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  1. Understood, but then these Crisis Vial Drops are worthless. Completely worthless, really as some are completely NT and can't even be sold to the Item Merchant and the ones that can be sold to the Item merchant sell for 1 Bronze each. And of course, as I said above, using one of the broken Crisis Vials sets off the cooldown for the Rapid Regen Vial AND at the longer cooldown time of the Crisis Vial. It makes no sense to even use them. The Rapid Regen gives more HP and SP over its 10 seconds and is through cooldown in 10 seconds How about this: make the L50 Crisis Vial Drops which do seem to work but do not drop in anywhere near the numbers of the Broken L60 Crisis Vials-because they are L50 and I'm not in L50 areas and only get them from L50 NPCs and bosses-drop more frequently and in more areas frequented by L60+ players. Something.
  2. Nova, any idea when exactly it might be offered? At an upcoming event or through an NPC, in a similar manner to the bikes offered for gold through the bike salesman in Enocia Base?
  3. Would it be possible to make an outfit like the one that that NPC with the dark hair has? (Above pictures.) That colour-scheme or something similar? It's basically a semi-translucent silk body suit/cat suit, so just apply colours to the bodies of each Arkana Class?
  4. Could I please get some sort of response from a GM or GS? No, this isn't end of the world stuff but the only Crisis Vials that seem to work properly are from the Vending machines and those cost Team, Valour, Gold or Silver Medals. Thank you.
  5. If you're still looking, my advice, ask players in game. Not just one whipper but several. (Also, I'm pretty sure there are builds here in forums somewhere and also a Skill Simulator.) You'll have to take any advice with a grain of salt as no one agrees on ANYTHING except that spending Skill Points on SP Passive is a waste of time. Personally, I don't use the left-most column and tend toward a hybrid DPS/Tank. Tanks are high HP but often do little damage and High DPS Whips are often really low in survivability and don't last. Take your time and decide what's right for you. Good luck.
  6. Have to pay more attention to the CB's Animations. I never noticed any particular lagginess with them, although in the middle of PvP is not always the best time for such observations. : D
  7. Would it be possible to fix or at least look into the newer HP and SP Crisis hypovials, Levels 50 & 60? Some of them activate the Rapid Regen Hypovials' Cooldown when the Crisis Hypovials themselves are used. This pretty much makes the Crisis Hypovials useless as the HP or SP Stat return, especially for HP is better with the Rapid Regen Hypovials if only one, Rapid Regen or Crisis, can be used. Though both have been usable simultaneously in the past. The L60 HP Crisis Hypovial gives a flat "emergency" boost of 3500 HP with a 20 second cooldown. The L65 HP Rapid Regen Hypovials purchased at the item Merchant gives 2200/1170 HP per tick for 10 seconds for 11,000/5850 HP Resting/Combat with a 10 second cooldown These newer Crisis Hypovials that are dropping are setting off the cooldown for the HP Rapid Regen Hypovials, without the HP Boost from the Rapid Regen Hypovial and the Rapid Regen Hypovials are then locked out for the longer 20 second cooldown of the HP Crisis Hypovials. L60 SP Crisis Hypovials have the same 10 second cooldown as the purchased L65 SP Rapid Regen Hypovials BUT Using the SP Crisis Hypovial does set off the SP Rapid Regen Cooldown, locking it out for that 10 seconds. This activation of the cooldown of Rapid Regen Hypovials seems true of all the new HP and SP Crisis Hypovials, Level 60. The Crisis Hypovials that you can buy with Team Medals at the Vending Machines still function without activating the cooldown of the Rapid Regen Hypovials and locking them out for the Crisis' longer cooldown. I don't have any Silver, Gold or Valour Medals to check the Hypovials at those vending machines. (Not sure about the Crisis Hypovials that drop in Al Kasava.) (Additional: L50 SP Crisis Hypovials do NOT set off the cooldown for SP Rapid Regen Hypovials BUT these Crisis Hypovials do have a 20 second Cooldown unlike the L60 SP Crisis Hypovial's 10 second Cooldown. I do not have any L50 HP Crisis Hypovials to test at the moment.)
