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  1. But the best tip that i can give for you as a "endgame" player when i played this is as follows ... DON'T MISS YOUR TIME in a "tryhard" gameplay here. this game have a lot of problems that never were solved in almost 1 year playing SB, and probably NEVER will be solved, be these problems bugs or desbalanced classes. Well, maybe this game might be worth ONLY for a casual gameplay.
  2. Buddy, this game is dead xd. But if you want a casual gameplay only for fun, i recommend you start on RG side, there are much more players, so maybe you would have more chances to receive some help about these issues.
  3. Actually, leveling is an extremely repetitive and frustrating experience, I never more wanted to step on the DV again after I reached level 65. And I see that this is another problem of the game, after all in the lower levels the game is completely empty, which forces you go to the end-game, but the end-game experience is so annoying that players won't have much patience to help new players, and leveling solo is something extremely time consuming and annoying, I couldn't get party to reach level 65, then since lvl 63 I practically went up alone to 65, and it's an experience I don't want to repeat too early and it's even one of the reasons I'm not so excited to a patch that could bring to us lvl 69.
  4. One Punch Man (I'm trying to ignore the 2º season animation to watch but i can't T.T) Monogatari Series (sometimes i've a shit taste, but i don't care) (Black Hanekawa is the best waifu <3) Code Geass Steins;Gate Hunter x Hunter Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood My favorites animes are all normie animes
  5. Whipper's skill kit is toxic, no matter how i try to see it. Just don't make sense for a MMO game.
  6. And this is another point, WH have tank potential but her skills don't makes sense for a "tank". DE and CB has gapcloses, ie, they need to put yourself in high risk during a team fight jumping in a middle enemy team and this make sense because they're "tanks" and need to get enemies attack focus to help their team (well, CB during guardians shout only :P), WH don't need to put yourself in risk, btw, she can put the enemy in a situation that they'll be without position and in a high risk position that almost everytime means death to this poor target.
  7. You really live up to your name, let's go. "Now lets look at the complete package Of the mele units, which class is the only one not to have a cleanse? that's the WH the other 3 mele classes have speed boosts the WH has a speed debuff (making acc on pulls more important) of the 3 "tank" classes the wh has the worst defense buff of the 3 "tank classes" is the only one without a self heal skill" These 4 points are refuted with just one remark, whipper has the mildest debuff while using her buffs than ALL of these other classes, for a CB or DE make a tank role they basically reduce their dmg potential to 0, Whipper loses only movespeed and that it still doesn't affect her so much, because she can use bike and ignore this debuff or use the movespeed buff of its mech form, so in the end it does not cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for she get the following 4500 Crit-VOID 730 DEF 3600 VOID 4950 in all CH-Resists 750 Crit-EVA. Those are too strong buffs for a class that needs to give up of very little of her status when it activates them, and are buffs that have an eternity of duration and have an extremely low cooldown because one of these buffs has only 5 SECONDS time window to abuse, because it have 35 sec duration and has 40 sec cd, and the other one has a duration of 30 sec and has 45 sec of cd, she has THE SMALLEST WINDOW TIME between buffs to be abused between buffs duration and cd of all classes. The other classes that have defensive buffs that do not cause any kind of debuff like Sentinel for example receive the following 5000 EVA 2200 VOID 2000 Crit-EVA. 100 DEF And this buff has a time window of 20 SECONDS where the SE is vulnerable. In the end WH can use their buffs and while they are active she can cause MUCH MORE DAMAGE than a CB or an DE could cause when activating their defensive buffs, while this she has a stunlock much, but really much bigger than the respective ones classes. These Whipper buffs only would be fair if she had 0 dmg potential when need to use them just like the DE and the CB, or if her stuns got heavy nerfs, but lose only 26 movespeed to get this? not! there isn't a way this be fair at all. In relation to the other points there is nothing worth my time to comment after all is everything bullshit, since I started playing this game I didn't find a DPS class that can kill a tank while they use their buffs, being that in the case of WH the same manages to tank and still have damage enough to kill any squishy class during her stunlock.
