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  1. You can look at our Facebook page here to see our costumes as well https://www.facebook.com/VGNScarletBlade/ Some of the costumes on the guide do not show up or are not there.
  2. Issue is that how the layout is to make costumes, they can only be symmetrical and we cannot add extras. It's either recolor other costume or paint the costume directly on the skin. It can be an inspiration, but the costume will look a lot different than the original version.
  3. Unfortunately, this post was made before the skill changes and the 65 level cap. Completely useless now. Best to to ask medics in game for your build, but be careful. Do not go for the medics who are self proclaimed the best medic because they will most likely be the worst in the game. I unfortunately do not even recommend playing medic. (coming from a medic) The player base is very toxic to medics. If you are willing to take it, I would recommend asking medics like @Daddy and @OhThePain for builds. PiA is also very good as well! I can give advice as well if needed, but would rather do it on Discord than here.
  4. I believe the NPC in Enocia that is the tan skinned loli (cannot remember her name for some reason) gives out EXP boosters as you level in the lower levels. You can also buy EXP boosters with VGN points or ask if someone has an EXP booster to sell to you or even be nice enough to provide to you. If I were you and are on RG, I would join the guild Inquisitor because they are very helpful to new players and leveling. When you get to end game or near it, you will for sure need a helpful guild that help you level then.
  5. When it's asking you for your class, it's only for costume purposes that are not important in the game play. I would actually keep making new accounts so you can keep getting these starter packs (You can do that. haha) So, what I would do is make a Vendetta account for each class. I know it will take a lot of time to remember all the user ID's, 2nd passcodes, and passwords, but I would keep them in notes on your personal PC. Remember, you only can get one pack PER account on the Vendetta website, so if you made multiple accounts, you get a pack in each of them. That is what I would do. Let me know what you think on that.
  6. To add, a lot of MMO's have a secondary password. Not all, but a large number. This one wouldn't be the first one.
  7. You can ask for it to be in Mystery Box
  8. Me and @BananaHandare officially parents to Aurora Fae~ ♥ May be an image of baby
    May be an image of 1 person and indoor

    Will be inactive for a bit due to taking care of the baby and healing. ♥


    1. Vivi


      Banana looks like he's about read to cry! So happy for you guys! 🥰

    2. KawaiiNyanNyan


      I know right? He loves Aurora so much! And thank you! ❤️ 

    3. Misty


      Hello, congratulations to you and your partner for this beautiful baby, I wish you all the happiness in the world 😊

      (Excuse me I'm using a translator).

  9. Anymore information about your crashing? What areas are you in? What are your graphics settings? I definitely know in PvP and Nemesis, you are more likely to crash more than anywhere else.
  10. My final picture of my pregnancy progress! I am hella huge now and about to POP! 
    I don't think I will be growing anymore. 
    Wish me luck!

    May be an image of one or more people, people standing and indoor

    1. Filomena


      Go go go!

  11. I have no problem with that at all.
  12. You can get tradable level 3 hypos in the commander cubes that Cheryl sells.
  13. Yeah, so at RW. I wouldn't mind that as well. Maybe adding gold to those mobs as well?
  14. No necro'ing old posts, please. Going to close this one down.
  15. Add Beta Hexweaves/Gamma Hexweaves, Version II Cyberclusters to Oasis RP spot, along with a small chance of a level 50 napalm dropping or even adding them to RW spot instead.
  16. The 2nd set of colors for Virgin Killer~ Would hopefully like a purple, white, or tan one! ❤️
  17. Turret in AK for RG is bugged. Doesn't drop anything at all. Should be on FK's right side. Guild hall EXP. I am the only one except maybe once in a blue, Banana donates EXP if he comes on for a sec, but I will get the maximum donation alert when I go to donate when I was the only one to donate and only in one section. Urka bugged out last AK. No drops at all. Not a single one. Medic Kitty Whisker Face Paint is bugged. No other class seems to have this bug.
  18. Virgin Killer Sweater pwease~? u w u
  19. Welcome! If you need anything, you can find me by JigglyPuff on Royal Guards and AraAra on Free Knights! I hope you enjoy! ❤️
  20. As I understand why people would want to keep ones in base 1 shot, I can agree the ones outside of base could be nerfed. Like out the very front. They just one shot for pretty much no reason when there is really nothing going on there and same with NS. NS is probably the best area to PvP without the annoyance of bosses in the way. I wouldn't mind the ones at spawn point to stay one shot, but the ones by the NPCs who one shot are QUITE annoying, especially when whippers just pull you into them, kind of ruining the PvP.
  21. It's all good. I figured there was a little bit of a language barrier. I tried to explain it the best that I could so you could understand properly. > o <
  22. In your words as well, "How curious, speaking of "Wanted" and today in AK 22 Rgs vs 13 Fks and all the Fks passed as 2 or 3 Wanted, none were saved, why not talk about how to make a more even PVP? in short the hypocrisy" "More even PvP" would be interpreted as balance, which is not the topic of this post. Again, if you wish to talk about making PvP more even, just create another post. Balance/evenness has nothing to do with toxic wanteds. Plus, putting multiple wanteds on someone is not deemed as toxic unless it's spammed repeatedly over and over and over on purpose with no intentions for PvP, which the wanteds from AK were not toxic, but were just there for the PvP. We are talking about toxic wanteds that are used to harass players such as calling names with wanteds so the players identities cannot be revealed on who are making those wanteds except for GM who is the only one able to it figure out. Also, using wanteds to taunt is classified as toxic. There was nothing wrong with players being put on wanted for PvP, even if there are lesser numbers on one side as long it's just used for the purpose of PvP and wanting to remove the wanted for achievement purpose. Example: Someone put a wanted on me the other day saying "HelloKitty from <Royal Guard> has been put on the Wanted list." "Sucks from <________> has been put on the Wanted list." That would be deemed as the big problem here and what we are all talking about here. Like, it doesn't matter to me honestly with people putting me on these toxic wanteds. It's easy to figure out who does them @ me, just seeing who is online and who I interacted with, but not everyone is complacent with those types of wanteds. People here are just trying to find a solution to try to stop the toxicity of these wanteds that are being used to name call.
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