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  1. Elise

    Vote for new gs

    Yes, of course you can! πŸ’‹
  2. Elise

    6.2 Tease

    We have 6.2 in our test servers though
  3. Elise

    Stacking items over 99

    If you played this game you would know this is something already implemented, far before Gameforges release.
  4. Elise

    I can't log in.

    You can log into another channel, as long as it’s a different channel than the one you used to access Glacernon. or you can wait until it is back up, later Monday.
  5. Elise

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Nelia 🀫
  6. You can't get them from the mall at the moment. They come inside mystery boxes that change every week. This week we have this:
  7. Elise

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Nelia πŸ’‹
  8. Elise

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Harlequin and Nymph sound very interesting πŸ’‹
  9. Elise

    Blue shining souls

    Heavenly or Hellord gates/ruins
  10. Elise


    I think the cleansing powders should be removed from the raid, like it only gives 5% shadow res and 99 def? Which ultimately I don't think most people need this. The only other use of the powder is to remove the debuff that we get from entering laurena. The debuff when entering is something really inconvenient (decrease 7% hp per second, shadow res -30%, 40% of receiving crit hit, atk level -10) , aside from needing to have 1 seal each member, everyone also needs cleansing powders to remove that buff. In my opinion, I think having seal to join laurena and kill her is enough, and cleansing powder should be something optional for those who would like to have extra 99 def.
  11. Elise

    Piramid of Peace

    R3 -> All attacks are increased by 7% -> Provides a 20% chance of increasing damage by 20% if the character has a higher level than the monster. -> All element energies are increased by 20% It's probably something like this, unsure if it was reworked/updated since then.
  12. You can't they're not available, since minigames are disabled.
  13. Elise

    Word Game (οΎ‰>Ο‰<)οΎ‰

  14. Elise

    Unique Raiding Music

    Don't think this would bring much to the game since most people, including me, disables the music.
  15. Elise

    $unlock Disabling

    $remove_lock passcode