  8. But if these jewels had the inflated value even when we had the old DS, no doubt that in a short time each uni crit-atk jewel could be costing 10k or more
  9. The problem is that the old DS worked in a way that balanced the economy of the game, the issue here is not very much the uniques items in itself although it is also another point, but mainly THE JEWELS. well, we have several items with inflated value due to the scarcity of the same ones in the game, as for example the uni cstms in general, be the wep skins or uni cos. Although they are not items that add so much practical power to the player, their value within the game is high because of the difficulty of get them right? but look, in the case of uni cstms we only need 3, the uni lingerie jewels also suffered with price inflation for the same reason, but we needed only two, and in the case of people who use 2 lingeries like me for example, they needed 4 jewels, because each lingerie has only 2 slots. Well, each of these items didn't make such a big difference so people didn't care much for the fact that they had the inflated value inside the game, many just bought these items last. However in the case of jewelry we need 21 JEWELS in total and 42 for those who make 2 sets, and these do make a relevant difference within the game, when the lingerie jewelry that was inflated that didn't make so much difference because they were only 2 jewels of her set that would have inflated value, and even normal crit-atk lingerie jewel at some point had been costed 3k due to inflation, now imagine how damaging that will be for an item that makes up 21 parts within a set counting the 9 red jewels and 12 green jewels, In the end a game that had a decent economy, will have this problem basically FOR NOTHING. I wouldn't even say that this change benefits some pay to win because everyone had to farm in this dungeon to get jewels, so in the end it's only damaging to ALL players, especially the younger ones who did not have access to this dungeon at the time was good to farm some jewels, and now the tendency is for the price of these jewels to increase even more, even the jewels that aren't unique will have a good price increase, I believe that by then some players may raise this discussion again, but while only I am complaining I think this discussion probably will die right here.
  10. Please, turnback to the old DS. Since it was announced that we would have a new dungeon I was happy with the news because the dungeon for players 60+ although it was good didn't have the possibility to drop unique cstms and was the only dungeon available for 60+, then play this dungeon ended up being too repetitive an experience. Finally, the direlict tunnel "hardmode" was announced, and with this dungeon we also have new possibilities of drops, because in this dungeon we could get lingerie jewels, we also have back the possibility of obtaining unique cstms that we hadn't access since we lost access to Ellis dungeons and this all was very good. But with the arrival of this new dungeon, DS dungeon was also modified, so that in the end there was no real change in the game with the arrival of this new dungeon, to make matters even worse the DS mobs now give less gold when are killed, before was possible to get more or less 1g for each mob killed in this dungeon, today they give more or less 30 - 50p only, and we still lose the unique drops we could to get in this dungeon, whereas before we could collect 3 - 5 items unique per run, now we RARLY can collect 1. In the end the players only lost with the arrival of this new dungeon, there isn't any "real" variety or diference in these dungeons because both give the same drops, and both dungeons have lower quality drops than the old DS, and with this last update DS died, because not even the keys to use in direlict tunnel is possible to get as drop in this dungeon now.
  11. Cybercluster VI: This attack has 50% ACC and CH ACC 50 sec cooldown less damage than all napalm Effects: Reduces 35% EVA and CH EVA for 5 sec. Maybe the only way to counter SWs, and even so wouldn't be a decent counter e.e
  12. Just make a SW, you don't need know to play well to do this class work in PvP, and either is a good class for PvE. and who recomends a PU is idiot, this class only work in PvE, in this case you could to create a SE or SW, that can work well in PvE and both are good classes for PvP. but SE is a bit more harder than SW to play PvP, after all any idiot can use escape artist / AoE CCs and this can be enough to do your work in team fights ...
