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  1. Been on VSB for quite some time. I don't have all Unique Rank 2 Jewels. I have 3 Unique Ch-Evas, (Mostly because they were cheap. ), as well as 4 Unique Crit Rates but also 5 Rare Crit-ATKs and 9 Rare Crit-Voids. The Rank 1 Uniques for the most desired jewels, Crit-ATK, Crit-Void, etc., are pretty expensive/rare to get as loot, add on a Fusion Safeguard to those four Unique Rank 1 Jewels and it's easily well over 20K to make one. Or do it without the Fusion Safeguard and expect to have to try multiple times often for more gold than if you sprung for the FS in the first place.
  2. The game has a small population, so if you need WoW level constant chatter, this may not be for you at the beginning levels. There are more players at endgame, but also some in the lower level PvP, (Player versus Player), Zones. Enocia is the basic level, for PvE, Player versus Environment. As has been said, it is relatively easy to do the quests, Main and Side, level up, learn your Class, get a pet, a bike, a Mech and Cyberskin, maybe join a few of the regularly scheduled battles and then move on to the next levels in Caergate, L23-29, the first PvP Zone, and Mereholt, L20-29, the next PvE Zone. (All player levels may visit all the various PvE Zones, although if a higher level player is stalking you, killing your targets to keep you from earning experience, loot, bronze and silver, let someone know.) You'll often see players congregating at Mereholt Base in Mereholt as it is a crossroads of sorts to other areas. After Enocia, there is typically a corresponding PvP Area with each new PvE Zone: Mereholt, 20-29, (PvE), Caergate, 23-29, (PvP)/ Barbiron, 30-39, (PvE), Viledon, 30-39, (PvP)/ Scylla, 40-49, (PvE), Nemesis, 40-49, (PvP)/ Ellis, 50-59, (Serves as both PvE andPvP Zones.)/ Dragon Vally, (PvE), and Amara, (PvP), for endgame players, L60+. There is a Nemesis version 2 for players at L50+ but there is NO auto-travel, nor are there bosses, so do most of the quests in the Nemesis version 1, which is for levels 40-49. Version 2 is a safe place to get four 30 minute buffs for use in dungeons and PvP and to do missed quests. As I said, PvE Zones are open to all. However be sure to pause at Levels 29, 39, 49, 59 to make sure you have done all the quests needed in each PvP Zone because once you level out, you can't go back. (Nemesis v.2 was created for players who had leveled to 50 before completing a couple of very important quests that give skill points.) Suer, a base between Mereholt and Dragon Valley is open to a lot of levels, not sure how low. I believe Amara, the endgame PvP Zone is open to lower than L60 but again, I do not recall at the moment. The only P2W items, as far as I am aware, are purchased pets, pet datachips, (The datachips confer attack and defense skills, etc., to the player and fetch capabilities to the pet among other things.), extra warehouses and backpacks. Although they ARE all sold ingame in Consignment, they often cost a lot of gold. If at all possible, buy a good pet as soon as possible as they give the player extra HP and SP as the pet itself levels, whereas the free pet gives less. Both types earn pet datachip slots as the pets level up. Most PvP Areas give a bit of experience to the pets while they are summoned. Even while you are AFK. You'll sometimes see players just standing around in bases. They're likely leveling pets. There is a specialty zone accessible from Mereholt Base called the Delilah Lounge, as well as the VIP Room within the DL which give extra experience to pets. You can stay in there for 9 hours or stay for just under 9 hours, relog and stay another 9 hours if you plan to be AFK a long time. A fully leveled pet, (L40), with the Pet Datachip Slots is important. So, be aware of his experience gains and fullness. You can live without extra warehouses and bags though it can be a pain in dungeons but a good pet should be bought fairly early and plan to get the most useful Pet Datachips as you level him. That is enough to start-Perhaps too much! -so good luck and if a Free Knight, my name is MichelleZ ingame.
