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  1. Actually, leveling is an extremely repetitive and frustrating experience, I never more wanted to step on the DV again after I reached level 65. And I see that this is another problem of the game, after all in the lower levels the game is completely empty, which forces you go to the end-game, but the end-game experience is so annoying that players won't have much patience to help new players, and leveling solo is something extremely time consuming and annoying, I couldn't get party to reach level 65, then since lvl 63 I practically went up alone to 65, and it's an experience I don't want to repeat too early and it's even one of the reasons I'm not so excited to a patch that could bring to us lvl 69.
  2. One Punch Man (I'm trying to ignore the 2º season animation to watch but i can't T.T) Monogatari Series (sometimes i've a shit taste, but i don't care) (Black Hanekawa is the best waifu <3) Code Geass Steins;Gate Hunter x Hunter Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood My favorites animes are all normie animes
  3. Nope, i've 2 sets complete and a 3º set almost complete as well. 1 standard damage set, 1 ch-acc set that doesn't work and a acc set.
  4. Thank you for proving my point by showing that even if you have to deal with a PU full ch-acc, it will miss several attacks and even if you hit one you will not have enough damage to kill, if anyone still had doubts about this goddess himself has answered. And the point of simply changing or doing another gear, I'm still waiting for the miracle build to help me deal with it, for the time being the only gear that would give me a minimal chance of doing anything is ch-acc that as yourself said, didn't work but maybe I just haven't seen other possibilities obviously, even having already tested everything. About the rest it's all bullshit, so never mind.
  5. kek, don't show off yourself too much, you're one of the easiest SWs to survive because you make lots of mistakes, and even so it's hard to deal with you anyway. So I also said that this class is stupid for not opening loopholes to be punished even when make mistakes, after all anyone who doesn't understand this class probably wouldn't see the difference between you and Heaven for example.
  6. I'm thinking that i'm the only PU with problems against SWs this is amazing, any another PU got the miracle build that spawns this ME?
  7. All I can is make a ch-acc build that will be usless against any another class, just to deal only against SWs. Then it has the option to have only one set of ch-eva and dodge all my stuns doing that first set useless, while that same ch-eva set can be a standard set to deal with ANY other class, is that it? As I hadn't thought about it, even though I did countless builds, in the end everything was about build right? I just need to build now a build that spawn a ME or something, anyway how could this class have no counter? never.
  8. All classes allow the counterplay if the player misses the timer of its combo, why the SW has to be special in relation to this and be the only one without any counter? SW has the possibility to choose the time to fight and attack when its enemies are fragile and with their buffs or stuns are in cd time, it should be punished even more than the other classes would be when they make a mistake. Currently this class is so ridiculous that it is very hard to see some skillplay gap between a "good" SW player and a complete retarded playing.
  9. Of course, but if I am going to sacrifice my damage the minimum I have to get is a good chance of hit, anyway even hitting a SW only on ch-acc I wouldn't have damage enough to kill it because of the immense amount of crit-eva that it gets using escape artist, so hitting the stuns is enough just to SURVIVE, much less kill her or win the match up Ah, why I haven't thought about this before, we've there a great counter haha, we just need to have a ME. Ignore the fact that PvP is a mess, and in maybe 70% of cases the ME can't be a babysister for everyone in the party, and because of the mess that teamfights are, it gets even harder for that someone uses some stun in an SW that appears out of nowhere, and that even if someone uses a stun it still has something around at least a 60% chance to evade even though everyone present is using full ch-acc builds, which is not the case in maybe 90% of the time? And this it's not even a "counter" for this class, let's be serious here, wtf is a class your only counter is having a babysister by your side? any class in the game is counterable if we're to consider an ME helping, no class has the potential to do 1x2, this is ridiculous. And it still does not change the fact that a ASSASSIN class, shouldn't in any way have the potential to jump in the middle of the enemy team in a stupid way and run alive. And this class doesn't need invincibility in their buffs to do this if the player plays as a stealth assassin and pick fragile targets to assassinate. It turns out that the way the class is currently even if the SW player makes mistakes, it'll not be punished for his mistakes because EA simply does not allow the counterplay, if it is to be so then that class should either have less damage and lose kill pressure , or have a smaller stunlock and allow the target to at least have more chances of escape, simple as that.
  10. This is my ch-acc using full ghost + perfect random and ch-acc jewels. but i was without 3 ch-acc jewels, then my total ch-acc using a ch-acc build is 246,7 Using full unique ch-acc jewels rank 2 i could get only 250,38 ch-acc. Still is a very low chance to hit, any chance less than 70% is shit if you're playing with a class that has only 3 stuns and i lose a huge damage potential doing this. And in relation to the other point about a nerf in EA could to kill the class I disagree, in several MMO games we can find assassin classes like SW that doesn't have an invincibility buff and 13 seconds stunlock + burst damage and that still manage do their ASSASSIN role. After all with the current state of the SW it can very well activate your buffs and jump in the middle of the enemy team like a tank, kill some priority target and still manage to survive. If she has an invisibility buff the idea is this class to be a stealth assassin, get an ISOLATED target and kill it right? therefore these currently buffs are abusive, she can attack a target for 13 seconds more or less without this target having the slightest chance of counterattack, and at the end of the stunlock she can still activate her buffs to continue attacking and not allowing the oponent counter attack, who has to deal with a class dmg based class for something around 20 seconds without being able to do anything other than trying to run, and this besides not being a counter, is hard af considering the amount of stuns and paralyzes that this class has and its speed in mech form. But still, if they don't want to nerf the EA, I can even accept this if the damage of this class receive some nerf, or its stunlock. But as the SW is a dmg class, I don't think it would be a good idea to remove her kill pressure, because a assassin who can not kill doesn't make sense right? so I think that at least the EVA and Ch-EVA should get nerfs or its stunlock.
