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  1. WISH: Pet expansion slot IGN: QuεεnPεppεr
  2. can we have bikes with guns or rocket launches on them to hit the enemy..
  3. hey good day.. like to request for bloody school girl on next mystery box plz
  4. ok..i think i request it on the link you send me...
  5. Good day Thunder Cats...lol i would like to request a proposal of and item plz.... ( Banneret Corset)...is it possible that this costume can be in the next mystery box items.. i've been searching for this costume for a very long time. I would really love to have this costume thank you
  6. Good day how are are you doing. I have a question.. I would like to request Banneret Corset on the next Mystery Box items plz.. i would love to have that costume been looking for it for a very long time if it is possible thank you ...
  7. would like to request Banneret Corset on the next Mystery Box items plz.. i would love to have that costume been looking for it for a long time...
  8. hey guys how is it going....this is a nice topic to talk about. Now ppl are saying that damage needs to be nerf, that will be great but at the same time ppl need to take the time out and help themselves first. why i say that is because it starts with the player it self. you have to keep fighting in order to know what you lack of so you can know how to build your character. for me i had a very difficult time dealing with heavy damages from sw's pu's and cb's... so i had to think off a way how to deal with it and i find a way how to survive it. now that i can tank any class with easy no problem,
  9. listen here buddy i don't see anything here about any other class what changes can be made about them this is all about one class.. this is a one side thing here. if you think that i'm being so defensive then that's on you. i'm fighting for the rights of my class and if you and anyone don't like it then that's your business i'm not going down without a fight so deal with it. this is my opinion.. but anyway this is yall world i'm only passing through it so guess what.. do what ever yall have to do i say no more i'm out peace..
  10. this is still not going to solve the problem... it's going to cause more harm than good.. every class has a stun lock combo rotation beside Medics.. the thing is Versteckt complaining to dammn much.. he saying those skills should reduce from wh's what about punishers why isn't he talking about how much opt damage they have and need to nurf big time huh how about that.. Punishers have way too much crit-atk opt burts lets reduce thier dps and crit-atk by 35- 40% and lets see how he feels about that if yall going to mess wh skills up again. you ppl just like things to easy. wh's have the least dp
  11. it only takes one person to start something negative then when you look the who hole situation gets out of control. then all of a sudden an announcement will be made on forum that classes skill will be change. then when you look ppl will be raging. the game it self is in a very difficult spot as we speak ppl who finding fault and complaining and needs to stop it's cancer.. it's a bad influence sending negative to new players who wants to play the game. ppl just hate to put in effort into themselves and the game nothing comes easy you have to work hard to be the best. no one in this game give
  12. it's not personal ok and i'm not trying to be disrespectful or rude.. but i'm sick tired off ppl complaining about we wh's.. this is the third time this topic has come up, that's how this game skills get mess up in the first place and can't be fix. right now wh's lv.1 sink n hooker is messed up it have a delay gap in it.. you cannot pull someone with it without getting hit you suppose to get stun automatically when you pull them like sink n hooker lv.2, but hey we have to live with it due to ppl bitching about wh's and force GM's to make a change. idk who you are or what role you play but you
  13. say lock this thread i could care less what you do to this thread.. just like i say if anything happen to the wh class again it's not going to be nice and that's a promise.. take it however you want to take it this is my opinion. like what monoki says like or disagree
  14. As one of the top wh's in this game i will defend all wh's anyone who is going to put my class on blast on fourm prepare for a rude awakening. and i'm not going to hold back. remember what happen the first time when GM's Nerf whippers all the way to the ground it wasn't a nice thing to do. tons of ppl was telling me to cool it down they will fix the problem and they live up to their word which they did fix it. and trust me if anything happens to the whipper class again i promise to everyone i'm not going to hold back even if it will cost me to get ban from this site i will rage to the max i'
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