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  2. New Pet Raibow Attack: Melee Attribute: 50% Water element. Influences the attack: Restores, with a probability of 20% Hemorrhage. Influences the defense: The damage caused by all attacks decreases by 50% with a probability of 50%. Buff For the Character Increases the power of Attack in PvP by 10%. Increase the speed by 2. (Only in the Rainbow Battle)
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  4. I wouldn't say "plenty", Crusader has only 3 AOE skills and 2 of them are trash (cells wise).
  5. That's the main reason I suggested to add AOE to basic attacks, as you said already the cells of triple bolt and holy cross are so weird and designed so bad that it's almost impossible to hit all the mobs in the lure with them
  6. BugFix: From now on you will see the real damage, if you make 100k of damage it will be reflected 100,000 damage in the enemy and not a relogue of the damage. New SPP. Skill 1: Scope: 2 fields, Objective: Election CD: 10.0 seconds Restores, with a 5% chance Debuff Debuff S: Duration, 20.0 seconds Every 2 seconds the HP level (player level +10) MPs decrease by 100. Fire Resistance is reduced by 15%. Skill 2: Scope of fire Scope: 2 fields, Objective: Election CD: 20.0 seconds Restorations, with a 5% chance Debuff Debuff S: Duration, 10.0 seconds Every 2 seconds the HP level decreases (player level +9) The attack time decreases by 1. Reduces all damage caused by fire attacks by 15% with 100% chance Debuff 2, appears with a probability of 100% Debuff2: Duration 15.0 seconds The level of defense has decreased by 15%. Damage caused by all attacks has increased by 5% by 50% probability. Skill 3: Scope: equal, Objective: NosMate CD: 65.0 seconds Restorations, with a 100% probability Buff Buff S: Duration, 30.0 seconds Reduces all fire attack damage by 100% Restorations, with a 10% chance of Fatal Burn. New Pet Attack Magic attribute: 35% Water element. Resistances Fire: 20% Light 60% Water: 60% Darkness 50% Influences the attack: Restores, with a 10% chance of slight freezing. Influences the defense: 40% chance to reduce water damage by 90% Raibow Battle The schedules will be the same: A new icon will appear in the instant combat section. It is randomly grouped up to a minimum of 5 players per team and a maximum of 15. Each crystal provides activity points of 1, 2 and 3. The winning team will be the one with the most point, so protect your crystals. Duration of each battle of 7 minutes. Prizes: Winners 3 Rainbow coins and 1k Fame, Losers 1 Rainbow coin and 500 fame. New Rainbow Store in Tidus (Nosville, Krem and PortAveus) Rainbow Box: 18 Rainbow coins Small crystal: 18 Rainbow coins Medium Crystal: 30 Rainbow coins Big Crystal: 42 Rainbow Coins ArcoIris Wig: 50 Rainbow Coins Emoticon (unlocking): 120 Rainbow coins Rainbow Pegasus: 200 Rainbow coins Rainbow Box Awards: Angel feathers: from 10 to 30 units. Full moon crystal: from 5 to 25 units. Large special potion: 2 Divine recovery potion: from 20 to 50 units. Attack Potion: 5 units. Defense Potion: 5 units. Power potion: 5 units. Pirate pet trainer: from 2 to 5 units.
  7. Thanks a lot already!
  8. also the cells are shit for crusader most of the time they don't even hit the entire mob
  9. Im talking about Crusader's AOEs Attacks's Concentraded Power/Holy Cross/Triple bolt.
  10. Maybe just aim the skil better bro 😃
  11. Now I have a account from last year which is 99+30 but I am not able to do anything without doing a1 quest.. haha
  12. Well, yes its 5 if you see beast claw as aoe lol Usually u use it in a mob and hit 1 monster only haha
  13. It has 5 bro don't give a false info if you know nothing? lol
  14. You dont need cella until after lvl 90 because until there you get upped weapons the whole time than thats one day of grinding everyone does it.. it splits the goldfarmers of the real players
  15. Pet skill points have nothing to do with their fullness. In the long run, it doesn't really matter which you prioritize as by the time you reach max level for the pet, both stats will be maxed. For practicality, focus on HP.
  16. Wild keeper has 4? So make WK aoe aswell? lol
  17. I was going to edit and add that... yes I know about the pet drinks, but they are not unlimited. Also, is it better to spend pet skills on HP (red) or MP (blue) if you want to max their " fullness" ?
  18. Pets are not capable of fighting. You replenish their HP using pet drinks
  19. So your pet can fetch items for you but that uses energy. Is the fastest way to replenish "fullness" just to recall him? Is any pet capable of fighting?
  20. I can tell you just some of the most used ones: Main/Sec weaps: - Crit DMG - 58% - Crit chance - 9% - %Evil - 19% - %Stun/Deadly Blackout/Freeze - 4% - Enhanced Damage - 190 - SLs: Def/Prop/Ene/DMG - 17 - SL Overall - 11 - S%Dmg - 19% - S%PvP Damage/ S%Def down - 33% - S%All Ress down - 17% - A%Ress down Water/Fire/Light/Dark - 14% Armors: - Enhanced def magic/melee/range - 190 - A%Ress Fire/Water/Light/Dark - 19% - S%All Ress - 26% - S%Neg effects - 38% - S%Def - 23% - S%PvP Def - 38% - S% All dodge - 19% - S% Dodge magic/melee/range - 13% I hope it helped a bit. Someone can maybe update the rest.
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