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  1. Considering how hard it is for anyone in any level cap to get gold, it would be hard to obtain expensive stuffs. L20-29 rare accessories should not be 1kg-4kg which they are. I remember paying around 2000g for my scout rings. That's absurd for any new player. Not to mention they would be de-exping regularly if they even know to do so, to get those accessories they are looking for.
  2. Spending several hours or even weeks farming a dungeon, to get nothing profitable is pretty demotivating. I stopped farming completely after I spent 200 runs in DTO, 100 in DS over a few weeks and got nothing. Not even a uni jewel. I agree, dungeons have to be worth farming. After DS was nerfed significantly, many farmers quit or rerolled lower caps and never saw again.
  3. Right now, the game is now no longer player friendly. Just about every level cap isn't fun. Nothing worth farming, lowbies can't even make it past 39 without heavily relying on end game players help, and exp in all caps isn't balanced. Early caps give too much, later gives essentially nothing. DG's aren't worth the grind since nerfs were done. Combined factors of DGs being nerfed and exp being difficult, caused many players to quit and lowbies don't even stick around for longer than a month. We had tried helping several recently, for them all to quit because the game isn't player friendly. New players should not have to rely on end game players to get them to where they need to be. It also gives end game players an unfair responsibility of basically having to help new players nearly every step of the way. I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible. Most DGs should be reworked and exp adjusted for all caps. One general change I thought about was making Base Gears the equivalent to +7 gears. This means that new players can farm most DGs with relative ease, but if they want to farm faster or prepare for the next cap, get regular gears and enhance those themselves. It's a thing that would help any new player since the current base gears are garbage. Another problem which is understandably hard to balance is how medics and tanks struggle with farming. EXP: Drasilmarsh, Bitterstone Core, Ignis Vortex and Subterranean Factory give too much exp compared to what they have to farm for. They should be farming accessories to gear themselves, instead they end up doing 10-15 runs and have to de-exp. It shouldn't be nuked but lowered so people can farm it and get what they need before they move up. From SF, DGs give terrible exp so should be buffed everywhere. An overall buff to all DGs, would be give Team Mode dungeons a great buff in exp so they are worth doing. This would mean that players can solo farm and get themselves leveled without having to get a free ride to level 59 then participate in exp parties in DV, which no one likes to do. Overall buff to everywhere: increase the trash drops sell value (HP/SP pots, general item trash). This would help new players have some sort of starting income to enhance gears and buy stuff they might want/need. Like instead of 1b for 1 trash item, maybe 5b-10b. Drop Tables: Overall the drop tables are pretty okay, but drop rates not so much. Gold from dungeon bosses and silver/bronze from mobs should be increased to help players get what they need and better prepare for the next level cap. A specific increase for gold is for DS/DTO in 60+. Those DGs drop less than DMH, being a level 54 dungeon. Doesn't make sense and considering how expensive things are, a bit more gold couldn't hurt. Average is around 150g per DMH run with buffs and gold collector chip. DS/DTO (2nd floor) should be totalling around 175g-200g. A potential change as well would be to reduce the cost of enhancements. Gets real expensive if you're unlucky. Combine that with no real solid way to make gold, progress can't be made. - DM: should drop low level rare accessories, such as trinket and earrings. This will help them with BC and starting 39. Maybe a 20%-30% on the bosses for any of the accessories. - BC: should drop higher level rare accessories solo, such as rings and necklaces. BC currently is only worth farming for jewel replicubes, which is only obtainable on the last boss. Which means most if not all players who farm BC, abuse the mainframe glitch. By adding rare accessories to the minibosses in solo mode, that could change. However, to drive it home, adding an additional 30% chance to drop any random jewel replicube on each of the minibosses would be a great change. It would encourage people to farm the whole dungeon and can help people obtain jewels. - IV: Should drop magic/rare earrings at a higher rate, being 10%-15% increase - SF: magic and rare accessories should get a reasonable increase, in the 5%-10% range considering they drop on mobs. Add a unique laser scanner onto the last boss at a 10%-15% rate. Captive experiments drop nothing quite often. Increase gold from bosses, they only give around 2g-4g. Mobs only give 1s, maybe increase this as well. - AT: Since it's the most difficult dungeon in the game for most players, it should be