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Diverses questions about game & classes


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Hello hello.

I've been wondering quite some things on the game, some being completely illogical, while some other might just be bug or whatever. Let's start .

1st. The BloodKnight human passive is the only one that had been updated. I looked further onto it & found that on the v61 patchnote of the game (20 february 2020) :

  • Updated the Human Blood Knight passive
    • Note: Usually I wouldn't do this but since it wasn't even working in the first place let alone it was Shield Block for a class that doesn't use a Shield.

I mean, alright, but what about zumi & anuran passive then, that BOTH are related to mace? One being cast speed (utterly trash for a bk) & the other being p-atk & m-atk with mace (not bad, but bk can't use a mace for skills soooo... yeah. useless)

2nd. The rainbow ammo KP effect on annihilator (damage +5%) is effective even if you don't select an ammo. bug? intended? 

3rd. Why the fk is there even a cast speed kp on the Holy Blade & Darkness Blade KP tree? for fire bomb (?) 

4th, that one is more "balance" related, but... why does the greatsword "Mad Defender" even exist, since axe is 10000% better (& better than all weap in game currently, excep maybe weap that have lifesteal or healing effect in general) 

Those are just random questions i was wondering while playing the game, but the 1st one is the one i'm actually the most curious about.

I'll just reply / update this topic if i ever notice i forgot a question.

That being said, have a nice day o/


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1. for rat/frog bk racials zumi is +5% parry and +5 elemental res and aunarun is +10% atk spd

2. wait that's still a thing?

3. copy paste kp i'm guessing

4. this i'm curious about as well due to the other greatsword having more viability since holyblade is both mdps and pdps

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2. has always been there
3. is copy pasta yes

Every other matter is just...weird, like the certs discussion a few months before, some certs are literally never used, it wud take way too much time to overhaul every non-sensical design choice made by XLegend.
Not to mention the numerous text bugs thanks to lazy useless Aeria translation staff (ex. Summoning Sroll 75 Gold Item name does NOT match).
Doudou said hes dying inside every time he sees the wrong text, theres just no end to the bullcrap happening.

That being said, I do beg for an overhaul of the current KPs/certs, so many of them are just not useful.

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  • VGN GM
19 hours ago, hiersen said:


1. Might be best to check things before mentioning them. As mentioned above they didn't need updating.

2. Althought yes this would technically be a bug, without super overcomplications that can lead to other more serious bugs this is either a keep how it is or change entirely.

3. This issue applys to many classes and over time I have made improvements where necessary. However, with how X-Legend went silly with the later classes (Luminary/Inquisitor) KP I don't really see anything that could go in its place without giving the class pretty much every stat.

4. Anuran Warrior Classes.

2 hours ago, SmolShibe said:

That being said, I do beg for an overhaul of the current KPs/certs, so many of them are just not useful.

A lot of them have been updated, buffered, reworked where appropriate. There is very few useless certificates atleast, I think the most arguably useless ones would be DEF, MP Cost and STR/INT ones. But what would you rework them into that would dramtically change the game? Because anything that would be of use now would have to surpass CC certs and multi hit certs. So whats the point in changing them right?

As for KP to add to what I mentioned above if/when I balance a class I consider all the KP with the changes. So if I need an extra slot then I have one to steal without having to add a new one. Theres no point to just sit here and go over every class and think of new ways that could throw off the balance of a class just because people aren't using that specific KP.

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