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  1. Elise

    [Links] Table of Contents

    There is IC every 2 hours.
  2. Elise

    $lock problem

    There is no way to recover it if you forgot the passcode, for now.
  3. It only drops from Zombies in lab 2
  4. Elise

    Removal of the PvP potion

    I don't think it's completely useless, what if someone want to pvp with buffs? What if someone wants to pvp without the 50% hp reduction? What if someone wants to pvp in Nosville, personally I consider those hilarious.
  5. Elise

    Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  6. Elise

    shout out for LoD

    I think something like this is good, also having Caligor time announced when it’s like 5-10 minutes before it starts would be nice and informative. Since people often get confused with times having to compare LoD times to server times and convert to their countries real times, with the same applying to Caligor. its a good luxury to improve game quality I think, lod doesn’t necessarily have to be a announcement, maybe just a command to let people know if there’s a lod opened in any channel; since most people that get past 80-90s (which is the majority of the player base) won’t frequent it anymore, so command>Announcement
  7. Elise


    Collect 5 and exchange at Mimi to receive a Easter Treasure Box.
  8. Elise


    All I can say is that it's same as official. It's pretty normal that it fails that much, I've failed so much on official, I believe it's a random chance no matter what stage it is. Unless Bash reveals this I don't think any of us is able to answer your question accurately.
  9. Elise

    1 year event in Vendetta.

    Personally I really like this suggestion, sounds really nice and fun. Add to the prizes too, hehehehe, they're all cosmetics at the end of the day
  10. Elise

    New VGN game suggestion

    blade and soul pls
  11. Elise

    Namaju Trophy/Rewards

    I don't think Sakura is better than Graham, this because Sakura doesn't have more HP than Graham, at level 92 Sakura has 13126 HP, while Graham at level 96 has 25510, I don't think Sakura would gain another 12k health in 4 levels. When it comes to atk, it's true that Sakura has a slight difference in base atk, like around 40atk more than Graham, there's also the 30% Water Element attack, but that doesn't really affect the partner when you transform it into a Partner Specialist, since the 30% Water Element attack is not retained over transforming into a PSP. So right now, in my opinion, Sakura is more like a trophy rare partner to look cute, and really it's not better than Graham.
  12. Elise

    Damage To Large Monsters

    I agree with this suggestion. In a r7/r8 shell, you either get S- % Damage to Large Monsters or S- % to Damage, and in this case S- % Damage to Large Monsters is completely useless. You cannot get both of them at the same time, this suggestion is only making S- % Damage to Large Monsters useful. Perhaps just remove S- % Damage to Large Monsters from the shell effects or make it for bosses that include raid ones.