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  1. Don't know really where to start because there seems to be a lot of things out of wack. I guess I can start with the good stuffs. The new dungeon, like it. I don't feel like a bot farming it, it gives a challenge. The drops are gnarly. The team mode ie Challenger mode, is great. Finally we get something worth farming with others. The new mechs and CS, as well as color choices is great. I like the newish bosses in amara, it's hard to solo them which forces players to help each other out and work together. Been getting a lot of good PVP around boss hour. Welp onto the inevitable. I'll bullet point the important bits if it's too much to read. Overall the game could use a rebalance from level 1 and up, but the far majority of focus is spent on end game. That's likely because there's hardly any new players coming in and current player alts don't count, which is unfortunate. I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's unfair to leave end game players responsible for catering to new players needs. From personal experience* I lost count of how many noobies I've helped, only for them to quit because they got bored. They basically get hand fed everything they need simply because they can't do things themselves. I know many others have had this, so I'm well aware it's not just me. Note: I very briefly read everyone's responses here, I may reiterate what other's have already said. PVE As it's been stated probably 500 times before, there's too much "good" loot. While it's nice to be rained upon by awesome loot, there's just simply way too much. There's a delicate balance between supply and demand especially in SB where the community is small. There's also a balance between time spent farming and rewards. I think all of the loot in the dungeon is semi reasonable but the amount there are drops is absurd. Ancients should be like a 5%-10% on any given boss, jewel replicubes, as much as I hate to say it, drop too much as well, should be like 40%-60% per one mob. Ancient jewels should be reduces as well. Costumes and skins, same thing. There's 3 level 65 dungeons and DS/DTO have been essentially forgotten. Maybe consider making certain drops exclusive to those dungeons? But it's likely too late since there's just such an overflow of loot in AH. Costumes which used to be 10k-20k, granted that price is way way too much, is now less than 1kg average. That is not good. There could be a dream of that amount of loot being feasible if making toons was easier when leveling, but that's not going to happen despite being requested by many many people over the course of about a year if not more. Drops from bosses, they're good. I don't have much of an opinion on them since I don't care for boss loot. All TT mats should be tradeable. One thing I don't understand is why you can farm shards in solo but not scraps. Mech is what everyone wants sure but the fact a lot of people have mech before CS is weird to me. Mech is such a great achievement and it makes a big difference in PVP and PVE alike. Why can I solo farm mech but not my CS? It should be the other way around. Force people to work towards something great together, that being mechs. Shards should be TTC mode exclusive, scraps should be solo. My only concern is the amount of time spent in solo hard mode TT. There really isn't an end all be all fix since no one can fucking agree on something. My input is reduce the ch-acc of mobs so stuns aren't as obnoxious. The amount of mobs is fine, people can skip them if they want to. TT solo normal should be a little bit rewarding but not as much as hard mode and not nearly as much as TTC especially in PTs. I haven't farmed much normal mode because it doesn't seem worth it so I can't provide feedback on it. 100k RP, nice. Could use a buff in RP gained from mobs because omfg it takes so long. PVPing for TT cards is not ideal, as some have suggested, make a daily or two for some. PVP This is a touchy topic for everyone smh. DPS rework, much needed. Major mechs and CS, cool. This is just my observations in PVP. Too many AoE debuffs and DoTs. Holy shit. You go into PVP and in less than 10 seconds you have 1 full status bar of debuffs and more. DPS changes didn't even matter because the debuffs just fill in that gap. DE damage is ridiculous. It's not supposed to be more effective than a punisher. I cannot really speak for ME, SW, WH, SE or PU. So I won't. CB feels like a worse DE, having aggro now, less damage/tankiness. The one thing CB has that DE doesn't really is the ability to CC. Skill tree forces us to dunk points in useless skills like razor slice, and more points into spiral kick/sprint. Should be more optional not forced. BG's are dead outside of NB and AK as far as I'm concerned. TT cards, SG replicubes, those Boss's secret treasure things could be added, etc. This is not limited to winning side, make winning feel rewarding but losing not worthless if that makes sense. Dual logging in AK especially but also NB is a problem. As well as AFKers. I'm aware people have to report these types of things but there often is 0 GS's on to monitor and kick.
