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Here I thought that SSD's and HDD's are for long term storage and your RAM is for what you are working on at the moment. If you have it setup so that the HDD or SSD takes up the load when you RAM is full, boy I sure hope not ever, the SSD will be better in performace over the HDD but bad for the SSD. Now, the difference between SSD's and HDD's are only load times. If you don't care how fast something loads or shuts down HDD's are just fine. If load times are important SSD's will out perform the HDD's and with this game using a map feature system where you have to load different maps you enter, the SSD's will be more beneficial, but once in the map it doesn't matter.

Now, I have played this game on a Laptop with a 5400rpm HDD and also have it run on my main system using 3x120gb SSD in a raid 5 where read speeds are around 720 and write around 640 and here's what I see with one in comparison to the other. Aside form a difference in processing power and graphics performance, load times are just slightly slower on the laptop, but this is a game dating back to 2012 and both systems are about 2 to 3 years old with a huge difference in performance between the two, but it's not like you are loading some huge files so the load time differences really shouldn't be a hindrance to the overall aspect of the game when it comes to PVP or PVE as the PVP is more dependent on your network connection, ping, and graphics card.

If I was on a major budget and could only afford 1 drive. The HDD would be preferred over the SSD if storage room is an issue, if I didn't need the large storage then I would get the SSD.

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