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    There's nothing really we can do other than just punish people who are reported with evidence. However, does this benefit anyone? Not really as if you start banning people or banning alts then your taking what little competition their is right now and basically telling them they're not welcome. Yes this is a problem and yes we need to address it but its a very tricky thing to address. This response is pretty much the problem. Reporting someone for not playing the game the way its intended is not and will not ever be considered harassment and no action will be taken towards a player doing so. So please don't "warn" other players thank you. You can report players who are doing the same thing even if you don't get proof, then atleast if proof arises from other players or future trouble you can factor in the previous reports too. It also allows us to keep an eye on players who are accused to see if the report has merit or not. Although I can understand your frustration if only 1 party is being pointed at and not both but remember 2 wrongs don't make a right, I'm greatful you took responsibility though and stated a fair case for what happend and why. If you're going to shine a light on a situation in game or a problem in game please provide the full story and not just cull out information because the other party is your friends, it makes your point lose validity. How would you even fix something like this? You bring back unlimited kills just makes the problem easier, you take away kill score TW becomes just cap fest and then people just use alts to ninja recap. You force a pair of guilds to always be on opposing teams then what happens when a new guild pops out of nowhere, do they have to wait to maintenance for the rule to be changed so that its not whoever gets C guild automatically wins kinda ordeal. This situation isn't "Too much work to fix" its pretty much impossible to fix and still do right by the players. So what can we do guys? Can you guys not just play nicely with each other? Can you guys not just enjoy Eden while its still around? Every server of the game is slowly but surely losing players, can you guys not just be respectful to each other or do we have to baby sit the game to the point that everytime people are being scummy we need to throw out punishment that in the end only hurts yourselves. We can add it the rules if you feel its the only way that people can actually get along
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    I was going to say something nice, but now I just want to say screw you just because of this. Though I don't know much how the skills of a WH works, but I watched QueenPepper take on 3 players for the length of my death and re-spawn only to show up just a second too late. That was I believe a PU, WH, and SW against them and granted that only the SW was well geared. So, I think your thoughts on the matter seem to be something that they should look into as you not only said to increase one but decrease another. I can see from certain perspectives that one path vs another is more valuable. When facing off against a PU having more crit eva will negate the PU's crit rate which can stop any crit atk from happening while a crit void would just reduce the crit atk amount. So, I can see the Crit eva being more valuable than crit void since the PU will crit well above any crit Void amount any player can get. It is an interesting trade off I would like to see how well this works out and if it would be better with your suggestion.
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    i lvl up with scout 1 by 1 and i had just hawk/ice/holy/wkb i needed around 18 hours from c30-c45 its pretty fast
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    They will be added yes. We have plans on adding them along with the possible mech addition that'll be coming.
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    It'll be our fault they don't have PVP and it'll be our fault the server is dying but yet.... this is the shit people see day to day that is really causing the damage. Continue shooting yourselves in the foot guys *claps* it's going great!
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    I leveled in 6.2 Ancelloan 5 solo with Wk and Hb/Cb/Morale buffs It took me, if i remember right, something like 15-20H -+ some deaths My Wk was skilled 60/0/80/60 First lure->down, Ivy and boomerang Throw. Seconde lure->forest power and the rest of the skills They are 2-3 hits. If you want to Level fast use Blessing,Tarot star and Exp potion. And if you have that Gold, a Venus with S Buff [20% more Exp] but idk if it works for Champion exp but i think it should. I hope i can help a bit. Good Luck!
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    This isn't so much an abuse as much as it's a flaw in the scoring system of territory war, I don't think this is something that can feasibly be enforced even if it were to become punishable.