Mech Graft material at Guernica)
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Unique Graft Tool
  • Arkana Name Reset
  • Safeguard
  • Warehouse Code (30d)
  • Skill Reset
  • Any lvl 3 Hypovial x 25
  • Rare Spanner
  • CP Pot (800) x 10


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Faction RG  IGN: Pαn


When your Pc sends you signals: He's done and i'm like " i dont care i want play" :/xD
Yes it broke 1 day after this xD







When you love being a Medic with HP from DE  :<



PS: if enough participate, I will add an AP Item of choice, for the post i like to most :D:P

i wanna see your weird,beautiful stuff!

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this my fav but you will all get stuff for participating :D ur mail better hav space smh


I want to play the game like this pls


otp used to play something similar except the whole game was black lmao


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