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  2. I know it's a beta reward but, I feel like after 2+ years it should be put in VGN shop for a nice price & be made character bound only so it can't be traded. There was only like 100 given out if i remember correctly and a large amount of those players either quit or banned or simply bought them without even being apart of beta (like I did) it's a popular item so it would give people 1 more reason to spend money towards the game (which there isn't alot of incentive to do tbh) The costume is useless compared to other ones that are currently available and in my opinion it's the best looking costume in the game. So I don't really see why it shouldn't just be made available to everybody to use like on official servers Literally the only reason to use it is when i'm in normal form but it doesn't feel "exclusive" at all in my opinion.
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  4. Can add stuff that doesn't work in battlefield tho Maybe it could work by adding a new slot on sets/weapons, IF there's a way to limit what kind of gem you can put in this aditional slot. Like an aditional slot where u can't put resists, stats, resists + stats or tower gems, but only those "new gems".
  5. The fact that someone could bring 25 alts in an act 4 raid and farm potentialy 25 r7 pvp weapon with s%dmg 19%
  6. @Bash So that was an actual test, I kept getting whispered by a GM Bash and thought how in the hell do they get to use that name and ignored it and just gossiped to my family about it. I didn't report it because the reporting system is too cumbersome. Maybe we could have an ingame inquiry system, just like a family chat maybe for everyone to be in and possibly find someone who can do something about it in the moment and explain in real time. That's the best idea I have, to have a lower barrier to telling report some quick and easy things, and if people are told in that chat to make a ticket, they're more likely to do that, it just needs a GS to possibly automatically answer, yeah you should make a ticket.
  7. What exactly are the concerns of game balance
  8. I agree with you that it closed early in away. Event says 20th, according to the time stamp on this post of 2 hours ago and current server time saying 12am, server still had 2 hours till the server rolled over to the 20th. However, if the close of the event is based on the first time zone to roll into the 20th, then 2 hours ago is late according to that time zone. It's not up to me and really up to GS NovaFire on what they will allow, even though I say let you in since really we have very few entries in the first place. But Try tagging GS @NovaFire so they are aware of this before it gets too late as the tag brings this post or any other post you tag them in to their notification section when they log in next. Just don't tag people every post you make.
  9. Well at this rate, why not set a limit like elrond said, maybe remove those 2 effect on shells or make it only perfect and pvp? so even low level character can have and compete at FC even with low level equips if they want to go FC farm some flowers/drop some manes/claw, or even enjoy killing with others. Although I'm not that sure to fix slightly FC and be populate with some players with this suggestion..
  10. Don't get me wrong. Ch-atks are just as viable as an option to use. If a player focused on just physical and crits, then they only get to deal 2 out of the 3 types of damage. If you balance your physical, are able to land a ch-atk, and have high enough crits. You can do so much more damage, than just physical and ch-atk or any of the other two. The purpose of the ch accessories are for more ch-acc, ch-eva, and ch-atk. The use of crits types stats for jewels and randoms is to balance out all attacks. Let me explain. You have physical atk of 5000, a ch-atk of 300, and crit of 15k. Well, if you land a physical you could get a crit atk added to that, but with that low of a ch-atk you might be lucky to land that atk and if you don't land a ch-atk you won't crit on it either. If you have physical atk of 5k, ch-atk 2.5k, and crit of 11.8k Then if you land a physical and ch-atk you could also crit on both the physical and ch-atk thus increasing your damage. You could very well still miss a physical or ch-atk as well as miss a crit, but landing all 3 and having the crit add to both means your damage just went up more than the above skill. Let's do the math here - 11k (going simple) added crit against 13k crit void you end up with 130% crit bonus. That 130% x 5k phsyical = 6.5k actual physical damage, if you also crit on your ch-atk you will have 130% x 2.5k = 3.25k of actual ch-atk damage. Now, let's ignore crits and give you focus on physical and ch-atks, That mean you will probably have about 6k crit atk as a end level SW focusing on ch-atk. You might have increased your ch-atk stats to (being generous) 3k max and have physical at 7k. But you want to go up against a tank, that tank has crit void of 13k. With a crit atk of 6k against 13k crit void you are going to end up with a 80% crit bonus. So, your phsyical of 7k x 80% = 5.6k actual physical damage and ch-atk of 3k x 80% = 2.4k actual ch damage. As you see going for ch-atks and ignoring criticals you have a chance of reducing your damage more than you gained since I doubt you can get more than 1k(being generous) of added ch damage. Comparing the numbers focused ch-atk 3k base stat - if you don't crit you do 3k damage, if you do crit you do 2.4k damage. balanced crit and ch-atks base stat of 2.5k - if you don't crit you do 2.5k damage, if you do crit you do 3.25k damage. Now this is overly simplified and there are so many other factors in this, but you can see that ignoring crit atks, could result in lower damage if you crit and you would want to try and reduce those chances of a crit atk by reducing your crit rate to as low as possible. At level 60+ best I could see me lowering my crit rate while boosting my ch-atk damage would be around 6.5k or 65% chance of getting a crit and not use precision. At 65%, that is still a good chance of crit atks landing more than not. You can't rely on just reducing crit atks because as you can see, you just reduce your damage output. The best players to go full ch-atk focus are SEs since they don't have much ch-eva or ch-resist. Also, players who don't focus on using crit voids so you can do much higher damage. Though if you are going to use crit atks on SEs, you'll want higher crit rate to get past their crit eva. Topic of another discussion. End result, ch-atks can be a method to choose over using crit atks, but understand your choice and how to best utilize it. Last thing you'll want to do though is crit against a high crit void player.
  11. MishFit


