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  1. hahaha yea right so rg who got numbers can raid zerg fk base with hospital intact lmao ..your hidden intention ez to be read still not smart enough to fool any FK lol .. Hospital is your trump card on every zerg on wars ..but you got GS power to back you up as usual ^_*
  2. I agree with open FC for the sake of pvp balance and I hope those who come to FK side will support pvp more than PVE ..so Welcome to FK side guys :)
  3. use narak + 8 x4 + SafeGuard for enhancing +10 and above recommended .
  4. IGN : SUBJUGATOR I wish for a jewel safe guard
  5. ahem... I wish dmhm materials can craft all level accessories and also can craft uniq jewel rank 1
  6. FC does take effect but not for long ..why ? Because rg got tons of active medics so after few days ppl will go back to rg side for the many active medic protection .. the fact fk start loosing numbers players after their medics inactive aka lacking on OP active medic everyday and rg start growing more and more in numbers while still having tons of active medic on every AK /Bunker even daily bg and amara pvp became zerg once few rg medic appeared this is proves enough that ppl will always go to play on a faction that got plenty active medic daily , fk does got medic atm but not as active and as many rg can summon on important war daily . so @Vivi I'd love to suggest that on AK and NB rg medic being limited to as how many fk medic can join AK and Bunker that day .. as example if fk got only 1 medic online for AK/ Bunker so rg shall have 1 as well this way the minority number of fk can still have chance to kill RGs despite their numbers this way not only rg can have feast of killing but also FKs can have some fun killing despite the result win or loose it wont be boring 1 side slaughter anymore and hopefully will make ballance last long after FC and everyone Happy .. maybe Gs can help keep the medic numbers bothside equal every AK and Bunker by kicking out any overwhelming / inc medic number to make it stay equal on medic number on AK and Bunker thats all for the sake of fair play and fun both RG and FK ..sincerely hope Vivi will take consideration of it ..<3
  7. 1st. even with acc/ ch acc buff on pull + max acc random + max uniq acc jewel rank2 wh still miss on pulling SE and SW especially when they got medic eva /ch eva buff with them not to mention medic and sw can cleanse stuns and debuff on their team mates . 2nd. without stun on hook skill wh can die fast since other class can just stun the wh that pull them + add nasty debuff + use damage buff like miss misery /firing squad / frenzy / photon traps etc to kill the wh in few seconds or stun the wh and run arround fooling arround kill the wh as they please or waiting till wh buff off then finish the wh ..this happens on cap 59..maybe this is their hidden intention by asking nerf..as mele class without speed what can wh do if wh pull always missed ? being fooled arround by other classes speed ? without being able to get closer wh chance of winning is big zero against other classes who got speed buff! 3rd. wh can only be a real threat when they got medic acc/ch acc buff and numerous WHs on battle field but this can only be done by certain faction that got tons active max gear medics and WH's..as for the other faction having very active op medic is like a dream ! so my point here is nerfing wh or any other classes only benefiting certain faction with tons active max gear medic..medic buffs and short cd heals is abomination ,,so the one that kill you after being pulled by wh is dps class that hide behind whippers cos wh must sacrifice all red jewel and random stats tobe ACC meaning they got not enough damage to kill as fast as other classes..and I'm sure most lvl 65 got 2 set gear so stop crying cos wh can only kill fast with the help of zerg and medics buff you wont die by just by the pull alone
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