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hello i hope everyone is doing fine today or night my question is where are all of the daily quests in scarlet blade right now im at level 0 and can only make 18 gold where are the daily quests for characters below level 30 there has to be more daily quests other then the 3 daily's i have right now it seems that you would have to do those 3 daily's then log out for the day if you wanted to have gold at all. does anyone have a list of the daily quests that are in the whole game its seems i should be able to make more gold but i guess that guy that originally mafe the game wanted everyone to take for ever to play and gain gold so if someone has a list that couls post would be appreciated thank you in advanced even if no one has a list have a nice day or night


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I cant remember how many daily quest the game give down there but for gold:

Step 1: Farm Bitterstone Core dungeon. Cos of the Bug inside9_9
Note: You can apply this technique to any of the other dungeons,  just prefer this one as you can loot the final boss the fastest and it wont give to much EXP.

What you'll get
(Note: Prices vary)

  • Gold - Each run will about 5g in solo and 10g in team
    (excluding sg 6 & 7s which sell for 1g each)
  • Stardust - Use to make +7 naraks (~180g each) and +8 naraks (~300geach)
  • Narak Relics  - 100~150g each
  • Blueprints  -    200 ~ 400+ gold each
  • Gamma Gear -> (gamma suits, bangles and helmets, 7 ~ 10g (or more depending on stats )
    Always certify gamma gears & when you get ones with very good stats enhance & sell +8 for ~ 400g  each o more depend whats in AH.
    But +7 - +8 Items are mostly used as Narak's and get sold fast!
  • Jewel Replicubes -> have decent chance of becoming a uni "Rare Rank 1:" jewel...some sell for up to 1000g - 3500g each or more ! However, some are not worth the risk opening because they are worth way more in replicube form then when opened. most worthy atm:
    RED: Crit ATK, ACC , CH ACC

    Green: EVA, CRIT-VOID, HP

Port Out with Mereholt/Enocia Transmitters (alternate between the two)


Hope this can help a lil. If need more help just hit me up :)

- Data adjusted - original post by Gabby "How to make 2000g a day in Scarlet Blade Vendetta!" -

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Daily quests don't start till after level 20 possibly 25 when you enter Caregate and can do DM and BC. The reason that you won't find dailies at lower levels is because as you do quests you will level up from just the main and side quests. Once the main and side quests no longer level you up when you finish them then dailies become useful for experience, gold, and certain loot items. To find dailies, they are often located at the base of each map or next to a vending machine/short range portal in the area of the map suited for your level of character.

The best thing for us to know is if you plan on staying at lower levels or level up to end game?

Lower levels can end up having players willing to help you in those maps, but you can also find some of the most OP characters in comparison to your character. That's because end game players often gear their lower tier characters far more than any new player can gear their character in the short time that they started playing.

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You can't be level 0. Game begins in level 1 and your first quest should ask to equip a weapon.

The daily quests start in Mereholt terminals by level 21. There are 3 daily quests each level till 30. Plus 3 daily quests in Drasilmarsh dungeon from 21 to 25. Plus 3 daily quests in Bittercore dungeon from 26 to 30.

From level 31 to 39 you have 6 dailies each level in Barbirion terminals. Plus 3 dailies in Sub Factory dungeon from 31 to 35 and 3 in Ignis Vortex Dungeon from 36 to 39.

From level 30 to 39 you also see daily quests in Viledon, from the NPC girl Selena. You start from 5 dailies, then in level 33 you see a new one, in level 35 another one, in level 38 another one and in 39 another one (but it removes the level 38 one).

By level 40 to 42 there are 3 daily quests each level in Scylla terminals (once completed the main quests). From 40 to 49 there are plenty of daily quests in Nemesis: from Cecille NPC and from terminals (to see terminal ones you need to complete main quests).

From 50 to 54 you see 8 or 9 daily quests each level in Ellis terminal (once you completed main quests). And also 3 daily quests pop up every day automatically till the end of the game. They become 4 by level 61 if you complete Disguided Ship dungeon.

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