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  1. make gears/crafting materials drop exclusively via pvp. We can make dog tags level 66 up as crafting materials for gears and whatnot. Personally I prefer a smaller pvp map like caergate. not much effects so it will also work on older pc. Make the hourly escort/attack missions active by giving crating materials for new gears or something that will interest a lot of peeps. Lower the drop rate across the board. Increase gear refinement to +15 to encourage game activity. New materials should be used from +13 to +15 and make sure the chance for success s low. Make use of some unused slots in the game in the form of new gears etc. No rp from npc or if possible a new form of rp that is exclusively obtained from PK These are the things I can think of that can encourage new activity and is a sort of a soft reboot for the game. The current obsession of making things super balanced in terms of gears and super duper loot drops is not really working in terms of keeping the game and interest alive. Aeria maybe asshats, but what they did in terms of scarcity of gears and drops kept it alive for years.
  2. IGN: cabbit i wish for unique eva rank 2 jewel
  3. what the hell! I bought the 13k lingerie (SE) because of the eva stats now they changed it to acc and crit rate. This is bullshit! I also ancient spanner this shit
  4. So I tried switching out my ch% jewels for the ch flat ones and I think it really gives more damage or at the very least are at par with the ch% ones. Mobs and bosses do go down faster.
  5. Oh so more or less its the same for higer level caps for both types of jewels. depends also on the class I guess
  6. Is still still the case that ch atk will always be better to ch% jewels even if you are full ch accessories and gears?
  7. shhh... apparently to these admins, pvp is such a dirty word
  8. Well at this point of the game. What you gotta loose? Anyways its your server and its a suggestion to extend its life. Sad to see this game go.
  9. Other than restarting the server all over again, one of the ways that we can still save the game is to please please please make the next level/patch/gear upgrade materials available ONLY tru PVP battlegrounds. This has been suggested multiple times already but I don't understand the obsession of the VGN team with perceived fairness and their hesitation to implement this. No matter what you guys do, things will never be fair and balanced for everyone. You must understand this. I know you want to attract new players, but please not at the expense of old players. The new 55 mech is so easy to get and the things you can do with dog tags and battleground medals are meh at best. I don't know what I can say that has never been suggested here over the years. It's just sad to see the state the game is right now. SB is made for PVP so please make the materials exclusively trough PVP.
  10. Yeah, that's my problem with vsb. You can get things so very easily now nothing is worth anything anymore. They are so obsessed with making things 'fair' for everyone that the game is now super boring even with the addition of all the new stuff which you can get very very very easily. If we want an even level playing field then we will just play RTS games like DOTA or mobile legends and not an MMORPG like SB that is designed for grinding and spending. The old ASB maybe money grubbing asshats but it's really way more fun during their time because of the scarcity of gears where a uni drop is one hell of reason to jump up from your seat and shout for joy! not like the rain of uniques we are having now. I am afraid with the way things are, vsb will not be open for long. Too bad I like the new content. They just made it so damn easy to get, all in the name of 'fairness' which you really shouldn't do for a game that's not designed for it. Just restart the server and gradually increase the level cap. Make the drop rates the same during asb.
  11. I am all for balancing stuff, but I just wish there would be something you cannot grind for that can only be obtained by spending vgn points on. Like those stats in equipment aeria used to give. Nothing that is game breaking ofcourse but a little edge to encourage a bit of spending.
  12. How about level 25 major mechs? It will keep this cap busy. Materials could be acquired from battlegrounds or titan.
  13. It would be nice if the new pvp gear materials in the next level cap can only be exclusively obtained through pvp battle grounds or we can use dogtags as crafting materials for the new pvp gears.
  14. For SE: I think its better to combine the effects of hex, exhaust and subjugate into one skill. It takes too much time to debuff a target with 3 skills. I think inner sight could provide a small accuracy bonus or transfer the accuracy bonus of light speed to inner sight instead.
  15. @Vivi For your consideration please.
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