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  1. 1 - Create Double time glyph increase (turning glyph into 28 days) (u get randomly glyph class, like awaken one) 2 - Make new class glyph for awakens so we can have ''second'' option of glyphs instead into flat one for some classes. (Exemple:BP one rn increase flame vibrato dmg by 20% and reduce Star of the show by 20% , we could have one that increase area from Dark Metal by 10 meters and increase duration of Melody of Mana by 5 seconds) this one in special is my dream but i would like to see ''physical monster stones'' Around effect like star stones but on ground like this: A bit smaller and make sure it doesn't apply to ''race size'' so people can abuse of light bean gun and crash people or just make huge aura around aven that make us impossible to see anything. Exclusive class costume with 30 days duration. (only thing that make people locked to ''content'' is comestic idea) when PvP horses came out many people spammed 3x3 and TA. when PvP coins came out , arena was active, but costumes was too cheap and now is too easy to get them on TA (which i was a bad idea release that easy but ok its done and nerf now will be bad idea also) make coins have 30 days duration too on hands so people can't stack, and recived mail of reward also leaves in 30 days so people don't save there too. EC/HF/HS isn't something that bring people up, but yes PvP token does and x5 wont be bad and wont be good cuz we can easly farm them on TA but its good for extra method. for 3x3 i really like idea of making Dreadlore lab as 3x3 map, its circle and doesn't have ''colision'' on middle like actual one. Here is my suggestions: 1- Change color of Gems BP's following their bad icons so we can find them easly. 2- Update PoD mobility display on character ui 3- Update it using numbers so we don't need open tab and see our mobility point (We already have some into game files but they are ''item icons'' that can be used ) 4- Make ''Wine Braised Pork Chop'' stackable till 999 , with actual game MP is really annoying keep swaping trophy so we can hold our MP. 5-Update ''Zagdon Potion formula'' on arcane box to x10 or add x10 one (its really useful but takes so long do 1 by 1) 6-Bring us classic update of pot buffs and make move speed one all days pls. (One of Greatest change)
  2. 1- PvE is lined to content, [GM]Jordan usually push mechanics that make us build diferent classes, MDPS and Ranged Rarely and P-DPS in our majority (BM/Beserk/Exec/Assassin/Asura) 2-Chocollat if i'm not wrong is FR guild leader is [GS]Herakles (Doudou) sometimes he uses Aurore. 3-Palace and Quant Mine are best ones is gold amount, but mostly dng gives u around 6-8k per hours (Lv105+) Also Welcome Back to our Fairy World :3
  3. Hi! Recently we got our last content which contains the most logic pve content (bases on mechanic) , and this i can just say how its good. But talking about cosmetic, we usually get other games costumes,mounts,pets. Which is bad for me and some others, since i really dislike how they are, animations looks weird, some are too big or too small, stuff like wings are doesn't looks good on halfkin or zumi. Also we're limited on altar having alot of repeatable items, sadly i have no hope on altars since they always come costumes that i already have or isn't worth buy it. (opnion) Would be nice for future cosmetic patch, get recolors and some prime costumes get into legendary, i see alot of suggestions here , and also have some costumes on classic which could have on awaken server , Some looks like costumes which already exist ingame but have diferent texture which is much better. To finish it, would be nice see them comming to our server, and give us more variety of original costumes models. Tyvm for ur attention ❤️
  4. Usually people don't download links: here's ur SS
  5. TBH i agree with idea of ''troll items'' but it could be converted to at least usefull one, DSR items in general are useless, cuz convert potions aren't that good and mostly already have basic items from there. And yeah 3 of 5 into this isn't troll, is DMG runs , that's like lose ur entrance or ur rewards, too much enfort for nothing. its acceptable system but this one that you got is damm bad.
  6. Since this post is related awaken EE, i'm againt this idea even loving BM's, i've all original mounts that was BM, cuz i like them, and make BM's will force players who like it get it. We already get 185-200% speed into dng , isn't necessary add easier way to speed dng, also there's limit of speed u must have into dng since u need stop to agro all mobs , even using BA.
  7. yep but could u change that to starlight for class costumes? this would be good improve '3'
  8. with old TA was easier to get it, idk now cuz i don't get those anymore, but keep it to elysian is a deal as jordan said, only problem is elysian being dead and some bosses taking so long to die.
  9. Well some classes are hard to push into party, there possibility of mechanics for Conj but this will make ''Exclusive to conj'' and i don't think its healthy force party have 1 class. About M DPS on PvE, is more particular , i play Battlefield Poet on my own dng and just because i like it, i farm with it, and i do all mdps required dng with Battlefield Poet.
  10. Sword art online, Alicization was one of my favorites seasons, just because of armors :3 but 1st Season was my fav one.
