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  1. Change back NB and AK time new hour to BGS not good too many player end PREJUDICATE PVPS AFTER BGS PLEASE CHANGE TIME BACK
  2. √Renegade δRenegade-Whipper Espector/Substitute LittleShot-Sentinel Espector/Substitute √Renegade-Shadown Walker Espector/Substitute Istared like expctor as good when i invited to one team masive PvP stared... Anyway i want joyn in future in randons teams or to substitute if anyone not go in any team 😊 Viewer
  3. I have a doubt sugestions only for high lvls or i can make any sugestion for lower lvls too? Was a good made something to encourage pvps at lower lvls and not just emphasize high level ones. As maybe new equipment change the custon lvl 60 to be used from lvl 1 too, who knows even by mech major and unic gear to lvl 20-29 if possible 😉
  4. It was a great preriode, to have played by your side as an ally after 4 years of being an enemy, I am even sadder to know that we will have an Arkana less ... Thank you for being with us all this time T-T
  5. IGN: √Renegade Wish a Siberian Pet or Pet Skin
  6. Aways everydays him do this only in TTC but how him do this solo?
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