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    Already made ^^ it's just not in game yet
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    Here's my submission, i call it : Depart from Tranquil Hill Il prefer if you ask my IGN in a private message.
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    ok..i think i request it on the link you send me...
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    We have a cat mask that was made just recently but has not been placed in game as our cosmetics have been backed up due to some fixes. So when vivi is ready it will be in
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    helo I’ll make sure Vivi is aware also she might look now that you tagged her. I always forget they are bugged. I’ve just been trashing them without a second thought once I learned they share cooldown lol.
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    Would it be possible to make an outfit like the one that that NPC with the dark hair has? (Above pictures.) That colour-scheme or something similar? It's basically a semi-translucent silk body suit/cat suit, so just apply colours to the bodies of each Arkana Class?