  11. Hie, i know i've been off ingame and forum these days, having less time to play. But i would like to suggest something that i miss into Eden Eternal, mostly on awaken. We have small contents during day, pve and pvp, which takes 30min for some of them and 1h for others. i would like to see more contents like i saw into other games these days. We could have open pvp map with limited trophy(could be combo too), spawning different bosses during different days, players can spawn bosses killing legions (like normal legions but a bit buffed), these trophy could have limited time duration, having 1 day and 7 days versions, but never permanent ones. Trophy status: just what i think would be nice to see, More skill buffs on trophy for classes, like world bosses trophy. We could have consumable items too like 5% hp and mp, all status 5%,Status potions (LCK,STR,AGI,INT,WIS) more accessible. I miss a bit contents that bring us ingame for more time. Also would like to suggest new Temple Knight DNG, with new acessories, maybe change a bit them and make them not stackable. Rings -20% resist and for weapon combos would like to see them a bit diferent making all weapons for all combos, and healing/tank status for combos too. Just small things that i wanted to leave here noted :3 Ty for attention ❤️
  12. ingame is correct just class branch name on wiki is wrong. i know is confuse since HS is heal and AoJ dps but that's because VGN reworked them.
  13. was sacarstic. !OLD ED , too much OP, new ED ballanced! and for others idk u know what to do my boy, i know how mimic was annoying and u did nice creating high dot classes to prevent it, same for making shielder more utility than just stand still with debuff items and others. also why unfun? fights vs conjurer are unfun, locking people and doing no dmg is funny
  14. isn't like impossible to fight against, but if AE enemy get free time and decent position, easly 2 skills one person, sometimes i get high dmg. i don't use 1x1 fights vs my guildies as exemple cause 1x1 is diferent from party fight so far. I'm not main ae but Mozzarela, Locsta and Losque are most insane ones that's i've fight against, they could give a better vision of it. during this week try to that , i'll try to bring my boys inside and u can see it, hope Mozza use it to clarify how op its.
  15. cool perfect atk spd has cap so i don't think will be usefull. never for hammer wow this would be super good PLEASE? We've deal boy! this would make me play ED FOOOOOOR SURE, i remember when i played this was SOOOOOO GOOD! humm this, u gimme chills saying that :3
  16. I agree AE is OP as hell. And making other person use same item as enemy isn't balancing, jordan works hard on classes and game content to be balanced, he lose hand on some stuff but get fixed time by time, this will happen to AE when all others classes get excluded from party and added new AE. Disarm kills all his work with classes cause doesn't matter hows OP is this class, Disarm still removing this class utility from party. I don't mind if this proc exist but why need to be so OP that's the point, can't be removed, no immunity and proc when its up already, game have ALOT of cc , why have priority one and major trophy which cancel fully all meele weapons classes.
  17. Okay but above effects have immunity making it not "broken", and for party system pvp those can be removed and disarm cant be, the effect disarm isnt my problem, but how disarm have been apllied to eden is, having debuff with high % chance proc, not removable , with possiblity of actvate when is already up and not afected by immunity is problematic. For others cc's we have a basic counter for disarm we have just death, even running prevent us since it will proc again when fight restart.
  18. Yes AE is dealing too much dmg but kne item being full counter of many other classes make it bad, like mecha doesnt get affected cause is ranged weapon and AE burst mecha dmg. If like its 5% when attack and proc if already is active , it doesnt get down when reaver focus the target, tbh now only solution tonparty is use ae as debuff and insert 4-5 mechas cause other classes doesnt deal dmg. About immunity , sadly it doest have , so we get stucked on this debuff.
  19. Bro u can argue, u're our GM and i've played VS u alot so i know u've base experience, and GM Vision about it would be nice. I agree axe moss and chino during old cap is really nice but now i keep half of TW with this activated, i loved it when i saw but last 2 TW's i've tried without too much lag , took me into disarm for 5 min one and 12 min on yesterday one. I played as healer too and i was self healing my main DPS , literaly all time it was on, we just won fight when was suprise element. but you can argue here don't worry ❤️
  20. Hi guys would like to ask ur opnion about all kind of game disarm (except class ones if any does have) What do you guys think about Axe moss and Crime Badge thing, i've recorded last days and one of my videos have almost 12 min with disarm up. Isn't removable, proc even its up and doesn't have immunity. Having an immunity to most CC give us time to turn back and have chance of fighting. Knock up for exemple is one of our exclusive CC on VGN server, works perfecly and its nice how DS do that, but isn't all time we get it, same for all other Control skills. Actual AE is super OP and easy to play , i agree i get kinda hurt when someone playing that just because it overburst himself, but its class we ok with that since AE have been dead for some time and variety is necessary. Is disarm fair against class reworks? or even new status release like PvE dmg delt or PvP dmg delt? Tell me what you guys think about i'll be happy if many ppl leave their opinion here! Ty for attention bbys, have nice day.
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