  13. i would like Tainted Love in next box
  14. The Whipper players were spoiled as children by the staff and now we are in this situation, I proposed withdrawing the stun from the pulls of the class and this was thrown out of the overton window right away, after all the fact that the players "could simply run out" isn't an excuse, the CB Pull doesn't cause stun and therefore doesn't cease to be functional within the skill kit of the class, and in the case of the CB they do not have any CC in the mech form to give coverage in the pull and until today i never saw any CB player crying about this. In the Whipper this is even worse, because it has several mechanisms to keep a character attached to it after being pulled, then definitely this isn't a excuse to don't remove these stuns from pulls. What's more, of the few whippers who have appeared here, Yuuki was the only can raise good points that can be debatable, while the another whipper that appeared here all that can do to "defend" his class was to curse me, use cliches that it does not make the slightest sense of the sort, "one must have determination, practice, and blah-blah-blah" and try to shift the focus of the discussion to the fact that other classes cause more damage than Whippers (maybe for him whippers should to do more damage than CB / PU and SW e.e), at no time was there a good argument to refute the fact that whipper is toxic to the game's PvP and let the metagame extremely centralized. Well, half of the players in the game are whipper and isn't for nothing, after all this class is clearly unbalanced compared to the others, so if the decision to nerf or don't nerf be democratic we know what the final result will be and there's no reason to keep arguing here, the final decision has to be taken by a logical and rational conclusion, and not because this will let some players triggered. I understand that the game needs players, and that making decisions that will let several of them pissed off can end up hurting things a little, but keeping them the way they are also will be extremely prejudicial in the long run, so much so that today the majority of the players are whippers main, imagine how much PvP being so toxic should have discouraged players from other classes to continue in the game, not everyone has the patience and time to evolve another char of another class when they realize that they play with a weak class inside of the game in comparation to Whipper and that to make matters worse they know that the staff won't do anything about it.
  15. Well, it took me a while to respond, but it was because you raised some interesting points that I would like to answer carefully, let's go. The first thing I would like to answer is the question you raised about PU being able to kill WH. Well, PU is the class that has the most damage of the game, it's a carry class that can take a team fight if you have peel of your team, and like I said on the topic and it's very clear to analyze the roles of the game, Whipper it should not be the main tanks, this is the role of the DE, but even so she still manages to make the tank work WELL TOO for a class that should not do that and with a minimum of ME peels she can tank an entire party attacking her, and if not even a Punisher should have enough damage to kill a WH, which class should then? You also said that I can knock you down in a combo, but that comparison isn't so fair, since what you insinuated that isn't completely full geared right? I have 2 sets, half of the ancient slots open, almost all unique crit-atk jewels lvl 2 and even so I have difficulties to shutdown some whippers, an undergeared PU simply DOES NOTHING in the current metagame. In relation to the pulls I think we agree (everyone must feel this mechanic annoying in the game) and maybe the best option would be to ban this type of mechanics from the game, but maybe this is impractical and in a way became a mark of this class, but since the skill has a non-existent risk/reward because it is very easy to apply, how can we reduce the reward? decrease the range of the skill, REMOVE the 3 seconds stun of this skill, after all doesn't make the slightest sense, the enemy is already completely fucked and she has another 300 CCs for that enemy after pulling it right? so why let 3.1 sec stun in this skill? is another thing that does not make sense. What I could propose for these skills would be as follows ... Hook and sinker: Cooldown: 30 / 27 / 24 / 21 / 18 / 15 -> 30 Seconds at all levels Range: 16 / 18 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 -> 17m at all levels Stun: 1.5 / 1.9 / 2.1 / 2.3 / 2.7 / 3.1 (New passive: "You won't touch my babies" - Now Whipper could pull damaged allies in PvP Zones and remove 1 debuff) Range of pull on Allies: 20m at all levels. Hook and Sinker II: Cooldown: 35 / 34 / 33 / 32 / 31 -> 40 seconds at all levels Range: 15 / 15,5 / 16 / 16,5 / 17 -> 14m range at all levels Targets AoE: 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 -> 3 targets at all levels. Stun: 2 / 2.3 / 2.5 / 2.7 / 2.9 (New passive: "You won't touch my babies" - Now Whipper could pull damaged allies in PvP Zones and remove 1 debuff) AoE Targets on Allies: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 - per level Athena's Hate: Range: 20 -> 17 Cooldown: 25 -> 20 I think we would still have to change a lot of things in this class, so it would not be so anti-fun inside the game and it would seriously undermine PvP's health, but that would be a good start.
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