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  1. Helllo, On the next altar, could you please put the following pets : - Magic Summer Serena ✔️12/24/21 - Robust Summer Serena ✔️12/24/21 Thanks 😄
  2. Hello, I agree with the lvl uping, low level are "harder" to do even with the portal stone for free and all the heritage set etc. It's not hard because mobs kill us, no way this part is really easy. It's hard because most of player have already done all of this, so it's about mental issue LOL. @Jordan, if you ever plan to get a higher lvl than 120, you may think at one another way to exp. Like, starting at lvl 30 and having all classes to 30, and adjusting the Curia Library fame would be already way better, but this is just an idea, I bet we can find some other ideas. I'll take World of Warcraft as example, they used to be lvl 120 cap too, and they reduced it to 60, it's not for nothing, they know it will scare players to play since the level uping would be too long. Of course, here you can't reduce max level, it would be way too much work and tbh I don't see Eden being back to lvl 60 with awaken and so. That's why my idea of starting at higher lvl My choice of lvl 30 and all classes to lvl 30 is based of classes certificate, you get all of them (except DK, Sage and Judge), and it's the start of racial craft, so we still have to farm to get racial craft. Looking for a designed signature, pls help me find one Akyme
  3. Hello, As you all already know, completing the achievement "Master Crafter of Eden Eternal" gives 3 Legendaries Puma (Ice, Amethyst and Flame). Do you think having an "Onyx and Pyrite" version of that Puma (Like Onyx and Pyrite Mirage Dragon from the achievement "Congratulations, Eternal Guardian! ") could be possible ? I don't really imagine how it could look tbh, since it's transluent. But I bet it would be awesome :3 And, if you argue saying that "Master Craft of Eden Eternal" achieve would give more mounts than "Congratulations, Eternal Guardian!", then you can add a Flame Mirage Dragon so it will still give one more :3 + Anyway, most of time, when you complete Master crafter, you also complete Congratulations, Eternal Guardian! For those who already completed this achievement, I think you can make a system like "If title is aquired, then the npc can give this mount" / Or give it by request on ticket but I don't know what would be the less work to develop. Cya, Akyme
  4. Hello, for boxes on Webshop: - Joyful Sakuya-Hime ✔️06/24/21 - Robust Wanderland Alice ✔️06/24/21 Thanks 😄
  5. Hello, For altar again : - Pure Spirit Star Gem (Wis +7%) ✔️05/18/21 - Indigo Blossom Luna Rock (Wis and Lck +3%) ✔️05/18/21 Thanks
  6. Hello, For Boxes : ✔️05/06/21 - Angel Wing Rapier (Legendary) - Angel Rapier (Legendary) - Angel Rapier (Black) - Angel Rapier (Gold) - Angel Rapier (Pink) - Angel Rapier (Red) - Angel Rapier (Silver) For Altar : - Cuckoo for Coconut Chocolate (Legendary) ✔️05/13/21 - Mysterious Black Hoodie (Legendary) ✔️05/25/21
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