  2. I'm LordKonton.. I renamed my CB to Goliath and PIague. Made a PU named wack.
  3. Too greedy for that sry 😩
  4. Not worth it anymore. Was fun, met some good people. Hope the best for everyone.
  5. I don't think it's even possible but a longer CD probably wouldn't help. There are a few dedicated shit talkers and tin foil conspiracists who think the game is against them that must be heard.
  6. Something we need is Megaphone bans so certain apes players don't turn off people coming from nostale.
  7. There's many reasons for that. 80% of RG faction is PVE heroes. They only go to PVP if loot is involved, which is why you would see inflated numbers during AK/NB or in Amara during boss spawns. They're one shot wonders who don't know how to PVP. The other 20% of RGs is PVPers who don't go to BGs for multiple reasons. Being small 1v1 to 3v3 PVP is kinda boring, FK have quite a few OP SWs which means going 1v1 is a guaranteed loss, some of our PVPers got bored of 65 cap, rerolled 59 then quit, the others don't care enough to go out of their way to go BGs. This forum wouldn't be here if we all wanted the game to die. Agreed a bit, the losing side should get a chance at SGs as well outside of daily reward. I don't know about mechs though, that's an AK type of drop. I know janus drops naraks and spanners, but not at incredible rates. BGs shouldn't be farmfests, but they should have some participation compensation that can help. 4 SG reps seems like a lot though. AK gives 2 SGs, all others give 2 replicubes. Maybe 3 winning SG replicubes, the losing side has 1? Possible increase AK to 3 SGs, and losing side gets 1 guaranteed? It's hard to balance that because people would just swap to winning side on AK and NB.
  8. Some people stopped going BGs because those two were PMing them telling them to not go. Agreed, if people are willing to fight then they should be encouraged but saboor and lucifer think differently. They're not team players clearly. Those two are one of the biggest reasons why some of us stopped going to BGs lol.
  9. 1v1 BGs are lame. There's quite a bit of reasons why people don't go, the biggest likely being how classes are broken. 1v1 SW for example is essentially suicide for most classes. Only a handful go to TP for the loot, and a lot of people don't like TP because of the point system. PVP balance won't likely exist because different people on different toons will always change how PVP goes. With even numbers, the class lineup and skill level of the players makes all the difference so it's hard to say about balancing. Faction with the most medics, punishers and whippers will likely win. Ideally with class balance we can see more variety and less broken PVP. Edit: Another big reason for people not showing up to BGs, is people like lucifer and saboor tell noobs to stop going even so far as to blast them in shout how bad they are. Small PVP like 2v2 or 3v3 isn't fun when you have team mates who aren't team players either.
  10. Unless I'm misunderstanding, I don't think perm FC would be ideal. If one has to pay AP to get their toon FC, then they should be able to swap it back paying extra for the same toon and a 1-2 week probation period.
  11. Read my Dungeons and EXP post. The 'temporary solution' last time was 2-3 weeks of good PVP before it all went away as if nothing happened.
  12. Realistically FC won't be needed. If and when exp changes come, then it will be easier to make an alt on the opposing faction.. which causes another problem with people swapping sides. But that's a separate can of worms. Players just need to stop being twats tbh.
  13. Tbh FC never long term solved faction problems. It hasn't done anything in the past, probably won't change anything this time unfortunately.
  14. Considering how hard it is for anyone in any level cap to get gold, it would be hard to obtain expensive stuffs. L20-29 rare accessories should not be 1kg-4kg which they are. I remember paying around 2000g for my scout rings. That's absurd for any new player. Not to mention they would be de-exping regularly if they even know to do so, to get those accessories they are looking for.