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A improvement in the textures of cstms, some cstms look like tattoos


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I have seen that some cstms have a much lower texture compared to the others. Well I don't understand programming very well, but there are some textures that are already inside the game such as npc cstms, but that in players get a much lower quality.

Lota on NPC: 19.png?1548802153


Lota on Players:16.png



Sea Star on NPC: 13.png?1548802422   



Sea Star on Players: 8.png?1548802768


Peekaboo Bikini in character creation: 17.png?1548802971


Peekaboo Bikini in the game: 18.png?1548803114



There are some cstms very pretty on game, these are some of my favorites ....



And both have a beautiful texture when compared with these the others.

Well, i don't know if is more hard to make new cstms with great textures, but at least npc cstms already exists this texture on game right? usually they've more shiny details, that make the cstm don't look like a tattoo. Would be good if this could be fixed.



Ah before i forget. A ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) curiosity if you want to know, these cstms that look like a tattoo, usually gives a nerf to your char ass.


Using Wildcat Lingerie: 15.png?1548804011


Using Sea Star: 14.png?1548804128

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Some of the ones you are comparing are hand create, to try and match the NPC. There are a lot of limitations when it comes to doing something like that. Others, like the sea star are converted from a lingerie to a costume, for which would also be a manually created, which can show a more "Tattoo" feeling than the costumes that were part of the game. That's a lack of source code limitation.

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