  3. Endgame players are constantly asking for Unique Scanners. The Acheron used to drop those but endgame players can't enter Ellis, so that's out. Perhaps add that to Smog or another boss or two at endgame? Fusion Safeguards would also be an appealing item. A lot of endgame players can't get the Unique Rank 2 Jewels because the failure right is high, (50-50 does NOT mean if you fail at first you are guaranteed to succeed the second time, or anytime.), and the cost is pretty outrageous, regardless: 10-15,000 for a fusion safeguard in the AH and 4 Unique Rank 1 Jewels are often 12-16,000 for 4 of the more desirable Jewels, such as Crit-Void and Crit-ATK. Possibly make the level a bit lower for lower level players. Level 70 boss, I see-and hear-a LOT of misses by players, skills not working and that's L65 players. Lower the HP. 25,000,000 takes a decent amount of time if there is only one team or just a few players attacking it and takes forever if it's only lower level players. I get that it's primarily for endgame players but anyone at L30 can wander through there, so it should be possible. Control the amount of loot taken, if adding Unique Scanners, Fusion Safeguards or weakening the boss make it too appealing, by spawning it less often.
  4. I always have Settings at their lowest BUT slide the Character % option to 100%. Leaving the Character Setting low, I seem to get way too many surprises. RGs who are not SWs appearing out of nowhere. On my somewhat older compy, it seems that enemy PCs don't show until they are very close-suddenly appearing when within 20 metres of me-and already in range at 0, Character % Option. It is possible that it works better on a newer compy, if you are able to use higher overall settings. But for me, in PvP, any settings above the lowest and the game/my compy freeze up in RG Base in Al Kasava or almost anytime around more than a 5-6 enemies and 5-6 friendlies. So, I tend to use lowest settings as a default and in my own experience, leaving the Character Setting low just means I can't see RGs until it is often too late to do anything, so 100% Character to be able to see the opposition far enough out to react to them.
  5. Welcome. (Any questions, feel free to ask here, or ingame if a Free Knight.)
  6. Most bases, as you progress in level, have the Vending machines: Silver Medal Vending machine, Gold Medal Vending machine, etc. Minus Enocia Base, each level will have access to the vending machines, minus Amara, the endgame PvP Zone. There are also vending machines in the Delilah Lounge in Mereholt Base as has been mentioned. 50 silver to enter the main lounge, it's a safe place to level your pet while AFK. As to dungeons, I may be a bit more conservative than most, playing it safe, but whenever I saw a dungeon, I would check the minimum level required to enter and add two levels to that before I would expect to be fully successful solo'ing a dungeon. (A good team can carry one weaker player.)
  7. Generally speaking, just shout in game. It might take some time, depending on who is on at a given time and whether a guild has players on who are authorized to extend an invite to their particular guild. Around 6-8 P.M. Paris Time/12-2 P.M. Eastern Time, U.S. is a good time to ask as are weekends, especially early evenings in Europe and mornings in the U.S. Good luck.
  8. No changes, still not worth the time it takes for the measly drops at the final boss. Speaking only of the drops that are actually worth picking up. (If this is too long for you, the preceding covers it, mostly.) Bottom-level NPCs have too much HP. 170,000 is too high, considering their numbers. (Even after destroying those temple relics.) As Tropical wrote, the ArchBishops heal too much and there are way too many stuns. If you get more than a few of the mobs together, stuns land about every other skill use. So, hit them once, wait out the stun, while they heal and then hit them again, get stunned. Wheeee! Seems like the people testing this dungeon did it with the classes that have very high Eva and Void. Or they have unusually high stats, multiple sets of gear, etc. The dungeon should be challenging but not limited to certain classes, builds, gear sets or players. Mini-bosses at 320,000 HP are too strong considering they drop nothing, ESPECIALLY when these mini-bosses are accompanied either by the Perma-Stun Guards, Always Healing Bishops or Never-Miss-a-Pull Assassins. No mob or mini-boss drops anything worth picking up aside from