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  1. Hello and WELCOME to SB and VNG. Hope your stay is lovely and if you'd wish to join a chatty community of active SB players, I run a server on Discord. So feel free to message me. ~
  2. That tbh would be amazing. Love the idea.
  3. The big PP (Power Push) Tower... : v
  4. People can go enchance in non pvp zones. PvP zone should be PvP zone. I'd be super down for guards to not be a bother anymore. Or at least, like it was said before, make them a burden, like Ellis!
  5. That's quiet sad, but thank you for letting us know Vivi. Hope people learn at least a slight glimpse of respect when it comes to Wanteds. Don't like seeing friends upset. : /
  6. It's funny how some people who already were the ones abusing system try to voice it as if they are innocent and WANTEDS is just a nice achievement thing. But I am not gonna point out names or who do that. But WANTED abuse system gotta be stopped. Fully agree with what @Beausaid. WANTEDS for like 5% are for achievement, and rest is for spite and abuse.
  7. For a very long while nobody uses wanteds for achievements anymore, it's becoming pretty obvious. Best cases would be to make wanteds way more expensive, cd time way longer (in posibility to only place 1 wanted on person per 1 NB), or make the message of wanteds not anonymous anymore, so those who love harassing would be visible.
  8. I hope it's possible to just make ot visible for who puts wanteds. Would insta stop seeing ballsies trying to act cool with wanteds.
  9. I am aware Vivi knows. It was mostly suggestion to change the anonimity of it so people would stop abusing it finally. Sad if it's not possible.
  10. Ayooo. I saw the new rules asserted over Wanted bounties concerning harassment. I have a suggestion and a question: to prevent any sort of harassment - why not just set a "Person 1 has put a Wanted on Person 2" instead of it being anonymous. It'd stop people from putting wanteds on themselves and accusing other players, and it would also stop majority of harassment. This was suggested by few players, so I'm just putting it out there as an idea.
  11. Hi Hi! Welcome to VNG, SB AND Royal Guards! If you ever are in need of any help, you can find me under names of MAIIKA or MEIIKA. I suggest - seek out Inquisitors or Hookers guilds to join, they're best pick on RG side, and if you ever feel lonely, I also run a little server with active SB players on Discord, so you can meet people there that play the game. HAPPY STAY!! xx
  12. It is so sad to see you go, and I've only seen you very few times, but you left a good impression. Please do take good care of yourself, and sure, focus on real life the most and finding your happy spot. And if you ever wanna come back, we'll be waiting. Take care. xx
  13. Being this sensitive and aggressive isn't gonna find you players who'd want to sell you AP. And an AP to Gold NPC would not make sense knowing AP is literally only VNG income and they already don't have enormous playerbase, so I'd go completely against that idea. I still wanna support VNG when I can instead of them falling apart because someone is unable to do that. What you can surely do is be nice to people and talk normally to them, and maybe some AP seller will reveal themselves. Other than that, nobody wants to trade with bums, just so you know.. :c
  14. Best bouncies ever. ; )
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