    Hi imaiya, Try to repair the game files on the computer that gives you problems, or reinstall from 0, if you do the latter make sure you have deleted all previous files. I hope i helped you, regards.
  12. Hi C0ZEN, You can quickly switch from a QWERTY keyboard layout to AZERTY and vice versa using one of the following key combinations: ALT + Shift or Shift + ALT. If you use an AZERTY keyboard, press Shift + Alt Gr. I hope i helped you, regards.
  13. Sorry to be "that person" who enters at the last moments, but it appears that the thread is to submit entries has been locked early. I know it's several hours ahead in Europe, and I live in the states, but I'm preety sure it's still the 19th of August, over there. But if I'm mistaken please ignore my entry into the contest, I just figure, I'd share. Reason why my entry is so late is because I'm returning from many years ago, and thought the contest was over with already, so I overlooked it day by day, and well now, here we are ๐Ÿ˜›. Hope you like it: I know the scythe can't be created but if it can, I'd be more than happy to design weapons for the other classes, other than defender, and even a version for the Cyberblade. And again, sorry for the late entry :3
  14. You're just agreeing with me. There are plenty of people who have about 2 hours per day to play. Being a guild leader, i'm seeing countless of those people complaining about simple stuff like Monster Stones (that takes hours to level up, even if you give up farming gold and doing more productive stuff) Not everyone can sit for a whole week and spend 6hrs+ testing random stuff for nothing. If someone can spread knowledge to help the community growing, why not doing it? At some point, you'll have your gears, and look around to see a dead server because people just decided to leave. Be aware of that.
  15. You totally wrong , do u think we did first run in 1h or so? we spend many days entrances to read and learn these mechanics and with this just helping these lazy than doesn't wanna read all whole dng.
  16. Creating a gap between a small group of players and the rest of the players will just help killing the server. Most of the community doesn't have time to spend 3hr+ just to figure out some boss mechanics, considering it already has a gear and mechanical threshold, it doesn't make sense to just hide it for everyone. Don't be afraid to lose the event, your party is still the fastest at the moment and I doubt anyone can beat it unless they can gear up with the very DS equipment.
  17. I think bash misinterpreted the spirit of the comment he quoted. It's sort of boring because a lot of the raid you spend standing and waiting, without feeling like you're making progress at killing the boss. Erenias are somehow a lot of fun and Zenas too, and all the standard raids, which I think is because of the large map where everyone is running and achieving some sort of goal, and then seeing the boss health bar get reduced. But what sets Erenia and Zenas apart from the rest is that you know you only have to commit to an hour, whereas the other raids you commit to 15 raids and that can take 2:30 hours and that just feels bad I think. Regarding the raid itself: maybe instead of 7 waves of dodging dragons, you could reduce it and give an active part. maybe a cursed penguin that you have to kill to bring back Pete O Peng, while he shoots dragons at you and you have to dodge the dragon phase. Or you can continuously attack Pete O Peng while he shoots dragons. Playing Holy to me has been a lot more active and less boring than pirate because you press the button more often to do something.
  18. The demons summoned through the skill Demon Summon (Vin Riddick, Gass Kyle and Howie Jobin) are stuck at level 80 regardless of skill level. However Rage Kage (Ruthless Ruler) is the same level its corresponding skill.
  19. Ty @Bash we appreciate your effort alt+d
  20. This post isnt make for skill "restoration". It's just u mentioned it.
  21. imaiya


    When I log into my account I can even choose the server but the character choices are locked, and on the same computer in another account I can log in perfectly. By imaiya
  22. ย โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’— ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿงก

  23. id be interested in seeing an Uzuriel from Aura Kingdom pet i dont know what prays and skills could go on it but id like to see one if you could
  24. Bash

    Patch v40

    General Changes: - The following stat has had a rework: - "Sales" type items will now give 80% of the gold when sold to an NPC. - Amulet of Greed has been made tradeable. In the future other Event related Trophies will be made tradeable. NOTE: You will not gain the Title by trading this item, it is only obtained when gaining the item from the Raidbox. - Added "Farm Claim" item to the game. New item being added to the Mystery Box common item pool. This item can be used to mark a Raidbox as "Farmed" which, will allow you to reap the benefits of the Amulet of Greed stats further. NOTE: The same rules apply, if you've marked an item as Farmed use it soon as you've done it as trading, dropping, relogging etc will remove the flag. - Whenever the new Amulet of Greed gifts you an extra item from a Raidbox an effect will appear. - Modified the text from when you gain an extra item from a Raidbox. - Added "Trophy" category in the Equipment category of NosBazaar. - Slightly increased the Minor Trophy rate when you have Amulet of Greed equipped. - Added Spiky Hair Box to the game. NosMall Changes: - Updated Mystery Box common items: NOTE: The addition of items will not affect Mystery Box rates at all. - Added Cuarry Bank Debit Card. Bug Fixes: - Fixed Titles that went missing. - Fixed a bug where if you dropped an item the "You Farmed" status would remain on the item.
  25. Why updater is infected by virus ?
  26. i joined some pirate raids, and i used to go to left side of ship i did not have dragon effects to much, i do think boss buff them. how ever, nostale vendetta is amazing server, best place i ever had fun, but lets please not change much on old things and instead of that think about create new things for game to make it more fun. (dont take it personal or self care when you think about something). Remember Games is not for lazy people. lazy people need popcorns and a movie not online game.
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