the Crisis Vials. Mini-bosses are especially disappointing. they drop even less than mobs most times. Big bosses are just tedious. One-in-a-million chance at a Unique Ancient Jewel or Unique Rank One Jewell isn't really worth it. Claws, talons, miscellaneous trash and pots get tossed first but if ONE Epoxy Glue, Shard or Scrap actually dropped from a boss other than the final boss and I had no room in my bags, those jewels would get tossed. The whole thing is just tedious. I get that certain players/classes just rush through there but I'm going through entire hypovial buffs easily. For ONE good drop at the final boss. And the Secret Room's not dropping much of anything either. Some people like the sameness of running a dungeon over and over. I don't and certainly not considering the time involved or the reward. The patch was supposed to create interest and excitement but you've made the absolute be-all, end-all for the majority of players the collecting of Glue, Shards and Scraps so players can get the new shiny, the Major Mechs and Major Cyberskins. It's ONLY exciting if those things are seen to drop in a fair and equitable manner. I do not care that so-and-so has 200 of each. Already commented on the Favoured Ones™ who run the dungeon in 15 minutes getting what they want and then putting their leftovers in the AH permanently at 30K for one jewel, as an example, totally not meaning anyone./s Solo is meh and I do a team run and somehow all drops go to the same players. I get aggro and end up stunned at the last second and am unable to move, so no drops-thanks for the Aggro, Yay-or maybe it's just "bad luck" as 11 Tartarus Cards, Glues, Shards and Scraps drop and 9 of them go to the same two players out of 6 in a team. In dungeon or against field bosses. And again, if the only thing that matters is those 3 things, and they pretty much are the main things if you EVER want the mech and skin-and thanks so much to the GS whose sage advice was to just give up and wait a few weeks and buy the mats or the mechs and skins then when no one cares and leaves. (You know, with the imaginary gold I'm not getting cause stuff isn't dropping and my time is spent on bosses and dungeons that drop squat.) TL;DR? Tartarus is too long for the reward and it's not fun. Any "excitement" has drained away with the discovery that this'll be like every other "upgrade": Certain people will have the advantage, the loot and then drops will be nerfed because "it was too easy for them." but hey, you'll be able to buy the mech for 99K from the usual Consignment Thieves, so it's all good.
  9. BLUF: Takes too long for the reward. (Check the TL;DR below.) The dungeon is just too long. Too many NPCs. The NPCs all seem to have too much HP, stuns, stuns, stuns and enough of the NPCs heal that it makes it impossible for me to rush through because when I stop at a boss or mini-boss, I'll have a bunch of NPCs catching up and stunning me every second and enough other NPCs healing any damage I do to the point that I'm just standing still trying to survive or being in mech non-stop. Taking it slow, TAKES TOO LONG. I don't know, maybe SWs just waltz through and get the bosses without having to wade through useless hordes and DPS: PUs, SEs, CBs, just melt them all quickly. Still doesn't help anyone running solo without those advantages. Yes, I am AoE but I'm seeing a lot of misses and gentle love taps on these NPCs. 300,000 HP for a mini-boss in the long hallway with rooms to the right and to the left that drops nothing is too much. Yes, skip them, I know but then WHAT IS THE POINT? The little NPCs drop trash. Literal trash. Do they HAVE to drop claws, femurs, etc.? Almost rather they dropped nothing if it's just space-wasters. Crisis Vials ARE good. Thank you. Unless the mini-bosses/bosses are dropping Rank 2 Jewels it's mostly trash. I don't want Rare Rank 1 Jewels and based on the AH, no one else does either. Maybe drop some Fusion Safeguards, so I can make my own Rank 2 and Unique Rank 2 Jewels? There have been a few BluePrints, 👍, so why not a few Fusion Safeguards? The Ancient Jewels are the same. Over 50 replicubes and one unique. Can't upgrade them, so they're basically trash. Even if they are tradeable-enough stuff shows up as NT and unstackable-the AH says Rare Ancients are not in great demand. Not seeing masses of gold others allege either. I can run DMHM multiple times on ONE 30 minute Luck Buff from Nemesis v.2 and get more gold. I can run DMHM, 2-3 times, go