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Pet Chat Winners (Round 1)

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Hi everyone!

Thanks to all who entered. @Vivi said we should do this a few times as each pet can have up to 67 lines of chat. So we will have another round of this starting next week!


As for the current winners, here they are;

1. @Tropical: Let‘s change faction. There is much better loot on the other side.

2. @LordKonton: You may get better...some day!

3. @Iwej: I thought about going on an all-almond diet. But that's just nuts.

4. @sicat: I'm not staring at your butt. I swear!

5. @Versteckt: Don't stay AFK for too long arkana! you can get fat!


So winners 2 through 4 will receive an Event point (PM me your IGN so I can give them out, here or on Discord). @Tropical will get a prize of their choice (PM me with what you want!)


Check back next week for the start of round 2!

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