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    This month is just getting started and we've been blessed to grind stuffs like this like crazy, I've been thinking it would be a waste to let all the stuffs we hoard sit in our warehouse to rot and all the gears we max out if we will have no use for it, so I came up with an idea! After Halloween and Christmas Events maybe it is a good time, since almost everyone will have maxed out toons, to have a PVP event. Yes! a PVP event Rules are simple! First, we will be having an open qualifier that allows everyone to join, it has a lower and an upper bracket so people will have more chance to be qualified, after filtering out the qualifiers, normally we will be needing at least 24 people for the Tournament, Best of the Best! 1 v 1 and 6 v 6 tournament! It will have 2 separate branches A and B that will end up branching out together every win you move 1 stage up, 3 loss will kick you out of the tournament. After the qualifiers, the tournament will be planned out ahead and selectively to pit in players together that might be a great match up in both branches, A would be upper bracket and B will be the lower bracket. Special rules 1 v 1: If a match is SW vs SW both will be given detection buffs for obvious reasons You will be encouraged to bring skill reset codes so you can switch builds in between your battles, the match up will be announced ahead of time and each player will be given 10 mins to prepare. In case of a tank vs tank where no one is dying, we will give them a time limit and the player that has the highest HP percentage wins Special rules 6 v 6: People are not allowed to have more than 1 of each class, cant have 2 ME, 2 WH, 2 SW or any 2 of the same class You can pick out your team mate and you will need to submit your line up ahead of time so people cant switch out. In case 1 of the members wont make it teams will face 2 choices: Forfeit or Fight with less members. You are also encouraged to bring reset skill codes. Prizes: There are no prizes! but only to be herald as the best 1 v 1 player or the best 6 players in the game! but it would be nice if we can have titles that they can wear so everyone will know and remember, the best player that ever existed in VSB! If successful it might be a good tradition to held this yearly so no person can hold such prestigious title for himself, champions are automatically be seeded to the finals and wont be needing to compete. PVP Event will be announced 1 or 2 months so people can prepare and have time to hone their skills! Other event ideas! Class Guide creating contest with a fixed format so it will be easy to read! Availability: ASAP - Only the winner entry will be posted for each class winners will have pet skin preferably world bosses: Titan, DVK, Phyton, Giant etc. Spy Quest that drops keys, keys can be used to enter a dungeon that drops Jewel SG and Jewel boxes! Availability: Dec 1 - 20 Christmas gift! An NPC(Santa) that sells unique costumes weapon and armor and unique mechs at mereholt for 10k gold - this will help normalize the gold inflation and at the same time give people stuffs they want to buy, a little Christmas gift from Vivi to the players - Availability: Dec 20 - 31
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    @GoddessSand Dude! A Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) would be nice if you're going to be making these essays. There are those who don't have to patience to read through all of it when there are many others to look through along with many other things to worry about. There is a reason there are people who just provide short, clear, and concise answers to decision makers first and then the justifications..
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    yea was 18m,anything more than the current 16m would be good,feels super short,i know u said u had to adjust this still,as for the others if anything can get done would be appreciated,like pepper said its really annoying for whs rn.
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    Just to point out E17 and F17 cells on SW tab of daddy's skill calc have wrong formulas. Also the value for cell F21 shud be 4 not 14. Just in case some of ya didn notice it. So I've been using daddy's calc and skill guide, sittin here for hours, crunching the math, tryin to come up with viable chakra build for my SW. Came into conclusion that it's still not worth goin full chakra. I have mixed feelings for the split of our debuff. Void Slash, if maxed, is basically the twin half of Shadow Strike. Odd thing is the 8 seconds cooldown at lv1 and 30sec at lv max. So it's a choice between a round-the-clock minor debuff or a 30sec interval for full debuff. Now that's multi layer split. And by split I wish it could instead have been Shadow Strike for full Void and Def debuff and Void Slash for full Crit-Void and Ch-Res debuff. SE got additional 8 points detection from Skirting Disaster. No improvement on our concealment abilities. Great! SE had more than enough detection before the patch if only they were willing to invest in detection passive. Now I'mma go ragequit! jus kiddin
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    For SE: I think its better to combine the effects of hex, exhaust and subjugate into one skill. It takes too much time to debuff a target with 3 skills. I think inner sight could provide a small accuracy bonus or transfer the accuracy bonus of light speed to inner sight instead.
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    https://mega.nz/#!Zd8DhIJB!M7uvQjObQFzamFnh31iCWv0IJlFc-BfV4e0eUrG8AQ0 Alternate download provided by Zincite if this is what you need.