back to Nemesis v.2, get the buffs again and run it 2 more times before my 60 minute hypovials run out. Meanwhile, I'm still doing ONE run of this thing and the hypovials have long since run out. Truly it is Tartarus, a dungeon of torment and suffering. It takes too long. It seems like some of the semi-big bosses drop even less than the mini-bosses. That boss in the room with the columns of light drops squat. Nothing in the final maze drops anything, really and the big boss drops about 1 Shard OR Scrap a time. Need 50 of each for the Mech and the Skin, so around 100 PAINFUL runs of anywhere from just under an hour to way over an hour. There's no portal out from the Big Boss's room. There's no portal out of the hidden room. Not a lot of reason to go there anyway. One jewel you can't sell. (Seriously, anyone actually needs rare ancients, rare lingerie jewels and rare rank one jewels, I'm your gal. FREE if I have the one you want.) Takes too long for the reward. What I wouldn't give for class-specific dungeons but I know that's not happening. Pretty telling that there is a topic in forums asking for fastest times. Don't bother if you can't beat about 14 minutes. Not talking about team easy mode. No, hard mode solo. And I'm talking here about solo easy mode. Hard mode, figure about 150% time taken when I do it. Team mode, I never get any of the best stuff, so I only do that if specifically asked by players who can't solo it and just need a body for a team run. Can't even imagine how long it'd take me to do hard mode. I just don't have the energy. School, gym, real life, fun sometimes too, one run and I'm done. Same Favoured Ones®-don't try to steal that, that's mine. Registered.-getting the drops in and out of dungeons and as soon as they get what they want, the drops'll be nerfed and the rest'll be stuck paying exorbitant fees for Favoured Ones'® excess drops if you can pay. (Similar to how there have been 18 Unique, Rank 2, Crit-ATK Jewels in the AH for "only" 30K each for over 5 months. One or two players just using the AH for a warehouse.) TL;DR: Takes too long for the reward.
  10. The dungeon takes too long for the reward. That's really it. A couple of the bosses seem to take no damage for stretches and I can not see why. No debuffs showing or NPC Medics hanging around. Bosses reset a few times on random Hooks which is awesome. Takes too long. As long as the time a hypovial lasts or as others said, so long they ran out of pots. "Tanking" works but good lord, I'm not taking 2 hours on this for ONE Shard or NO Shards or Scraps.
  11. I don't like that some NPCs show up as bright red in a PvP Zone, (Amara). They look like the other faction at first glance. That one boss at mid of Amara, closer to the FKs' Base, that has the BRIGHT Yellow Glare needs to go. 1 FPS or freeze or DC. (If it has not already been addressed.) Are these field bosses FFA or just DPS-based? The drops are not very good if FFA. I refer specifially to any drops of Tartarus Passcards, Epoxy Glue, Scraps and Shards. (I don't use a Fetch Chip in PvP Zones, generally, so they could be FFA and I'd never notice half the time.) The dungeon takes too long. That's really it. A couple of the bosses seem to take no damage for stretches and I can not see why. No debuffs showing or NPC Medics hanging around. Bosses reset a few times on random Hooks. Kind of a penalty on Whippers. Takes too long. Longer than the time a hypovial lasts. "Tanking" works but good lord, I'm not taking 2 hours on this. There are not nearly enough Shards and Scraps for crafting. Regardless of any pro-looter, dungeon-running bot* who has gotten the mech. I don't need to get them that fast but multiple field bosses, battles and dungeon runs for ONE Shard, total, is SO de-motivating. Not much point in helping if the most coveted things only drop occasionally and only ever to the same players, seemingly. *Not making accusatons, that's a joke. But how did anyone have the passcards to even run that dungeon enough times to get the crafting materials if the Scraps and Shards only seem to fall there?
  12. Thank you for the response, Daddy.
  13. Any chance the final data chip slot for pets, Number Twelve, will be opened or the Pet Datachip Slot Expansion Item will be brought back?
  14. Have to necro this and agree with BBSB. EVERY time I get a new computer, this fails to work, to the point I am using a 6 and a half year old potato-powered computer for VSB despite having a perfectly good, brand new compy.