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So, I keep seeing new player posts all the time and they seem to always say the same things -
- can't enter game(for one reason or another)
- what should I do?
- what is the best way to gear, gain gold, farm, end game stuff, etc...?

I was thinking what if there was a pinned post in the general section or every section of the SB forum area that says "New players read before posting."

Inside that post you have links to topics like -

  1. Rules of the forum (link)
  2. Games rules (link)
  3. Get to know the staff, who they are and what they can and can't do. (link) This link should also explain who and how to tag staff for specific things.
  4. having trouble with entering the game go here (link)
  5. want to learn about your character join the discussions here
    ME - Link
    CB - Link
    WH - Link
    PU - Link
    DE - link
    SW - Link
    SE - Link
  6. Want to know about skills (link)
  7. Want to know about stats (link)
  8. Have a suggestion post here(Link) and tag @Vivi(sorry example) so they could see it.
  9. Understanding the Mystery Box and make suggestions for it(Link)
  10. making cash purchases rules and where to go to get them and how to use them (link)

    Then mention not to necro specific types of old threads, such as posts that are no longer relevant for today. 

    Then say feel free to comment here to introduce yourself. If there is something you couldn't find or have a question understanding in that list feel free to talk about it and tag a GS using proper tag procedures. Enjoy and welcome.

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I had a medic guide which was archived for some reason. 
I think guides shouldn't be archived, especially if players have shown to take a liking to them. 
A GS or GM would need to do that though, if an ordinary player just does it, it will probably be archived. lol

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