  8. This. He said it better than I could. Whippers have ONE iconic attack-and ASB gave that to CBs, so we don't even have that exclusively-and players who want it easy seem to be constantly looking for ways to make other classes weaker. Whippers tank poorly, (Unless they focus on just doing that, then they have the hitting power of a sleepy kitten.), they DPS poorly, they're slow and can't close the distance with any dangerous class, EXCEPT with the Hook and you want to nerf that. You already screwed up Hook and Sinker II with the awkward addition of needing to move the mouse over a target that is already targeted and click on it after activating the skill. And don't tell me about the "awesome" Mech Speed Buff. There's a second delay in which your mech comes to a complete stop when you activate that skill and it still can't chase down most speed classes.
  9. "I feel like some players don't play their DE right. I go in and atk the ME and bam stunned by DE and the ME lives. Though I am for altering some of the skills of the DE, I just don't think it's very fair that DEs and WHs with all their tankiness can kill players who are DPS class faster than DPS class can kill DPS class. Yes, there are players who can, there are some who can't, but I've easily died to tanks being unable to do anything even while buffed." It's not fair to say that ALL Whippers or ALL Defenders fall into this class of players: "DEs and WHs with all their tankiness can kill players who are DPS class faster than DPS class can kill DPS class." That just ends up with players demanding ALL of that class being nerfed, regardless that there are only a few who can do what you say. Similar to saying that because a couple of Whippers can max their Accuracy we need to nerf the much lower accuracy of all the other Whippers too. Here's a thought regarding the high Accuracy of some outlying players: Nerf the top end of ALL stats. WHY should anyone have 250+ Accuracy or Ch-Accuracy? So, they can overcome the ridiculously high Stats of other Classes? Lower the Maxes of those Stats commensurately as well.
  10. Well it is true that some aspects of lower levels are growing fainter and fainter for those of us who mostly only ever had one main and no alts. (Norleras was responding to a comment by the Original Poster, nibblez, that was not included in my original reply: "Some of you veteran players have been playing so long that you probably can't even relate.")
  11. I would say to try several classes-advice I have not taken! That way you can decide which ones best suit your play style, personal preferences and personality. You can power-level with the help of a guild but I would say to take your time or at the least have one character go a bit slowly. If you level too fast, you end up with a ton of lower level Main Quests to do and a few will be locked out, as in L23-29 quests in Caergate which are inaccessible after L30 as that area is PvP and only open to L29 down to L23. Same for Viledon which is a PvP Area only open to Levels 30-39. Maybe level up to L29, stop and complete all quests, then level to L39 stop and catch up on quests, if you feel the need to speed up the process. Newbs are welcome. Beware the Gamer Troll, apparently evident in all games. It is a small community. Do all the Main Quests, the Side Quests mostly. The lower levels up to L19 are PvE-oriented. Open-World PvP begins in Caergate. Beware the CaerBear! Try a bit of everything, PvE, Dungeons, open-world PvP, scheduled battles, when you can get in them. there will be some players at L29, L39, L49, L59, (These are the top levels in PvP Open-Worlds: Caergate, Viledon, Nemesis, Ellis.) But many players are in Amara, End game, up to Level 65, plus Suer and Dragon Valley. The lower-level PvE Areas are level-immaterial: Enocia, Mereholt, Barbiron, Scylla, (Although Scylla has a debuff for higher level players.). Ellis is PvE/PvP, so L60+ is locked out of there also.
  12. Not convinced they're all Alts but that fits the "I can't be bothered to ever help anyone." Narrative.
  13. Crashing out of the second level of the new dungeon several times, so not only losing that time but as I need a key to get in the second level in the first place, I have to go back through the first level AGAIN. And the drops in the first level are terrible. Not everyone is a SW who can just ghost by all the minions to get the boss for the key to the second level.