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  1. hanged out with 'im on and off since 2013, great player and a really cool guy... rest in peace amigo
  2. No. There's chakra resistances (gravity, particle, etc) that work just like VOID but for chakra damage
  3. Having it set to 16 hours would still cause every NB to happen twice every day alternating between three exact times, causing the schedule to look like this (I will use the 24 hour time format for easier reading) monday 0 16 tuesday 8 24 wednesday 0 16 (wednesday's 0 is the same time as tuesday's 24) thursday 8 24 and so on You can see that the three different times (0, 8 and 16) have NB consistently every other day, allowing people to easily adjust to that The game already gives you tools to tell when the next BG is going to happen (the timer on the BG window) but tbh I don't think it's even that complicated to keep track of because you know for sure that each of the different hypothetic NB times (0, 8 and 16) will have one guaranteed BG every other day. I bet it would be much easier for people to remember that than for the VGN devs to code an uneven BG schedule (I don't know if they can even do it but I have the suspect that the SB engine doesn't simply allow for uneven BG schedules) Oh and having slower NB schedule would also encourage people to play it more since its unique drops would increase in value over time while also not being so slow that it throws off people's daily SB routines (but then again that's IMO, more people should post their take on that and I just noticed there's another thread up there talking this same subject with a lot more people in it) Yea it would be cool for the peeps working on VSB to give info about that so everyone can think for what works best
  4. Why not just have NB every 16 hours? it would cover up 3 consistent timezones every day on its own while also helping out people with busy schedules without it being overly complicated to follow
  5. The effect of %chatk jewels is heavily dependant on the class you use them on and the base multiplier of each of their skills but the tl;dr explanation is that % jewels are literally only good if you want to boost your auto-attacks for some reason lol (or if your build somehow involves having a ton of skills with only 1 point into them) flat chatk jewels have way too low numbers to make a difference in endgame caps (especially 68 if it comes with new rings and necklace) so unless the meta has somehow shifted into everyone stacking absurd amounts of Crit-EVA (but considering how gear has always worked in this game it's more likely that everyone has just stacked a ton of CH-Res without noticing instead) then crit-based gear builds will still outperform all the others
  6. Noooooo my uni jewels!!! I'm a literal nobody now that everyone has them!!!! What have you done Aeria fk uuu!"!! hol up...
  7. all classes should be deleted except SW so you can say that the game is extremely populated with millions of players...they're just fading all the time
  8. loading times on SB will be garbage no matter where you install it t. someone who has SB on SSD
  9. where did you get the info from? a few of the early pve world bosses seem to have a fairly incomplete drop tables (I got R2 blueprints at least once from all of them up until Argos) EDIT: nvm didn't read the part where it says things are supposed to be a work in progress
  10. This guy is pretty much my pvp music these days
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