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Guide To Lv100 Trial Drops!


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Trial: Camodor Chastelands(5P)
Nightfall Axe
Satanic Slasher
Kerus's Lost Dagger
Arcane Wizard's Crown

Melody of Fear
Wicked Tragedy
Crystal Fragment
Advanced Druid's Crown
Mighty Berserker's Helmet

Neptune's Icicle Spear
Twilight Sword
Sinash's Lucky Skull
Master Hunting Belt
Legendary Protector's Boots

Aerial Slayer
Cosmic Star
Ramona's Web
Virtuous Exorcist's Leather Hat
Master Hunting Bracers

Trial: Dark Tide Cave(5P)

Archangel Club
Celestial Catapult
Cooked Wolf Meat
Virtuous Exorcist's Gloves

Hallowed Slicer
Sentinel's Grip
Sorkin's Stash
Arcane Wizard's Boots
Master Hunting Hat

God's Fortress
Universal Journal
Lochero's Updated Scale
Mighty Berserker's Gauntlets
Legendary Protector's Gauntlets

River of Sorrow
Death Wish
Dug's Shovel
Virtuous Exorcist's Leather Boots
Advanced Druid's Boots

Trial: Vingot Lab (10P)

Sunrise Blade
Seraphic Bayonet
Crescent Temple Katana
Blade's Sacred Sword
Master Hunting Brigandine
Legendary Protector's Armor

Defective Demon Mace
Demonic Bayonet
Isolda's Forgotten Gem Stone
Arcane Wizard's Gloves
Virtuous Exorcist's Belt

Ultimate Beast
Messiah's Call
Fortune Sword
Tribal Quarterstaff
Ultimate Beast's Lucky Blood
Advanced Druid's Belt
Mighty Berserker's Boots

Wyvern Pike
Moon Eclipse Gun
Marquis Saad's Lonely ashes
Advanced Druid's Robe
Legendary Protector's Belt

Devastation Dimension(10P)

Melody of Faith
Immortal Arrow
Maul's Slime
Advanced Druid's Gloves
Mighty Berserker's Belt

Immaculate Angel Mace
Paranormal Fantasy
Corken's Mask
Virtuous Exorcist's Brigandine
Arcane Wizard's Band

Doomsday Fist
Sun Eclipse Gun
Reaper's Sickle
Kequa's Confiscated Escape Plan
Master Hunting Leather Boots
Legendary Protector's Helmet

Hades Inferno
Heavenly Halcyon Axe
Kimba's Dimension Stone 
Arcane Wizard's Robe
Mighty Berserker's Armor 

All set BPs are color coded to the same color per set, trophies in pink, and weapons in black! Might have missed something, I will double check and update if so. ~

Edited by Nanami
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