high risk high reward. Increase Drops of unique costumes by 2%-6%, fix solo mode to drop zeta uniques instead of kappa Uniques, increase drop of unique gear team mode by 10%, increase EXP Team mode, increase L44 rare earring drop rates by 15%-20% and add rare L40 trinkets at similar rates. Difficulty should be left alone. - SS: Should drop magic/rare rings at a higher rate, being 10%-15% increase. - TA: Drops are reasonable, but maybe offer more loot options from bosses. Getting 1-5 drops off a boss bad considering how many items drop on other bosses, in most other DGs. Consider adding blueprints at a 15%-20% drop rate. - DMH: Provide a small 5%-10% increase for smoldering lava rocks and major azure ores. Considering how many is needed, that being a few hundred, it can take a very very long time to get whats needed. Should also remove the open hexweaves (beta red/green 1-3), and potentially increase the packs drop rate by 10%-15%. - DS: This dungeon was really good before the nerf. It should have some quality brought back to it. It used to drop 0-3 uniq gears per boss. Max was 9 per run. It was really good but a bit op. A more realistic number is 0-1 per boss. This change would help players who don't PVP, gear themselves outside of BGs. Many players quit after the DS nerf and for valid reason. Having up to 9 chances at an SG was a bit much, so 0-1 unique gears 50-59 would be more practical. Perhaps a 50% for each boss to drop a unique weapon or KG. - DTO: This dungeon was supposed to have similar drop rates to TA. I farmed DTO 2nd floor 200+ runs and DS over 100, and got nothing worth mentioning. Got a unique costume, but one thats worth the least out of all costumes. 300 runs for chump change. A 5%-10% chance increase to drop rates, a step above TA, would be ideal. Why spend legendary passcards which are hard to come by, when I could just farm TA with regular passcards? - DTO/DS: Could drop rare 60+ gears that offer similar rewards to L50. Hypovial packs, clusters, cards. Alternative to dropping 0-1 Level 50 unique KG/weapon/suits/bangle/helmets, these could drop 0-1 unique L60-65 PVE gear per boss and offer similar salvage rewards to L50 unique gears. That being clusters, napalm, jewel replicube, Safeguard replicube, stardusts. Quests: An overall increase to the gold/silver players obtain would give players more incentive to quest and can help them get started. By Ellis, should be obtaining around 70g+ per quest. A slight decrease to exp obtained from quests so players don't accidently level from questing. They should be obtaining the majority of their exp from farming dungeons.
  4. There's a problem with CB that really kind of ruins it for me. It's that the animations are bulky. 4-5 CB skills reset him to his standing combat position before another skill can be used. This leaves unnecessary gaps where he can get stunned and lengthen his rota longer than it should be. The skills flow very awkwardly, and is hard to deal with overall. Not to mention spiral kick can get canceled by basically any stun ever. CBs mech animations are very delayed, the mech pull's stun is too short to help make up for it. Skull Crack, Spread Webs, Shockwave, Sudden howling and Armor Breaker have slight delays before you can use a new skill. Since animations are hard coded, nothing can be done with them as far as I know. However, the best fix might be lengthening 1-2 of his stuns/disables. Maybe making Spread Webs 3.5 seconds, or Skull Crack 3.2-3.4 seconds to make up for the animations. Should also make Spiral Kick an immobilize + disable or stun to make it worth using at higher levels. Maybe CB mech pull could be 1.7-2 seconds. @Vivi
  5. Different camos for military RG/FK gears and caps would be cool. Like navy, desert, forest, etc.
  6. The 27m stun isn't necessarily a problem. It's when you can instantaneously bike then close the distance to kill. Top that with PU's naturally high dmg and the fact they can tank and DPS a tank (like whipper). It's not balanced.
  7. Whipper is fairly balanced compared to a PU. I can't even tank with guardians as a CB. PU can just stun from 27m, insta bike and kill easily. If I'm unbuffed, a PU can 2-3 shot me. Buffed with guardians, easily finish me in their rota. Meanwhile, PU has all that DPS, they can still tank a CBs rota fairly well under reckless. PU should not be able to tank the way they can with the amount of DMG they can dish out. In comparison to PU, whipper is fairly balanced.
  8. PVP medals, maybe 10 gold (coin), maybe an SG replicube or something since it's only a daily
  9. 1: Aren't you supposed to be looting somewhere? 2: Have you accepted RNGesus into your life as your lord and savior? 3: Lewd games promotes big gains!
  10. Would like to see Black Commando cap for CB in Mystery Box. Would make sense to have the white/back versions along with the RG/FK military uniforms to match. Maybe a Monk outfit as well for future costume?
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    1: Your tactics are questionable at best. 2: You may get better.. some day! 3: Remember, improvise, adapt, overcome!
  12. I'd love to see an RG CB uniform.