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  1. Damage To Large Monsters

    I agree with this suggestion. In a r7/r8 shell, you either get S- % Damage to Large Monsters or S- % to Damage, and in this case S- % Damage to Large Monsters is completely useless. You cannot get both of them at the same time, this suggestion is only making S- % Damage to Large Monsters useful. Perhaps just remove S- % Damage to Large Monsters from the shell effects or make it for bosses that include raid ones.
  2. No, because Flame Giant Boots drop in 5s.
  3. Removal of partners in arena

    I think it makes sense to remove pet and partner from Arena, like AOT, once you get in all nosmates are sent back to their homes.
  4. Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  5. New Pets (Easter event)

    This sounds really nice! I only wish the Mufflon's last evolution was the first one, instead of cutesy to ugly, should be ugly to cute
  6. Security in registration and account confirmations

    Account Security is something important to us, but you must also taken into consideration that we do keep our information safe on our side; and you should take precautions on your side as well, like changing your password every so often and avoid visiting suspicious websites or using suspicious programs that may compromise your accounts. We have some sort of in-game security thing in-works, hopefully it helps people securing their accounts.
  7. Cursed mobs hunting

    The gold was removed from these on patch 9 so I'm closing this topic.
  8. Undone/Adjusted Upgrade Changes

    It's not giving people a disadvantage, it was giving an opportunity to everyone to do it, some didn't do it. If everyone had equal opportunity, why does one have disadvantage over another? Everyone had the same opportunity, if someone didn't upgrade it and now regrets it it's their problem. Unless you got anymore arguments rather than making myself repeat it over and over, I'm closing this. In case you want a example that's easier to understand, it's like 1 day of x2 exp and some people didn't utilize it, now are we going to complain that someone has the advantage/disadvantage? It makes no sense, everyone had the same opportunity to do it. Nobody was favored in this case, some utilized it, others didn't, now those that didn't still had the same opportunity.
  9. Undone/Adjusted Upgrade Changes

    The patch was up and everyone had equal chances of using them or not. Like back in ts73 gold increase, take it as a mini-event. Just as I said it was deemed to be too high reason why we tuned it down a little bit, and comparing to the rates before the patch it is still way higher. It was high and everyone could upgrade it, everyone had the same opportunities, simply some didn't take them. If you didn't login to participate in this upgrade "mini-event" while others did, how is that unfair? If anything you're at fault for not doing them. The rates we have right now could even get changed again, who knows, will that make it unfair for future generations? No, because everyone had the same opportunities. Just like beta testing, some people got white tiger costume for participating, others will perhaps never get the chance to obtain it. Rollback is not an option. just so you know rollback will rollback ALL of the progress of the previous couple days, which is absolutely not an option.
  10. Undone/Adjusted Upgrade Changes

    It was adjusted last minute because it was deemed to be too high, since there wasn't proper testing on our side. If people are going to complain about this, even though it's higher than default upgrade rates, we can revert it back to original rates.
  11. Soil objects from Lod

    This is a great idea and it would help avoiding the "fafnir" or camera bug.
  12. Suggestions

    I think this topic sums up number 2 and 3. We are working into bringing those into the game, but the development may still take a while and we're unsure when that will come, but hold on tight because it is coming. Regarding suggestions about fame, I think we had previously thought of a different approach, to make it more fun and competitive for everyone, about a monthly wipe and monthly rewards, although I'm unsure if this is still in-works. I also think those icons and possibly new custom ones could get added into the game, because you know, aesthetics
  13. Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ


    Why would someone afk in the arena in the first place, if they did they'd simply die out and be outside of arena after a dead. Not having afks in arena is actually a good thing as it makes the place have less useless people that may cause lag to others. It makes no sense keeping the safe zone to be honest, like what does the following line do, besides giving the ones outside clear advantage of killing the person leaving safe, with such it would simply mean person goes in safe = death once they leave. "Add the fact that if you are in safe zone and leave the safe zone you have an "effect" for 5 seconds that makes you do 0 dmg but you can still take dmg and effects;" Completely removing the safe-zone makes sense, what does it even do hiding there. For the sake of AOT just move it to another channel like official did. Also removing morale or nerfing it to the ground is absolutely needed and maybe even Maru buff (65% missing) disabled in arena too.
  15. Instant combat timers

    Every 2 hours. Like if there's one at 2:00, next one will be 4:00 and next one 6:00 etc...