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Pet Chat Winners! (Round 2)

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Hi Everyone!


Here are your winners for Round 2!

Top Pick!

@Kamsos: Don't be alarmbe, it's just harambe!


#2 @LordKonton: Have you accepted RNGesus into your life as your lord and savior?

#3 @ZippyJohnJones: Don't look now, but Commander is staring at your butt again... I'm just looking at your toned calves though...

#4 @NoRunNoGun: Come on! Say it! Say how much you love me for risking my life to pick this for your lazy ass.

#5 @Armada: Quit saying you play solo! I'm always around pickin' up your trash!


So winners 2 through 4 will receive an Event point (PM me your IGN so I can give them out, here or on Discord). @Kamsos will get a prize of their choice (PM me with what you want!)

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