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  1. Yesss maaam. Seeing how the medals have played out I can definitely lower it. new title called OTP: -7k void
  2. Tbh I kinda want them to drop maybe rp chips in addition maybe. JUS AN IDEA. Cus Vivi just can’t make some of these amara quests work.
  3. Napalm 24hr cooldown uh I think Vivi mentioned she wouldn’t release permanents due to the loss of income to the server I had a similar idea for that skill point thing lmao. I was just thinking at least for the lvl 48s to just give you a full stack or something. Pet stuff on my radar already 🥰 We can adjust rose for those items yeh since I doubt Vivi wouldn’t want more npc clutter even tho I lov npcs :))) lol
  4. I’m going to classify under skill since it was a decision related to sw vs medic mainly but we will probably revisit that once we are on skills.
  5. These jewels are too op to be released loool. I would have to rework them and incorporate to new cap so I wouldn’t really count on them just yet.
  6. We getting some new titles soon but I’ll def add for the ones I haven’t worked on.
  7. Hello!! We are able to work on stuff again!@!@!@ While I am working on that BG patch once again which will be one of the next patches. For now I would like to have a list of things to input for QOL once the BG patch is completedddd. Example: Craft multiple Hexweave packs at once rather than 1x1 in Banana. Just post below what you think should we added/fixed/tweaked (not skills nooboz)
  8. Oh yeh Luna and I wanted to make more special items like this. It should be possible.
  9. I h8 the neutral one shots
  10. I want dot guards like ellis and the pull ones :))). I think that would be more effective lol. I gotta figure out the right dps amount with banana
  11. uh when we have a test server back I’ll read the npc manual I forget if it has it. Same for lodestones. I think they have a description. Other than that there’s no framework lol
  12. from what Ive seen people say, estrella works. she makes it so people cant see u enhance gear +7-+12. I never verified that tho lol theres nothing for amplification I wonder if we can essentially graft a new glow color thats interesting. Vivi might be able to take a look when we hav a test server again i really doubt we can do custom changes to the glow FX color as we generally have only been able to repait things and thats more of a aura than a npc.
  13. yeh we can. Cb has it already. Was going to eventually too
  14. yeh I been wanting to do some fixes but we are currently without a test server which is why nothing new has been added yet
  15. ye Vivi started shrinking them cus of lag
  16. I feel like we can only paint over them. Idk if we can even edit them at all.
  17. We can’t edit the 3D due to how they were created and our lack of the source code.
  18. They prob are 😂. I can just send you one tbh. What your ign /faction
  19. Honestly population hasn’t really changed in a very long time. We are always gaining and losing people. And old players keep returning. It’s really just time zones and most things currently revolve around our large bgs until next patch or so.
  20. Yeah you should have a magic lvl 17 mech from the quest line. It may have bugged ? Idk. There are probably relatively cheap mechs on the auction house for a quick fix or you can prob shout for a free one lol. You can also submit a ticket a gm might be able to check your logs.
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