  11. PU is also just a damage dealer, in the case of PU this is even more evident as it is literally the only thing the class does, SW still has the 2nd largest stunlock of the game, has the possibility to survive the combo of ANY other class while using its buffs and gains a huge boost of ACC that allows it to give up needing to build ACC to deal with eva based classes, besides of course the shadow strike debuff that allows it to burst squishy classes and still hurt tanks classes. PU has more damage than SW but its ACC is the WORST OF THE GAME, it doesn't hit 1 single attack in EVA based classes while they're using their buffs, and even using firing squad the damage of this class is insufficient to kill a tank like a WH or DE even full geared and I can prove, even your coccon defense often doesn't help the class to survive the combo of an SE for example, and against a SW this class only can struggle, doesn't have the least possibility of giving counter play even if the enemy SW plays as a retard. And also has another point, since 60+ it's almost impossible to deal with the SW even using full ch-acc, in ellis for example I could reach something about 200% ch acc using full ghost, the SWs could get more or less 17 -18k ch-eva using Escape Artist, so only with full ghost the chance to hit an SW would be somewhere around 20-30%, and using ch-acc randoms and jewels the odds could be pretty good then it was worth sacrificing a good part of damage to get more chance of success, but since from Amara this was useless, because SWs can reach 20k ch-eva or even a little more, while ch-acc of 60+ items didn't increase your status enough to keep up, then even with a build full ch-acc for example, I with my PU only have 244% ch acc, the chance to hit a SW is still too low to risk an overkill for example or any stun and then lose the possibility of combo. So in the end the SW has to lose something, she has a very high kill pressure and few ways to counter, or she should lose in her damage, or her EVA buffs and especially in her ch-eva buffs, or in her stunlock which is too big and give a disconect of the game the target until the class finishes its combo, and when it ends you still have to deal with another 10 sec Escape Artist, but usually only her combo it's enough to kill you, kek.
  12. Whipper's skill kit is toxic, no matter how i try to see it. Just don't make sense for a MMO game.
  13. And this is another point, WH have tank potential but her skills don't makes sense for a "tank". DE and CB has gapcloses, ie, they need to put yourself in high risk during a team fight jumping in a middle enemy team and this make sense because they're "tanks" and need to get enemies attack focus to help their team (well, CB during guardians shout only :P), WH don't need to put yourself in risk, btw, she can put the enemy in a situation that they'll be without position and in a high risk position that almost everytime means death to this poor target.
  14. You really live up to your name, let's go. "Now lets look at the complete package Of the mele units, which class is the only one not to have a cleanse? that's the WH the other 3 mele classes have speed boosts the WH has a speed debuff (making acc on pulls more important) of the 3 "tank" classes the wh has the worst defense buff of the 3 "tank classes" is the only one without a self heal skill" These 4 points are refuted with just one remark, whipper has the mildest debuff while using her buffs than ALL of these other classes, for a CB or DE make a tank role they basically reduce their dmg potential to 0, Whipper loses only movespeed and that it still doesn't affect her so much, because she can use bike and ignore this debuff or use the movespeed buff of its mech form, so in the end it does not cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for she get the following 4500 Crit-VOID 730 DEF 3600 VOID 4950 in all CH-Resists 750 Crit-EVA. Those are too strong buffs for a class that needs to give up of very little of her status when it activates them, and are buffs that have an eternity of duration and have an extremely low cooldown because one of these buffs has only 5 SECONDS time window to abuse, because it have 35 sec duration and has 40 sec cd, and the other one has a duration of 30 sec and has 45 sec of cd, she has THE SMALLEST WINDOW TIME between buffs to be abused between buffs duration and cd of all classes. The other classes that have defensive buffs that do not cause any kind of debuff like Sentinel for example receive the following 5000 EVA 2200 VOID 2000 Crit-EVA. 100 DEF And this buff has a time window of 20 SECONDS where the SE is vulnerable. In the end WH can use their buffs and while they are active she can cause MUCH MORE DAMAGE than a CB or an DE could cause when activating their defensive buffs, while this she has a stunlock much, but really much bigger than the respective ones classes. These Whipper buffs only would be fair if she had 0 dmg potential when need to use them just like the DE and the CB, or if her stuns got heavy nerfs, but lose only 26 movespeed to get this? not! there isn't a way this be fair at all. In relation to the other points there is nothing worth my time to comment after all is everything bullshit, since I started playing this game I didn't find a DPS class that can kill a tank while they use their buffs, being that in the case of WH the same manages to tank and still have damage enough to kill any squishy class during her stunlock.
  15. But if these jewels had the inflated value even when we had the old DS, no doubt that in a short time each uni crit-atk jewel could be costing 10k or more